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how to use weed seed for hair

How Topical Marijuana Can Save Your Skin (And Hair And Body)

Allow me to introduce you to "marijuana," a psychoactive plant you probably haven't heard about because it isn't legal everywhere in the United States. (If you live in Maine, in Massachusetts, or along the Pacific seaboard, feel free to skip to the next paragraph.) When ingested, marijuana imparts all sorts of fun and exciting side effects, like bloodshot eyes and brief, fleeting happiness. Yes, kind of like heroin, you're right. The chief difference is that unlike heroin, marijuana is great for your skin.

Cannabidiol or CBD, is the chemical compound that comprises most of the marijuana plant you perhaps know and also love. CBD accounts for the soothing, buoyant, good-vibes effects of weed (another, more casual term for marijuana). It's the counterpart to THC, the compound which accounts for the Pink Floyd laser show in your head. But did you know that topical CBD, applied like any other lotion, can be a powerful anti-inflammatory, which is good for you both cosmetically and on the muscular level? Of course you don't! I am just telling you now. It's also a lip balm.

The benefits vary depending on what part of your body is getting high. Below, a topical marijuana ointment guide for your convenience (and responsible consumption):

The Face

CBD is found in hemp seed oil, which is one of the best oils you can put on your face, because it's 1) lightweight and not pore-cloggy, while still being 2) lipid-rich for hydration. The application of CBD relaxes and soothes skin, and is especially useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. There's also some evidence to support CBD's effectiveness as an acne treatment, although the studies are not so conclusive. (Your best defense against acne and best weapon for better skin in general is always a supreme moisturizer.) I like Apothecanna's Everyday Face and Body Oil because the formula is simple and botanical. A little goes a long way all over the face, and the excess is great for rough patches on hands and elbows.

The Body

Perhaps the biggest breakthrough application for CBD is the introduction of targeted body lotions for pain relief. The reasoning involves a lot of science that I am not equipped to explain to you as a grooming blogger, so here is a link to a study in the Journal of Pain Research which calls out CBD as an effective analgesic. Science is confounding and sublime. Lord Jones, purveyors of chicly-packaged weed candy, have branched out into body care with an all-CBD lotion. They'll ship it to you no matter how your state feels about weed (CBD is legal everywhere). Applying this stuff imparts the sensation of a warm bath—without the time commitment or the getting wet.

The Hair

Malin and Goetz' Hair Pomade, which smells like the mane of a wealthy lion prince, utilizes CBD for its moisture-retention properties. Guys love it because it holds all day. Err on the conservative side, dosage-wise: That much moisture can weigh a head down.

The Lips

Recently, a stranger I met at a birthday dinner offered me his THC-infused lip balm, which made my mouth feel like it was going to simultaneously melt off of my face and burst forth into spores. Vertly's Lip Butter does not contain THC and offers an extremely subtle calm, in lieu of terrifying sensations of decay. The balm itself is formulated with coconut oil, beeswax, and shea butter for maximum hydration—the CBD, while not the star of the show, is a nice, relaxing touch. Give your lips a break from their debilitating anxiety and try a dollop. I promise you won’t regret it.

What is hemp?

Heard the hemp-hype but not entirely sure what it is? Here’s what you need to know about the plant that’s growing on us (not literally, of course!). So much so, we infused our Calm the Frizz collection with the stuff. Yep!

Heard the hemp-hype but not entirely sure what it is? Here’s what you need to know about the plant that’s growing on us (not literally, of course!). So much so, we infused our Calm the Frizz collection with the stuff. Yep!

Now, before you start thinking we put a psychoactive in our shampoo, calm those thoughts and read on. Our friend hemp may just grow on you, too.


Hemp’s a term used to describe varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant that contain very low levels of the psychoactive component – tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the bit that gets you high. Marijuana derives from the same genus of plant, but it contains much higher levels of THC. Think of hemp as marijuana’s straight-laced cousin. And, as you can image, the two varietals serve very different purposes.

While marijuana’s used medicinally or recreationally because of the high THC levels, hemp has a much more diverse assemblage of uses. The fast-growing plant’s used industrially to make things like clothes, paper and rope. But you may have stumbled across it thanks to its dietary and beauty benefits (unless of course you’re a rope or paper enthusiast).

When deconstructed, the uses and benefits of hemp amplify. Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious and are considered by some to be a superfood. They’re high in protein, fibre, unsaturated fats and minerals. Not a bad set of accolades for such a tiny component of the hemp plant.

Hemp seed extract is the ingredient you’ll find in our Calm the Frizz collection and aside from helping to tame that mane, it also has an abundance of other beauty benefits, like moisturizing and rejuvenating skin and hair. There’s also evidence to support this idea that hemp seeds may help give your overall wellbeing a boost when added to your diet… Aussome!


We’re not that cheeky! Of course, hemp’s legal to use and legal to grow provided you have a license to grow it in the UK. The same rules apply in the land down under – where we grow and extract our authentic Australian hemp.

The thing is, in the not-so-distant past, growing and selling hemp was illegal. “Why?!” we hear you ask with your newfound knowledge and love of this miracle plant. The truth is, we don’t really know. There are conspiracy theories – but we’re all about haircare here and, well, the thing that matters to us is that it’s legal and accessible – hemp, hemp hooray!

With the legalisation of hemp came the surge of hemp-based products and flurry of information about its by-products and benefits. One of those being CBD…


CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most prevalent active ingredients of cannabis (marijuana). It’s a naturally occurring substance and isn’t psychoactive. So, it doesn’t get you high. It has however shown to serve as a calming relief for people who suffer from chronic pain. CBD’s the talk of the town because it’s so packed with goodness – just like hemp seed oil.

So, is hemp oil the same as CBD oil? Aaaah, not quite. While both are packed with nutrients and beauty-boosting qualities, hemp oil’s drawn from the seeds of the hemp plant, while CBD oil is extracted from a variety of parts, including the stalk and flowers. One plant – so much goodness!

You’ll find hemp seed extract in our Calm the Frizz collection.


Now you’re all hot with excitement about the potential of this wonder plant, get your hands on our hemp shampoo, infused with authentic Australian hemp seed extract. It’s seriously addictive.

This not-so-secret collection designed to treat frizzy hair in need of a ‘calm-me-down’ will turn unruly hair into luscious locks. So, say hooroo to frizzy hair days and hello to Aussie hair that’ll leave you filled with happiness.