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how to grow bag seed weed

How to grow bag seed weed

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How to grow bag seed weed

Deadkndys420 said:
Those cheap LEDs are junk for growing pot.

Those Mars II impress some people, usually those who’ve never used any before. I’m not a big fan, but those on a super low budget or a small enough grow can get by with one.

Cheap and generic LED’s are usually a huge rip off, however if you get one knowing that its not going to provide the best light or longest lifespan, and your needs are minimal then you could get by with a cheap LED.

You might need another one or an upgrade to a real light in the future. I wouldn’t drop more than

$200 for that sized area until you get a better light.

Any help given is for educational purposes only. Its your responsibility not to break any applicable laws
Bamboo Bongs I make | Perfect Dry and Cure | Grapegod under LED
“Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune intoned in the distance by an invisible player.”

How are you coming on your grow closet?
Have you bought anything yet?

Just following along with your post it seams you just happened upon some seeds and now you have the grow bug. At the same time you are concerned about detection, and heat from lighting causing fire. And budget is also a concern.

First let me say welcome to the world of horticulture. Some things I would like to tell you that will help you along your way.

First when you germ your seeds you can soak them over night to soften the shells. Then put them in a wet paper towel and then put the paper towel in a zip lock bag. You are going to want to keep them in a warm dark place ideally around 75-90F and DARK. If you live in an apartment I’m sure you have a dark closet with a water heater. Then LEAVE THEM BE for about a week. Cannabis seeds come with there own built in food and they can germ while sending out a tap root for a long time. The majority of there stored food gets used when they pop out of the dirt and spread there started leaves. After a week check them out and you should have some pretty good tap roots. Put some dirt in a Dixie cup (the small 2 shot ones for rinsing your mouth out) pot a few holes in the bottom and water it till it drips out and let it sit a bit to drain. once the extra water is out put the cup in another cup so it don’t leak all over when you water. poke a hole in the dirt deep enough to put the tap root all the way in and the seed pot about 1/8 inch under the dirt. BOOM you done for a while sit back and wait until you see it come out of the dirt. Water it with just 1/4 the volume of your cup when the top is dry until you get your 1st set of true leaves.

For seedling lighting you can use 4x Compact Florescents 40 or 60 watt equivalent so that’s about a 14-20 watt Head to the hardware and get you some Daylight ones. while you are there get a timer and some bulb splitters and rig it up like this.

Put them about 2 inches from your plants and move them up as they grow. You can grow with these for well into your 2nd month while you iron out your lighting. If you want stealth grow just 1 plant in a gun cabinet that is 2x2x5 and just add some more CPF trees as your plants grow. Pinch it off @ the 3rd node that grows that will keep it short and bushy. There is nothing wrong with veging a plant for 4-8 weeks and flipping it to get a mini monster. When I was in collage I grew plants in 2 mini fridges one for veg and one for flower and was able to get a nice bag every other month for next to nothing.

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notyuravragepothed said:
Anybody have suggestions for carbon filters?

DIY carbon filter from active carbon for fish tanks @ your local pet store.

Almost just as easy to just buy one. I use Active Air 6″. You can get them on amazon from $50-100us. Lasts me about a year 1/2 with 10 Flower and 10 veg plants running year long.

OG Kush Seeds

From these original 7 OG Kush bag seeds (1st photo below) I grew 49 plants after sexing them and taking clones from the females. Presently I have 4 plants near completion and I could have keep going by cloning but I grew tired of OG Kush and will be growing something different this winter.

NOTE: I grew Girl Scout Cookies Extreme and Gold Leaf. GSCE seeds are on sale right now.

Stay tuned for that. I’m going to try some hemp too! My plan; grow hemp and marijuana indoors and make my own CBD oil or at least set up a press that will be used to press the flowers under pressure and collect the I’m not sure what it’s called.

In this group, there were 17 plants growing nicely in my grow room as shown in the photos below.

I lived in a 100 year old house. The house was for sale for 3 years and finally somebody gave a cash offer. That meant no inspection but I had to vacate in 3 weeks or the deal was off.

I found a place to move to about 7 miles away and packed up.

I hardly ever have bag seed anymore so I buy my seeds from Robert Bergman. He’s safe and honest with guaranteed shipping.

The last thing I moved were my plants. There were a few problems that had to be fixed in the new house so I had to hide 17 plants for 2 weeks while contractors were in and out. It was a major pain, I couldn’t set up proper lights, my girls were suffering and I was afraid of them morphing so I decided to harvest after only 5 weeks of flowering.

This cost me dearly in yield and quality but surprisingly the weed was good.

Below is a gallery of photos from seed to harvest.

There was really nothing I could do because of the strangers coming in and out of the house. Luckily I kept the mother going in a closest and I was able to take 4 more clones so as soon as the new house was done I had 4 plants growing that will be ready in about 4 more weeks.