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how to identify female weed seeds

How to Identify a Female Seed?

Although nowadays most companies get their feminized seeds from a cannabis seed company, that doesn’t mean that growers don’t have to recognize small differences between the seeds.

Identifying a quality female seed is very important as you have to differentiate the seeds sold by one company from the seeds from another.

Having quality seeds should be the focal point of any marijuana grower. Otherwise, you will never have high-quality products that can compete in the global market.

Experienced growers will always suggest that you start with high-quality strains. Even if you have the perfect growing conditions for marijuana, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the importance of using good seeds. Bad choice of seeds can seriously diminish your yield.

One of the easiest, quickest tips we can give you is to always buy from premium cannabis stores. But, you also need to properly identify a female seed.

Here is how to do it!

Main features of feminized seeds

If you want to be an elite weed grower, first, you have to differentiate cannabis seeds from all the other seeds. You should especially focus on the features that can tell you more about the quality of seeds.

Although this is the necessary knowledge, that doesn’t mean you will quickly attain it. The majority of cannabis producers rarely have contact with the seeds. They will order them prior to harvest, put them into the ground, and that would be the end of it.

Only when you have the opportunity to observe the seeds on a daily basis can you notice the small differences.

It might take a while until you learn how to identify the quality of marijuana seeds.

Here are the main features to look out for:

  • Color – A good cannabis seed has a very dark color. It will have some shades of gray, brown, or black. They will also have spots or stripes. Keep in mind there are some differences between Indica seeds and Sativa seeds. Generally speaking, Sativa strains are much more plain, while you can expect stripes on Indicas. If a seed it white or green, this is a good sign that they’re not ready. They are not ripe, and they will not germinate if you put them into a ground
  • General appearance – If you never saw a cannabis seed, it might be a bit hard to explain its shape. They are very similar to peanuts without their big shell. They are oval and rather small. The feminized cannabis seeds are ready for planting when they get a nice symmetric shape. If a seed is asymmetric, it means that it hasn’t finished its development
  • Outer layer – The shell can tell you a lot about the quality and ripeness of marijuana seed. Once the shell is strong enough to withstand pressure, you will be able to plant it. If a shell cracks easily, this means that it wasn’t ready, to begin with. As we already mentioned, good seed will have the proper form. It also shouldn’t have any cracks or imperfections. If it has an anomaly, this is a good sign that it won’t be able to bear plants. Lastly, the outer layer should be smooth on touch

Make sure that you always check the seeds by yourself. Not only will you gain experience, but it will also help you determine whether they’re of good quality or not.

Checking the seeds is especially important if you’ve just changed a cannabis seed provider.

Determining the quality

Getting basic information is just the beginning; you also have to determine the seeds’ quality. Always remember that the looks isn’t everything.

Even if the seeds are ripe, that doesn’t mean they will turn into big, healthy plants. Oftentimes, the seed companies will freeze their products, which will affect their quality once they reach the end-user.

So, you will have to perform several tests before you start growing them.

  • Floating – A lot of experts will suggest that you start by performing a germination test. However, we like to go with the float test. It is much easier and should provide better results. Basically, all you have to do is take a glass of water and put a cannabis seed into it. Depending on how the seed behaves, you can establish if it’s of a low-quality or of a high-quality. The seeds that stay afloat can be considered as bad and vice versa. The only drawback of this method is that you will need to use the seeds as soon as you’ve finished the test. Once soaked, they cannot be placed back in storage, or they will rot
  • Germination – Another good way of testing the quality of a female seed is by performing germination. The principle is simple: if a seed germinates within 5 days, it is good, and if it doesn’t, it is bad. But, you don’t get any additional information from this test. For example, you won’t be able to tell if the seeds are of high-quality, and you won’t be able to determine their sex. You don’t have to be an expert to germinate the cannabis seeds. Just put them into the soil at approximately one-quarter of an inch depth. Just make sure that the root is properly isolated when the test is over. It is very fragile, so you will have to be extra careful. You can also perform germination by putting seed on a folded wet paper towel. Make sure that the towel is not too wet; it just has to be moist
  • Buying from the right supplier – We cannot emphasize this point enough and yet, it seems that we’re constantly getting back to it. If you want to have high-quality feminized seeds at your disposal, you need to buy them from a reputable marijuana seed bank. Luckily, there are lots of ways of differentiating a good company from a bad one. You just have to browse Google or one of the social media to get enough info about an organization. There are lots of online reviews that will guide you as you look for the best alternative. Keep in mind that this industry can be a bit deceiving. It is a relatively young business, which means that being new doesn’t necessarily mean being bad. There are a lot of small, up-and-coming cannabis companies that can sell you premium cannabis items.

