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how much is a weed seed worth

Seed prices

What does everybody think about the price of seeds (4 for$60). I've never bought seeds before is that way overpriced?

If every strain ends up at $15/seed that is a good price IMO. But somehow I doubt the other LPs will be selling at that price.

Agreed on the OCS seed price: it only seems expensive to people who have never bought top-notch genetics before. Not that $15 would get you that, the price is in the ballpark for feminized "mystery genetics" seeds these days. But even BM seed dealers will usually guarantee germination (and femininity) and will replace failures. how about OCS?

Also agree that LPs aren't likely going to sell seeds for anything great to us. Why would they, when so far anything I'd want seeds for, they sell 1g for almost $15 too. that seems like better business.

Too much for basic old school genetics, more trustworthy breeders to be found on the black market.

That’s pretty much the going rate for a feminized seed. I wish there was more choice than just two meh strains.

For pre-legalization, $60 for seeds would make sense to me. It was the black market and so there’s risk involved therefore seeds make sense to be expensive.

I took a look at the strains they come from and they are not very good. They are more like $3 per seed in my opinion.

It sucks that the seeds we will get are from mediocre strains that can’t even walk on the same side of the street as black market.

Also another gripe is with the total lack of information about the seed strain on the website. “Indica dominant feminized seed” really makes me want to rush out an spend $60. as much as I’d like an ice pick lobotomy. Tell the consumers about the product, that was the whole PR campaign for legalization. yet they still haven’t been telling us jack about what we’re buying. (and many aren’t even getting what they were advertised)

I think the BM dealers are more trust worthy than the OCS and LP’s out there right now – they only want money and have a legal monopoly. whereas the BM dealers had to have good product and stand behind their name to keep making money.

Oh and come growing season. with the seed price being so high. watch theft skyrocket. everyone and their uncle is going to be raiding your backyard garden for the weed you worked so hard to grow.

High Quality Grass Seed: Worth the Extra Expense

Cool-season grasses are best seeded in early September. Seeds germinate and grow rapidly in the warm soil with time to become well established before winter. But, as with many things in life, you get what you pay for.

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High Qualty Grass Seed – Worth the Extra Cost

The important part, when you buy grass seed for your yard, is that the old motto holds true – “you get what you pay for.” Higher quality seed will have better quality varieties, will be more free of weed seeds, and more free of “other crop” seeds. Not everyone realizes what that “other crop” weed seed or “other crop seed percentage” could be.

When we’re looking at a bag of tall fescue, for example, that percentage of “other crops” seed could be kentucky bluegrass, or rough bluegrass which is a common weed we deal with in Kansas. It’s a grass that’s grown for lawns in other parts of the country, but in Kansas we deal with it as a weed. So, it’s listed on the label as “percentage other crop.” So we need to look at that “percentage other crop”, and we need to look at that “percent weed seed” and make sure that they’re zero or as close to zero as possible.

Here we can see that there are several varieties of tall fescue listed on this label. The other thing that is important to see is the percentage of “other crop”. And we see this percentage of “other crop” is zero percent. And that percentage of “other crop” seed could be other kentucky bluegrass, it could be creeping bent grass – it could be any other host of turf grass seeds. When we’re buying a bag of tall fescue, we want to have tall fescue, and not other turf grasses in that bag.

The other two important things to look at on the seed label, is the percentage of weed seed. We can see this has zero percent weed seed, and no noxious weed seeds in the bag. Typically, bags that have zero percent “weed seed” and zero percent “other crop” seed are held to higher standards, and they’re going to cost more. Again, it goes back to what I said earlier, you get what you pay for.