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hawaiian delight seeds

Hawaiian Delight

The indica cannabis strain Hawaiian Delight is known to have a diesel-like, earthy scent and bare buds that are a near neon green in color that are covered with a plethora of crystal trichomes and orange pistils.

The parent strains of Hawaiian Delight are cross between the popular sativa Hawaiian, hybrid Skunk #1, and the indica Afghani.

THC levels of Hawaiian Delight often average at around 20%, so novice consumers take heed. Its high is potent and typical of your average indica, inducing a lethargic haze over the mind as sleepiness and couch-lock sets in. The muscles will relax and the aches and pain of the day will vanish. However, this strain will eliminate any social anxiety, so interesting conversations can be had. Expect an increase in appetite and the need for sleep as the high wears down. Some reviewers note it’s a great strain choice for golfing, barbeques, or just relaxing.

Negative side-effects include paranoia, dizziness, or headache when consumed improperly.


We trained this very long-fruiting gem to over 8 feet tall, after which it produced masses of smallish, very sweet fruits, in neat trusses of attractive woolly stems, all summer (and autumn!) long. (Cordon)

Sowing Advice

Seeds are surface-sown or covered only slightly. Do not allow the soil to dry out. Containers are held in warm conditions until sprouts appear, which may take anywhere from 3-10 days. Move sprouting plantings immediately to bright light conditions, such as a south-facing window. Inadequate light is a frequent cause of failure of young seedlings. At about the time of last frost, set out seedlings into pots.