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how to grow weed from seed step by step outdoors

How to Grow Weed Outside

California might be the best place to grow weed outside. Personally, I don’t see a future for indoor growing in California. Mainly because of the sunlight we receive. No light can reproduce what the sun does; it is that simple. Furthermore, indoor growing is not sustainable. Sunlight is free and better, so why would you pay high electricity bills for less quality? The reason we started growing indoors was to avoid detection. Since thats not a problem anymore, start growing outdoors. Sunlight is better because it is more natural and way cheaper. Growth is more profound because it is difficult for artificial light to compete with natural sunlight.

Growing Cannabis with Seeds

You never know what you are going to get when you grow with seeds. No two seeds are a like and each seed has its own unique qualities (smell, height, profile, etc). The seedling growth stage usually lasts about a month and seedlings generally take around two months to fully mature. For summer growers, seeds can be started as early as one desires as long as you maintain enough hours for vegetative growth. For example, I have started seeds as early as January in order to maximize my harvest. In this scenario, I use artificial lights so my plants receive enough light to maintain vegetative growth. I generally employ the Gas Lantern Routine to save electricity and because it works great for maintaining vegetative growth on most strains. If you do not want to use artificial lights, start seeds two to three months before summer solstice.

When growing outside for 3 to 5 months, plants require a minimum of 15 to 50 gallon containers. Plants that are grown for extended periods of 6 to 8 months can yield up to 10 pounds and require 50 to 200 gallon containers. Large containers or planters are easier to grow in because they require less maintenance, retain water better and because nutrients last longer.

Growing Cannabis with Clones

Your start date will vary depending on where you live. Many reputable northern California cannabis farms plant clones as early as May 15th and harvest between September and October, harnessing only sunlight. Southern parts like San Diego should start a couple weeks later; though the exact start date will vary depending on the type of strain. Most importantly, try and purchase clones that are acclimated to your local environment. Outdoor growers should avoid clones from indoor mother plants because of the time needed to harden off.