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how to tell if a weed seed is male

All you need to know about feminized cannabis seeds

So, you have decided to grow cannabis at home. For that, of course, you need either cuttings or seeds, and to make cuttings you need a plant, hence you still need a few seeds. But what if you end up with male plants, which are good for pollen but useless for marijuana flowers?

When you go seed shopping, you might come across confusing terms and phrases like hermaphrodites, hybrids, photoperiod plants, females, auto flowers, feminized, males, and much more. Getting hold of everything can be quite challenging, especially if you are growing for the first time.

No need to worry. We are here to help you. Every term is understandable when it is explained. In this post, we have created a guide about female seeds.

What is a feminized Cannabis Seed?

When it comes to growing cannabis, the sex of the seeds has an imperative role. Female seeds are responsible for producing flowers, also called buds. Male seeds produce small sacs of pollen. It was found that female seeds that are not pollinated are able to make high-potency cannabis. This means the female plants are rich in CBD and THC.

Sometimes you can spot “pre-sex” identifiers in plants that are a month old or so, but often the plants sex is not clear until the flowering season kicks in. If the male seed pods are near female plants for long, it will pollinate the plant and you’ll get seeds but less bud of a lower quality.

To avoid this, people have to sex the plants as early as possible and pull the males. Assuming half your natural seeds are males, suddenly the crop is only half as big as it had seemed. As a result, it will decrease the yield.

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How to Determine the Seeds?

One of the challenges you have to face when buying cannabis seeds is distinguishing between male and female seeds. It is quite impossible to know which is a female seed in a handful of seeds. You can never know the gender of the seed unless you plant and wait for it to grow.

After several weeks, a small bud will form, or it will start to pre-flower. A female plant will have pistillate stigmae, which are tiny thread-like pointed growths that are white in color. A male plant has a small, globe-like hello-green shape that is split into five petals and sometimes referred to as a “ball.” So, if you don’t see stigmae, it doesn’t mean much but if your plant has “balls,” at any age of growth, it’s either a male or a hermaphrodite and should be eliminated ASAP, unless you want the pollen for breeding purposes.

Now, you can get seeds online without having to leave the comfort of your home. Not only this but weed dispensary Newmarket can deliver different products of cannabis.

What are feminized seeds?

We all know that female seeds must be pollinated by male plants to produce flowers. The feminized seeds (also known as female seeds) are bred for eradicating the male chromosomes. It will help make sure that the seeds produce female plants only. The feminized plants self-pollinated when they are under stressful conditions. Many farmers prefer female plants because the levels of CBD and THC are high, as mentioned above.

Benefits of using feminized cannabis seeds

Here are some of the benefits of having female cannabis seeds.

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High- and better-quality harvest

One of the top priorities of a farmer is quality. Nobody wants to have a bad quality harvest. The seeds that are free from hermaphrodites produce the best quality weed.

Higher yield

Everyone wants to have a good yield after all the hard work and effort. When you use feminized seeds, you will only have female plants. As mentioned above, the levels of CBD and THC will be high in such produce. Also, more space will be available when you don’t plant male seeds.

Hassle-free and Stress-free

Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, you must know how stressful the whole process is. If there is anything to make the process easy, then you must do it. Using feminized cannabis seeds is a great way to make the gardening process free of hassles. That is because you will not have to eliminate male plants before they pollinate. Since you will be planting feminized seeds, there will be no need to plant male seeds.

Excellent Returns

Without a doubt, the better the yield is, the better the returns will be. Hence, you must invest in quality seeds. Not only this, but you must also follow the right cultivating methods. By following these two tips, you will surely get better returns.

All in all, the seeds you use determine the quality of your cannabis. When you use female seeds, you will be able to get the high potent product. It is better to get feminized seeds as it will produce better results and guarantees quality harvest. You can even make gardening stress-free. It is quite clear that feminized seeds are worth investing in.

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How do I know if my seeds are male or female?

I’m sure it’s been asked before but I had my plant actually have some seeds in the bud after it dried out. How do I know if they are male or female? I hadn’t ran into this before because I started with a clone.

You grow them to see if they produce a male or a female plant

Place a bowl of distilled water at the foot of a red oak tree, it has to be a red oak tree. Put four drops of Lemmon juice in the water. Now take a bar magnet and dip it in the water and place it on a piece of wood. The type of tree doesn't matter that the wood is made from. Quickly set your seeds on the magnet. Wait thirty seconds. The female seeds will roll over. The male seeds will not move.