Some additional tricks

At this point, you should be able to identify feminized seeds and, more importantly, to identify seeds of a high-quality. Before we let you go, there are a few more tips, tricks, and information that you need to keep in mind when it comes to weed seeds.

  • Do cannabis seeds have an expiration date?

Every company and grower store their cannabis seeds. As mentioned in the article, it is also very common for seed companies to freeze their seeds until a further date. But, no matter how well you store them, there is a chance they will lose their viability. Freezing is a great method, but unfortunately, it can affect the quality of the seeds. Your storage space requires perfect conditions as you will need to control the lights, temperature, and humidity

  • Can I use old seeds?

Generally speaking, you can use seeds for about 3 to 10 years. This is if you store them properly. But, with time, their germination capability will fall through the roof. The more you wait, the bigger chances of failure. Older seeds also need more time to germinate, which is why the germination test can be deceiving. It is much better if you rely on the float test. Given their age, you will have to stay close to the seeds. They shouldn’t be soaked for too long. So, make sure to remove them from water and plant them, as soon as you get your answer

  • How to tell seed’s sex?

Determining the pot seed’s sex is virtually impossible. The only way to establish this is by putting them into the ground and waiting for a plant to sprout out. A seed is completely the same regardless of their sex. This is precisely why a lot of growers prefer buying feminized seeds; there is no need to sweat about a thing


Today, companies that are working in agriculture tend to simplify things. Mechanization and globalization have given us a lot of advantages.

However, that doesn’t mean you should neglect the basics. Learning about cannabis seeds is the basic knowledge you need to attain if you wish to become an elite cannabis grower.

How to identify female and male marijuana plants

When growing weed from routine seeds, possibilities have to do with 60% your stress ends up being female, 39.9% male and about 0.10% an uncertain plant (Hermaphrodite).

As the majority of growers understand, just female stress establish smokable buds (when they are not pollinated by a male plant). Such a female plant is called “Sensimilla”.

Why is it essential to see the distinction in between female and male weed plants?

Male plants remain in the majority of cases not extremely helpful and frequently unwanted as male stress will pollinate female stress. When a male stress pollinates the woman, your female stress will utilize all her energy to produce seeds rather of growing buds and the effectiveness of the weed will significantly reduce. The outcome is a frustrating harvest and oftentimes even an entirely messed up harvest. A wild-goose chase and effort. Something you will most likely desire to avoid?

When utilizing feminized seeds or autoflowers you do not need to fret excessive about growing a male plant, however when growing marijuana with routine seeds, it’s extremely essential to eliminate the male stress in time. You have to be able to inform whether your stress is female or male. Simply put: acknowledging the gender of your stress.

Acknowledging gender can be tough. Due to the fact that female and male weed plants have a lot of resemblances, specifically. It’s for that reason essential to understand how acknowledge the gender.

So how to recognize female and male weed plants? What are the distinctions in between the women and males and when are you able to see the sex? Keep reading and learn!

When does the genus of male and female weed plants appear?

The gender of the marijuana plant ends up being noticeable in the pre-flowering phase which for the most part is in between the 8th and Fourth week of the vegetative phase. The minute the gender appears depends on the types. Some types reveal their gender previously, while others require more time to reveal their identity. It is for that reason extremely essential to be additional alert throughout the pre-flowering phase in order to eliminate any male plants in time.

Till the very first 10 days of blooming there is no requirement to fret about pollination of female plants. When the pollen droops are beginning to open, the male plants can just pollinate the female plants.

How to inform a weed plant is male?

Male marijuana plants can be acknowledged by their round spheres in the leaf axils. These are more high compared to those of the female plants. The underarms can be discovered at the top of the branch where the branch grows from the trunk. The beads of a male plant do not have any hairs (which female stress do have). Male plants frequently look unhealthy and thin. A male marijuana plant includes less leaves and grows less in height.

How to recognize a female weed plant

Female stress likewise include a ball at the underarm (much like the male plants). With female plants a hair is growing out the bulb. In addition, the beads are smaller sized compared to male stress. Female stress likewise look healthier, the stress has more branching and is frequently larger compared to the male.

In the image listed below you see the distinctions more plainly.

How to acknowledge a Hermaphrodite marijuana plant?

In uncommon cases, a marijuana stress establishes 2 sexual organs (male and woman). This is called a Hermaphrodite. This is a types that can fertilize itself.

