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High Voltage Fast Cannabis Seeds

High Voltage Fast Cannabis Seeds from High Speed Buds

High Voltage Fast is a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid bred from the cross of Grape Stomper and High Voltage Auto. A dense trichome network obscures the view of the resin-covered buds, but this certainly doesn’t get in the way of the powerful effect. You will notice a multitude of orange pistils that release a delightfully sweet grape scent and flavor that will captivate you as well. The effect of the weed is uplifting and euphoric and can give you a real energy boost. Some smokers take advantage of this fact by snacking on it first thing in the morning, as a substitute for an alarm clock.

The weed of the High Voltage Fast plant comes through with an intense grape flavor flanked by a delicate berry aroma. This strain offers a light and pleasant smoke that does not induce coughing. Although the THC content can fluctuate a bit, you can still rely on its fast effects. Consumption offers a strong cerebral high that will lift your mood and put a smile on your face. After a few hours, you will experience a physical high that will spread to your limbs and make them feel heavy and relaxed. If you should be more of an inexperienced user, this effect could lead to couch lock.

The High Voltage Fast strain grows well both indoors and outdoors, where you will be able to catch your harvest from mid-October onwards. In outdoor grows, High Voltage Fast delivers a yield of at least 550g per plant! If you decide to grow this strain indoors, you should ideally go for hydroponics, as the cannabis plant can reach its full potential under these conditions. The nice short flowering time of only 6 weeks, gives you the opportunity to quickly get several harvests per season. The yield for indoor cultivation is a very good 600g / m². No matter which variant you choose, you will be rewarded both indoors and outdoors with thick, resinous buds that you can thrive on the High Voltage Fast Strain.

Effects of high voltage nanosecond pulsed plasma and micro DBD plasma on seed germination, growth development and physiological activities in spinach

In this study, we analyzed seed germination, seedling growth, and physiological aspects after treatment with high voltage nanosecond pulsed plasma and micro DBD plasma in spinach (Spinacia oleracea L.), a green leafy vegetable known to have low germination rate. Both germination and dry weight of seedlings increased after high voltage pulse shots were applied to spinach seeds. However seeds treated with many shots (10 shots) showed a decrease in germination rate and seedling growth. Seeds treated with air DBD plasma exhibited slightly higher germination and subsequent seedling growth than those treated with N2 plasma. Seed surface was degenerated after treated with high voltage pulsed plasma and micro DBD plasma but no significant difference in the degree of degeneration was observed among micro DBD plasma treatment time. Level of GA3 hormone and mRNA expression of an amylolytic enzyme-related gene in seeds were elevated 1 day after treatment with high voltage pulsed plasma. The relative amount of chlorophyll and total polyphenols in spinach seedlings grown from seeds treated with air DBD plasma was increased in 30 s, 1 min, and 3 min treatments. Taken together, our results suggest a possibility that plasma can enhance seed germination by triggering biochemical processes in seeds.

Keywords: Amylolytic enzyme; Germination; Gibberellin; High voltage nanosecond pulse plasma; Micro DBD plasma; Scanning electron microscope (SEM); Spinacia oleracea.