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how many weed seeds do i need

How Many Marijuana Seeds Do I Actually Need To Buy?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a magic number we could just give you? Alas, growing weed from seed can be a tricky business. But done properly, the results are oh-so satisfying.

Figuring out how to buy marijuana seeds is actually the easy part. Online marijuana seed retailers are relatively easy to find, just make sure you pick a good one. We talked to one of the best names in the game to give us some pointers on how to buy, where to buy, and how many to buy.

High-supplies, an online powerhouse for buying marijuana seeds was happy to carve out some time to answer your burning questions. “It would be really nice to say that one seed equals one marijuana plant,” they begin, “but in reality, while one seed should indeed produce a plant, you’ll have to take into account whether or not the seeds are feminized, and what germination rate your seed bank offers.”

Why Feminized Matters

So, short and simple, blunt to blunt- male plants don’t produce weed. Not only that, but having one male plant in your crop can convince all your weed bearing mommas to focus energy on reproduction instead of reefer-production.

Male plants can inadvertently pollinate nearby female plants, which will then stop the females from using their energy to produce tasty buds, and instead start popping out seeds. At this point, the quality and quantity of your crop will be greatly reduced. So males have to be weeded out early.

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With your average weed seed, there is about a 40% chance that it will produce a male plant. To add further insult, you won’t be able to properly sex your plant until it’s well into it’s vegetative growth cycle, nearing the point where your plants will need to be switched to a flowering cycle. Meaning, that you’ll spend a ton of time, money, and resources to get a plant to grow long enough, just to find out it won’t do you any good.

Feminized seeds are a great way around this budding disappointment. High-supplies breaks down the science, “Feminized seeds are created by coaxing an unpollinated female plant to produce its own pollen sacks. Female plants have a genetic drive to produce seeds, furthering a plants genetic line. So if a female plant isn’t getting pollinated by another male plant, they can be stressed into creating their own pollen sacks, in order to self-pollinate. While pollen sacks are a decidedly male (XY) feature in plants, these feminized sacks won’t have any male chromosomes. Creating purely female (XX) seeds as a result.”

Most feminized seeds have a 98% of becoming female plants- so the process isn’t perfect, it’s a much higher female rate than just letting nature take its course.

What’s a Germination Rate

Even in natural conditions every seed does not equal plant. Some just won’t germinate, or produce seedlings. “Even in practice and under strictly controlled circumstances, it’s really rare to have a 100% germination rate.” High-Supplies chimes in.

As a general rule, most growers expect about a 90% germination rate, so it’s wise practice to buy a few more seeds than you want plants. Expecting at least 10% of them not to grow. Germination rates can also depend pretty heavily on which method of germination you use. So figure out your own standard germination rate as well, based on your climate and environment.

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So How Many Weed Seeds Do You Actually Need?

A decent rule of thumb is to purchase double the amount of seeds, than you want plants. So if you’re looking to grow ten plants, it’s wise to purchase twenty seeds. If you’re springing for feminized seeds, then you’ll only need to purchase one or two extra seeds from your handy-dandy online weed seed retailer.

This being said- feminization and germination rates don’t really take into account losing plants to pests or diseases. So determining the amount of seeds you need to create the number of plants you want pretty closely obeys these rules, but it definitely doesn’t cover the numbers all the way to production. “Honestly- when growing weed, it’s generally better to be safe than sorry.” Cautions High-Supplies. “So it’s always a good idea to grow two or three more plants than you want to produce. That way if you lose a plant along the way, you won’t miss out on harvest. An added bonus is if you don’t lose any plants, you’ll have that much more Mary Jane to go around.”