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how to care for germinating weed seeds

How To Germinate Cannabis Seeds

A marijuana plant is cultivated in one of two methods, from growing seeds or using clones. Growing your marijuana plants from cannabis seeds has many benefits and it is worthwhile to learn how to germinate cannabis seeds. Many growers view growing from seeds as being a purer method than using clones and let’s face it, harvesting the lovely ladies we nurtured from birth is rewarding. Germinating, also called “popping”, is the first step to enjoying your own weed garden.

Benefits of Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds allow growers to cultivate cannabis plants with a fresh batch of genetics, with DNA code that has not been exposed to disease and a poor growing environment. Growing with seeds typically yields more than a clone, as seeds produce a tap root which gives the plant anchor for better support and a better nutrient and water uptake system. Beginners might have an easier time learning how to germinate cannabis seeds as clones can be tricky, a bit delicate and could have inherited disease or pests.

Cannabis seeds are also much easier to find, a good quality cannabis seed bank will offer a wide selection of quality cannabis seeds. Whereas, finding quality cuttings from a vegetating mother plant can be difficult, and not within the limits of the law depending on where you get it from and where you live. Seeds can also be stored for a while in the refrigerator until you are ready to germinate, clones must be used immediately or they’ll die.

Growing from seeds might add a little time to your full harvest cycle but can definitely be worth the effort. Ultimately, the choice is subjective but we feel that growing from quality cannabis seeds is highly rewarding.

How to Prepare to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Before you want to start the germination process, follow these tips for greater success:

● Keep seeds cool, damp and dark – make sure you’ve been storing your seeds in a sealed bag, in a damp, dark place like the refrigerator (approximately 55 degrees F) in a bed of rice. Take them out when you are ready to plant them, this is similar to the temperature change cannabis plants are used to when going from winter to spring and helps to promote successful germination. Seeds do not germinate so well in light as too much light will harden parts of the seed by decomposing carbonic acid gas, expelling oxygen and fixing the carbon which can prevent vegetation.

● Label your containers – no matter what method you choose, get some labels or tape and markers to write the strain and dates on your containers.

● Moisture – seeds require moisture to expand and break through the shell.

● Temperature – keep the temperature around 72°F (20-22°C) which mimics springtime. *never place your germinating seeds in the windowsill.

● Humidity – the best humidity for seeds to germinate is around 70 to 90%

● Handle with care – treat your germinating seeds like the new babies they are to avoid accidentally breaking delicate structures.

Just follow these tips and remember that germinating seeds requires minimal interference to start their life’s journey. Within a matter of anywhere from 3 to 10 days, you’ll see your sprouts and be ready to plant into your growing medium.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds: Most Popular Methods

Germinating cannabis seeds can be started indoors or outdoors, although starting indoors can give your seeds a better chance of survival. If germinating outdoors, small plants are exposed to pests, mold, wind, and extreme temperature changes. Newly germinated seedlings are quite vulnerable and must be kept safe, which is easier to do indoors.

The three most popular methods for germinating cannabis seeds are the:

1. Soak In Water Method
2. Paper Towel Method
3. Plant In Soil Method

1) Soak in Water Method to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Some people find success by soaking their seeds in water with 20% Hydrogen Peroxide for about 12-18 hours then putting directly into soil. You can do this to combine the soak and plant in soil methods, or check for sprouting within 48 hours and then plant.

1) Use distilled water – Use a small, 8 oz. cup of either distilled or reverse osmosis water with 20% Hydrogen Peroxide at room temperature.
2) Drop your seeds into the cup – label it and check them every 8 hours.
3) Swirl around the water – this encourages the seeds to sink to the bottom.

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You should begin to see sprouts, what looks like tails, coming out of the seed casing within about 12 to 18 hours. Once you see the beginning of the tap root emerging from the seed, carefully remove from the water and plant into your growing medium with the root facing downward. Water the soil, coco or grow medium with distilled water for the first few weeks.

2) Paper Towel Method to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Using the paper towel method is simple, requires common products you have at home and has a high rate of germination. For this method you’ll need:

● Paper towels
● Distilled water
● Two clean plates, a sealed container, or a zip lock bag

1) Wet a paper towel – use distilled water or reverse osmosis water at room temperature.
2) Fold it twice – and place your seeds on the wet towel.
3) Keep seeds dark, warm and humid – place the paper towel either in between two covered plates, in a covered container or in a Ziplock bag.
4) Spray with water every few hours. Do not forget to keep your seeds moist! Your seeds will not sprout if left unattended on a dry napkin.

When you see your seeds open up and show the first sign of a tap root, get ready to plant into your growing medium (peat, coco, soil). Plant your seed with the root facing downward.

3) Plant in Soil Method to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Some people have success planting their cannabis seeds directly into quality, potting soil. The key here is to use only fresh, never before used potting soil. If you try to reuse soil that had been used to grow other things the soil is already devoid of precious nutrients.

1) Fill your containers with quality soil – fill your pots or seedling trays with fresh potting soil and tamp down the top.