A Hermaphrodite develops when growing conditions are bad, when the stress experience excessive tension, however likewise bad genes can lead to a Hermaphrodite. Some types are more vulnerable to end up being an uncertain plant than others.

Hermaphrodites produce pollen, so if in case you grow a Hermaphrodite please ensure you eliminate it (much like a male stress) it affects the bud production. It’s for that reason essential to acknowledge the advancement of Hermaphrodites.

How to acknowledge a hermaphrodite?

Hermaphrodites can arrise in 2 kinds. Establishing a “banana” (a ball turned within out) or more balls of various sizes, one with hair and one without a hair.

Wish to grow weed? Purchase feminized or autoflower seeds!

In case you are preparing to grow good stock of weed, we extremely suggest to purchase autoflower or feminized seeds. Because method you avoid yourself from a crop failure.

Marijuana is a dioecious plant, suggesting female or male reproductive organs appear on various plants.

With marijuana, women are normally separated far from males– presenting males into a garden will lead to pollination, triggering women to produce seeds.

This is necessary for a breeder to accomplish brand-new genes, however the majority of growers eliminate the males to permit women to produce seedless buds, likewise called sinsemilla These are the resinous buds that appear on the shop rack; they all originate from female plants.

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4 methods to utilize male marijuana plants

Seeded buds are typically considered as low-grade marijuana. The smoke is undesirable and extreme when seeds are present.

Female genes can be ensured by acquiring clones and feminized seeds. If, nevertheless, you’re dealing with routine seeds and are uncertain of your seed’s sex, understanding how to identify the sex of your plant is essential to establishing brand-new genes, collecting seeds, or growing sinsemilla

Sexing marijuana plants is simple. Let’s see how to inform.

Have a look at these extra resources for more details on marijuana seeds:

How to identify the sex of a marijuana plant

Female marijuana pre-flowers grow as small bracts with hair-like preconception looking out. Male plants produce little, round balls at the nodes. (Amy Phung/Leafly)

Marijuana plants reveal their sex by what grows in between their nodes (where leaves and branches extend from the stalk). Pollen sacs will establish on a male plant to spread out seeds and preconception will establish on a female to capture pollen. You can see these distinctions weeks prior to they in fact begin serving their functions in the recreation cycle. These are called “pre-flowers.”

Pre-flowers start to establish 4 weeks into development, however they might take a bit longer depending upon how rapidly the growing stage takes place. By the 6th week, you need to have the ability to discover the pre-flowers and with confidence identify the sex of your plant.

Marijuana anatomy: The parts of the plant

Pre-flowers can at first be tough and very little to relate to the naked eye, however you can utilize a magnifying glass to get a much better appearance. Take a look at the nodes of the plant and try to find either the early development of little sacs on a male, or more bracts on a woman, which will ultimately produce the hair-like preconception.

Though there are other techniques to identify what sex the plant is, analyzing pre-flower development is the most reputable.

Getting rid of males early on is necessary for 2 factors: it maximizes area in your garden so women can grow larger and more powerful, and it avoids males from pollinating women.

What are hermaphrodite marijuana plants?

Hermaphrodite marijuana can reveal both sex organs and self-pollinate. (Amy Phung/Leafly)

When a female plant establishes both female and male sex organs, it is thought about a hermaphrodite. This indicates your marijuana plant is now efficient in producing pollen that can pollinate your whole garden. “Herming out,” as some refer to it as, is something that typically takes place when a plant ends up being exceedingly stressed out. Some plant stress factors consist of:

  • Plant damage
  • Bad weather condition
  • Illness
  • Nutrient shortages
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There are 2 kinds of hermaphrodite plants:

  • A plant that establishes both buds and pollen sacs
  • A plant that produces anthers, typically described as “bananas” due to their look

While both lead to pollen production, real hermaphrodites produce sacs that require to burst, while anthers are exposed, pollen-producing endurances.

Due to the fact that this takes place when marijuana is under tension, it is necessary to keep an eye on plants after they have actually been exposed to stress factors– inside your home: light leakages or high temperature levels are frequently the cause; outdoors: a snapped branch may be fixed and after that develop into a hermaphrodite.

How to Train Your Marijuana Plants for Better Yields and Strength

The other main reason for hermaphrodite plants depends on the plant’s genes. A plant with bad genes or a history of hermaphrodite advancement need to be prevented to secure your garden. Get rid of the plant from your garden instantly to avoid pollination of female plants if you discover any pollen sacs or anthers at any point.

If you have an interest in pollinating parts of your crop, keep in mind that pollen is extremely great and very powerful at taking a trip. Keep your males planned for pollination far from your garden area and work thoroughly with that pollen.

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