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how to legally buy weed seeds online

How to Safely Buy Marijuana Seeds in 2021

Cultivating cannabis from seeds can be a perfect way to get the strain you need. However, it is scary to purchase cannabis seeds online for the first time.

Although there are many perks of buying cannabis seeds online, it can be challenging for beginners because of various vulnerabilities that come with online transactions.

If it is legal to grow cannabis in your state, here are great tips to buy cannabis seeds:

Determine the Strain to Consider

Gardening needs some planning, and marijuana cultivation is no different. Among the things to look at when choosing the right marijuana seeds are growing requirements and space restrictions. Some cannabis plants are finickier than others. To have the best yield, you need to consult seed banks or breeders regarding the right practices for cultivating specific strains, including average grow time and nutrient requirements.

When it comes to space restrictions, Indicas uses less space compared to Sativa, which might be traced back to their origins. For instance, Indica strains originated in places with changing weather conditions, resulting in cannabis plants that grow harder, smaller, and quicker.

Learn to Be Patient

Many international cannabis seed banks, especially those situated in Amsterdam, take more time to deliver their package than what you could be used to. However, it is advisable to give it like two weeks or one month before you start complaining to your vendor.

There are reputable seed companies, which offer medical cannabis strains in countries like Canada. It is best to order marijuana seeds from a company with a dependable mail system and different stores across the world or country.

Know the Legality of Marijuana Seeds

In places like the United Kingdom, you might purchase marijuana seeds as souvenirs. These seeds only become illegal when they germinate. In other areas, like the Netherlands, you are authorized to cultivate a particular number of cannabis plants.

Basically, most of the world’s medical and recreational marijuana growers simply ignore the law. Many marijuana users feel that the prohibition of marijuana has left a one-sided legal situation. In most countries, the law for the use or possession of marijuana is slowly becoming less oppressive. This is encouraging more individuals to cultivate marijuana from auto-flowering or feminized seeds.

Choose the Right Seeds

There are a lot of benefits when cultivating marijuana from seeds. Some find the whole experience of cultivating cannabis a rewarding experience, while others enjoy controlling the nutrition and growth of the marijuana plants.

Whichever the reason, it is vital to go for quality marijuana seeds. To achieve this, consider checking out i49 so as to be familiar with the strains and varieties of marijuana seeds you may buy. You may also have to be aware of the issues, which can happen when ordering your cannabis seeds online.

Make Payment Discreetly

There are a lot of advantages of using bitcoin when purchasing cannabis seeds online. At first, your payment will be 100% anonymous and untraceable, making it a great choice for individuals who need to buy marijuana seeds discreetly. Lastly, many seed banks offer a lot of discounts, which might even go up to around 20%, when purchasers use bitcoins to make payments.

Other than bitcoins, you might also use other forms of payments. This might include bank wire, PayPal, and credit cards. While many seed banks, as well as retailers, use some of these payment options, it is a perfect idea to use cash once your package is delivered.

Divide the Order

If you want to order a variety of seeds, it is recommendable that you divide them into many purchases. For instance, you can purchase marijuana seeds from various online vendors or place small orders at different times.

If your orders don’t arrive, it means there is a high chance the delivery from one of your vendors might arrive. In addition, pay attention to guarantees of the delivery when making purchases.

Look for a Dependable Seed Bank

There are many downright and undependable shady seed companies out there. It is unfortunate that the unregulated nature of purchasing marijuana seeds makes it very vulnerable to many scammers, and it might not be possible to take your grievances to the police station.

Choose seed companies, which always have a great track record of keeping clients happy and contented. Apart from checking the price of the cannabis seeds, you need to also look at customers’ feedback.

Check the Seed Appearance

A great way to gauge the quality of cannabis seeds is to look at their appearance. Several trains are noticeable, whereas others might take time to recognize. Genetically superior marijuana seeds have dark or grey outer shells. Healthy seeds might also look like they have wax coatings on the surface.