2) Plant twice as deep as the seed is wide – you don’t want to dig a deep hole to place the seed in. Simply indent with your finger about 1/8 to 1/2 of an inch.

3) Water thoroughly for the next few days – give your containers a good soaking without disrupting the seed. Use a gentle soak method and water until you see water coming out the bottom of the container to make sure they’re good and soaked. You don’t want your containers continually, excessively soggy but you can’t let them dry out either. *use only distilled or purified water for the first few weeks until you can transition to a nutrient solution.

4)Cover loosely with saran wrap to help keep moisture levels up. Remove once the seedlings emerge from the soil.

You should soon see green sprouts popping through the soil. Remember that you do not need to, and should not, provide light to your germinating seeds. Seeds require darkness, the right temperature and humidity to germinate. Once your seed sprouts, you can begin to add lighting although young cannabis plants are not yet able to process high-intensity light. It’s best to start with a lower wattage light like LED or CFL lighting, something like a blue (cold) spectrum light is good for this young age to promote vegetative growth.

Mosca Seeds offers a wide selection of quality cannabis seeds to get you started on growing your own cannabis garden. Whichever growing method or medium you choose, starting with quality cannabis seeds bred with experienced and trusted breeding genetics will yield you the best result. Check out our seed bank to choose the quality cannabis seeds of your choice and follow these tips to successfully germinate your cannabis seeds.

Germinate Cannabis Seeds and Weed Cuttings

Growing a cannabis plant: it all starts with germinating the cannabis seeds. Sounds simple. However, in practice this sometimes turns out to be disappointing. That is why we have put together the products for you that will help you germinating cannabis seeds fast and reliably. You will also find accessories and special additives for clones or making weed cuttings of your best finest cannabis plant.

  1. Advanced Nutrients (1)
  2. BAC (3)
  3. Black Leaf (1)
  4. Dutch-Headshop (2)
  5. Lumagny (1)
  6. Merkloos (3)
  7. MiniGrow (3)
  8. Plagron (3)
  9. Royal Queen Seeds (1)
  10. Trichoscope (1)
  1. Sprouting (5)
  2. Growth Fase (3)
  3. Flowering (2)
  1. 2 (1)
  2. 25 (1)
  1. Autoflower and Feminised (1)
  2. Regular (not feminized) (1)
  1. Beginners (2)
  2. Average (1)
  1. More THC than CBD (1)
  2. More CBD than THC (1)
  1. Strong smell (1)
  2. Little smell (1)
  1. Indica Dominant (1)
  2. Pure Sativa (1)
  1. 9-10 weeks (1)
  2. Unknown (1)
  1. 10-11 weeks (1)
  2. N/A – Non-autoflowering (1)
  3. Unknown (1)
  1. Indoor, outdoor and greenhouse (1)
  2. Outdoor (1)
  1. May to August (Autoflower) (1)
  2. Unknown (1)
  1. Shorter than 50 cm (1)
  2. 100-150 cm (1)
  3. Higher than 300 cm (1)
  1. Flowers (1)
  2. Fruity (1)
  3. Hashish (1)
  4. Miscellaneous (1)
  5. Pungent (1)
  1. Daytime (1)
  2. Evening (2)
  1. High (1)
  2. Medicinal (1)
  3. Strong High (1)
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MiniGrow Box Case | Grow Cannabis

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iGrowCan Growing Kit – Autoflower (Royal Queen Seeds)


Propagator Pro 2

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Seedbox Germination Set (Plagron)

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Seed Germination Kit Dutch-Headshop

X-Seed | Plant Enhancers (BAC) 10 ml

Bio Clone | Rooting Powder Gel (BAC) 100 ml

Organic Root Stimulator (BAC) 120 ml

B-52 | B Vitamins for Cannabis (Advanced Nutrients) 250 ml

Futura 75 Hemp (Private Label) 25 seeds

Microscope LED (Trichoscope)

MiniGrow Box Carbon Filter Refill Set 650 gram

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Cannabis Microscope LED (Lumagny)

Germinating seeds can be done in many ways. We’ve got the best products here to help you. We also tell you all about the process you need to go through to have the best chance of successfully germinating cannabis seeds. What’s the best method? Can you germinate cannabis seeds in potting soil or not? How should you plant your cannabis seeds after germination and what if they don’t germinate at all? We are going to explain it to you in detail.

For weed cuttings, too, this is the place to be. We will tell you exactly how to make your own weed cuttings and what equipment you should use.

Different methods for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

There are many rumors about the best way to germinate cannabis seeds. Internet forums are full of methods that don’t always work well. It is often recommended to place the seeds in a cup of water for a few days or to put them between a damp kitchen paper / cotton ball. Very primitive and often without good results. Just like the idea of germinating cannabis seeds the right way in the pot with soil. It often takes days of waiting. And one seed is one chance to germinate. All these rumors about germinating seeds are a thing of the past with the products from this category!

Our Solution for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

We offer a solution to the problems with seed germination. With professional products specially designed to speed up the germination cycle, you can get rid of all the hassle. For a competitive price, we offer products from the best brands on the market, such as Plagron. Together with our blogs and instructions, you can germinate cannabis seeds in different ways. Get the right tools and check out our many blogs on germinating seeds.