Apart from that, quality seeds might also feel strong when touched. If they don’t break after squeezing them between your thumb and index finger, it means the seeds are suitable to cultivate. However, if they crumble and look green and white, it means their quality is very low.

Consider the Price

Ideally, there are different kinds of marijuana seeds. All these seeds have dissimilar components, making them different.

Hence, ensure you visit different cannabis seed banks to compare the costs before making the right choice.

Decide on Where to Grow

The kind of marijuana seeds you choose might grow in a suitable environment. When purchasing cannabis seeds, you have to determine whether they are practical to cultivate in your chosen environment.

Basically, indoor seeds might not be able to survive in hard outdoor conditions. Purchasing outdoor cannabis seeds and growing them inside the house might lead to problems, such as the plants not entering the fruiting phase or growing very big.

The Bottom Line!

In different ways, purchasing cannabis seeds is more like getting anything linked to marijuana. Even in areas where cannabis is legal, marijuana seeds are regarded as weed products, like oils, flowers, and edibles.

For this reason, you need to pay more attention to the legal status of cannabis seeds within your state or area. While it might be simple to find and purchase high-quality cannabis seeds, you might still need to take more time to research your options before making your decision.

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How to Legally Buy CBD Seeds Online

As a final look at the CBD seeds, buyers should keep in mind that their best investments will come by ensuring that the seeds they purchase are appropriate for their needs.

When people see the word CBD (cannabidiol), they might think of marijuana and other things associated with drugs that get people high. Subsequently, they may also wonder if there is a way that they can purchase the seeds for this product legally, especially if they live in an area where marijuana and other such products are illegal. As it is, many states have already legalized the use of marijuana, especially for medicinal purposes, but users need to know the facts surrounding the product. This article will address how users can legally purchase CBD seeds when they want to grow the plants for their use or start a business.

On Legally Purchasing CBD Seeds Online

Whether a CBD seed or cannabis seed can be bought and grown legally depends on if the seed is male or female (also called feminized). The feminized seeds are the ones that are used for producing a quality of marijuana that is suitable for smoking, which means there may be legal issues with people purchasing and growing the plant. Those users who are considering purchasing the seeds may be interested to know that the seeds are available at Weed Seed USA. Before making such a purchase, interested buyers should learn all the facts about growing CBD seeds to ensure they are in the clear legally.

More About Purchasing CBD Seeds Legally

Of course, the average person does not intend to be on the wrong side of the law when it comes to purchasing and producing plants from CBD seeds, so here are some facts to keep in mind. The first thing an individual needs to do is to ensure that the product is legal in his or her state and that the necessary license is purchased, if required. The government does recognize that cannabis seeds can be used for purposes other than marijuana, such as for fishing baits and bird food. The buyer needs to realize that there could still be legal issues even when purchasing the CBD seeds in a state that legally authorizes it, even if the state of residence approves it. It is a good idea to have an attorney well-versed in laws regarding the manufacturing and purchasing of CBD seeds and similar products.

A Continued Look at the Legal Purchase of CBD Seeds

Woman mixing her water-soluble CBD from Eir Health with water in a purple shaker; image by Michal Wozniak, via

The attraction that people have in purchasing CBD seeds to plant could be to get into the market of producing CBD edibles, oils, balms, and other similar products. The product is known to help people with many issues such as depression, anxiety, body aches and pain, and the inability to sleep. Even with this innocent intent of the use of the product, buyers still have to do their homework to ensure they are not breaking any state laws.

A Final Look at the Legal Purchase of CBD Seeds

As a final look at the CBD seeds, buyers should keep in mind that their best investments will come by ensuring that the seeds they purchase are appropriate for their needs. If not, the buyers may end up wasting more time growing their plants than they have to invest. The buyers can opt to visit local dispensaries to buy their quality seeds. They also may elect to trust online dispensaries that will do the homework for them.