  • Germinating cannabis seeds with wads and Dutch-Headshop tray
  • Germinating Cannabis Seeds
  • Germinating cannabis seeds with a Spongepot
  • Help! My Weed Seeds Are Not Germinating

Main Products:

  • Seed boosters are germination accelerators that improve the germination capacity of old and new seeds. You use the seed booster by adding a few drops of the agent to the nutrient water. In addition to accelerating the germ cycle, seed boosters often also have a protective effect.

Germinating Cannabis seeds in Potting Soil

When germinating seeds, we always recommend doing this before putting them into potting soil. Germinating cannabis seeds in potting soil is very old school. We all know the voice in the song Nederwiet, which tells us that it’s all pure nature and you can just stick the seeds in the soil. In practice, this is not a good idea. Germinating weed seeds in potting soil works in most cases, but if you really want to be sure that your precious seeds all germinate, it’s better to germinate using the methods described above.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds under a Lamp

We can be fairly brief about this. Germinating cannabis seeds under a lamp is not a good idea. Always remember that roots grow under the ground. There is no light there. Light and sun are completely unnecessary for germinating cannabis seeds. Put your germination box in a warm, dark place. For example, in the cupboard next to the central heating boiler or on the TV cabinet in the living room. As long as they are not in the sun.

As you can see, germinating cannabis seeds under a lamp is not a good idea. Weed cuttings and seedlings, however, can use some light. Ideally don’t use MH, LED or HPS lights. These are perfect for growth and flowering, but a little too strong for seedlings and cuttings. Use CFL or compact fluorescent lights instead. These are special low-energy lamps or fluorescent tubes for young plants. So do not germinate cannabis seeds under the lamp but only after seeing the seedling.

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Help! My Seeds Don’t Germinate

Every now and then, we receive messages from customers who are having problems. “Help, my cannabis seeds aren’t germinating”, is what we hear from customer service. This is why we have written a blog that highlights every possible cause of this. It could be the temperature, humidity, pH value of the water you use, light or the growing medium. In other words: cannabis seeds don’t germinate ? Read our blog.

Planting Cannabis Seeds after Germination

Germinating cannabis seeds in potting soil is not the best option, but eventually they all have to go. Plant your cannabis seeds after they have germinated. Then you have the best chance of success. It is not difficult. Work cleanly and make sure you do not touch the root once it is visible. It is best to pick up the seed with tweezers. Then make a hole in the soil about 1 to 2 centimeters deep with your fingertip. Stick the seed with the root down into the potting soil and cover it again with soil (do not press it). Make sure the soil stays moist enough and after a few days you will see the seedling rise above the ground. That is the only correct way to plant cannabis seeds after germination.

Would you like to learn about germinating and growing cannabis yourself? Check out our latest blog posts:

Cannabis Cuttings

When using cannabis cuttings for cloning purposes, you cut off a small part of a promising mother plant. You can then put this cutting in the soil in the hope that it will take root itself and become a clone of your mother plant. Because the genetics are identical, you know exactly what to expect from your cuttings. Cannabis cuttings can be quite weak in the beginning. That is why we have special tools to make cuttings stronger and make it easier to make weed cuttings.

Making weed cuttings yourself

If you look around in your neighbourhood, there is bound to be someone you can buy cuttings from. But it is much easier to make your own weed cuttings. It is important that you work hygienically. Dirt and bacteria? Your weed cuttings can’t take that. So use gloves, clean scissors and a clean cup of water. In our blog you will learn how to best cut and place the cuttings in the soil. Also, the steps afterwards are well and clearly explained. Use our tools to make your own weed cuttings, such as Clone Gel . From cutting powder to root stimulators that promote the production of roots and make the soil more airy with micro-organisms. Do you want to know more about cannabis cuttings? Read our handy blog .

The Other Phases of the Cannabis Plant

You are not there yet after germinating your cannabis seeds. Only then does the party begin. After your cannabis seeds have germinated, the phases come:

  • Seedlings
  • To grow
  • Bloom
  • To harvest

Each phase has its challenges. That is why we have compiled specific cannabis nutrition for each phase. This plant food contains exactly the nutrients that your cannabis plant craves at that moment.

Growing Cannabis: Why Use Special Cannabis Nutrition?

Each phase of a cannabis plant is unique. In the flowering phase, the cannabis plant needs completely different nutrients than it has in the growth phase. That is why we have selected special plant nutrition. Pure nature, of course. Why do you have to use this often as a cannabis grower? Well, that’s why:

  • Ensures a healthy plant;
  • Optimizes the yield of the plant;
  • Adds nutrients;
  • Prevents leaf problems;
  • Increases the resistance of the plant.

More Tips on Growing Weed?

Do you want to know more about growing cannabis? Then take a look at our blog. It says a lot about growing weed. From germination to harvesting. We have also extensively mentioned the most common leaf problems in cannabis plants and how you can prevent them. In short: indispensable information for the (starting) cannabis grower!