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Stopping CBD – Can You Quit Cold Turkey? CBD is great for many people for several reasons. After having an excellent experience with CBD, various situations may occur that might have you Can it cause problems if you were to suddenly stop taking CBD? With regular medication it’s advised to not abruptly stop taking them. Is that true for CBD?

Stopping CBD – Can You Quit Cold Turkey?

CBD is great for many people for several reasons. After having an excellent experience with CBD, various situations may occur that might have you considering taking a break from your daily CBD routine. And you want to find the best way to have the smoothest experience with stopping CBD.

Stopping CBD cold turkey won’t have withdrawal symptoms. CBD is reported safe & non-addictive to avid users. After a few days of stopping, old symptoms may begin cropping up again. Before stopping CBD, talk to your doctor to verify it’s safe without impacting any other medications you’re taking.

Below, we’ll look at stories of those who’ve quit CBD cold turkey, as well as highlight research surrounding quitting CBD.

Can You Quit CBD Cold Turkey?

Below, we highlight John’s “poor” experience in quitting CBD cold turkey.

While you can quit CBD cold turkey without it causing any significant extra trouble, John doesn’t recommend stopping CBD all at once.

If you’re taking CBD with other medications, quitting CBD cold turkey can impact how your other medications interact with your body and may cause issues.

Before you quit CBD cold turkey, it’s best to have a quick chat with your primary healthcare provider.

Do You Need To Wean Off CBD Oil?

As a general rule, you don’t need to wean off of CBD, however, if you want a more comfortable experience in stopping CBD — it’s best to slowly taper off.

Slowly weaning yourself off of CBD can make returning to normal aches and pains a bit less shocking on the system.

Instead of having your issues come back all at once, it can be a more gentle experience if you slowly decrease your CBD intake until you can completely stop.

Users quitting CBD generally report the process of stopping CBD to be mild and subtle that doesn’t last for long periods of time.

Does CBD Have Withdrawal Symptoms?

In total, CBD doesn’t have any specific withdrawal symptoms (in itself), according to those who were able to completely stop CBD.

After taking CBD for several months, your body starts entering into a more optimal state of balance and homeostasis regulation throughout nearly every cell and system within your body.

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When you’re body is in an optimal state of homeostasis from CBD providing nutrients to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), your body and mind are experiencing this state as normal and adapt to it.

Stopping CBD, when your body expects it as part of its normal routine, may cause you to experience a resurgence of symptoms from issues CBD was aiding.

You won’t experience any new withdrawal symptoms from stopping CBD, however, you may find your old symptoms popping back up into your new normal daily routine that doesn’t involve CBD.

Side Effects Of Abruptly Stopping CBD Oil

A personal story of John Kaste quitting CBD — cold turkey — for ten days in extensive detail.

In short, John measured four areas including pain, sleep quality, injury recovery, and overall mood.

  • Daily aches and pains more through his normal range of motion.
  • Stiffness
  • Less flexibility
  • Loss of sleep quality
  • Slower to recover from physical activities
  • More stress
  • More emotional
  • More annoyed, angry, and frustrated

Other users who’ve stopped taking CBD reported feeling a bit more anxious and weren’t sleeping as well as they were when taking CBD regularly.

Any benefit you received from taking CBD will cease and old symptoms can crop up as your body finished removing the remaining CBD from its system.

How Long Does It Take To Detox From CBD?

According to Healthline, CBD can remain in your body for as little as two days and up to five days — more or less.

Each user will process CBD differently and some can have CBD remain in their system for several weeks.

What determines how long CBD stays in your systems involves.

  • Dosage – How much
  • How often you take CBD throughout the day
  • Method of consumption
  • Your body chemistry
  • Your diet can affect how quickly CBD is metabolized by your body

With numerous types of CBD products on the market with a wide range of strengths, it can be hard to pinpoint how long specifically a CBD detox will take.

Is CBD Addictive?

According to Dr. Jeffrey Chen, MD, CBD is not addictive, with the World Health Organization (WHO) confirming CBD doesn’t have abuse or dependence potential.

Published in the Journal of Cannabis & Cannabinoid Research, reports CBD is non-hedonic, meaning CBD doesn’t give you pleasure.

Further evidence shows CBD can actually reduce drug-seeking behavior.

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The journal of Substance Abuse: Research & Treatment shows how CBD can modulate certain circuits in the brain involving drug addiction.

Comprehensive results from 100+ studies verify the safety profile and tolerability of large chronic doses of CBD in humans.

Is CBD Addictive For Dogs?

CBD is not addictive for dogs and is safe for your dog to take every day, as needed.

If your dog is taking any other medications, it’s best to talk with a qualified veterinarian to verify taking CBD is the best course of action.

Dr. Casara Andre, the founder of Veterinary Cannabis Education & Consulting, tells The Washington Post that there’s no risk of addiction with taking CBD.

Should I Stop Taking CBD Before Surgery?

According to Kirby Plastic Surgery, you should stop taking CBD two weeks before your surgery.

CBD can have the potential to interfere with anesthesia, reacting with certain liver enzymes.

Is It Alright To Just Stop Taking CBD?

Can you run into problems if you were to just stop taking CBD? Regular medication prescriptions often state that quitting suddenly is not advised. Is that also the case with CBD? The general advice not to stop abruptly comes from the fact that certain medicines cause you to become dependent. This blog explains whether this is also true for CBD, as well as whether you can stop taking CBD without consequences.

The Influence Of CBD On Your Body

In recent years, a lot of research has focused on the effectiveness of CBD. CBD is a cannabinoid, which is extracted from the hemp plant. Although it’s a cannabinoid of vegetable origins, it can influence the body. We humans have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which functions as a regulator on many physical processes.

Usually, these processes run their course without problems. But disturbances can occur. This could reveal itself as, among others, anxiety, sleeping problems, stress or high blood pressure. B eing a cannabinoid, CBD has the ability to influence the way the ECS functions and restore the balance.

Mental Or Physical Addiction

You can get addicted to a substance, when you become mentally or physically dependent of it. You get used to the effect it has on you. The moment you quit, you’ll notice you can’t do without the substance. Also, as tolerance builds up, you’ll need more and more of the addictive drug or remedy, to get the desired effect. People can develop addictions to medications, drugs and alcohol, but also to habits, like gambling or sports.

To answer the question whether or not you can suddenly stop taking CBD, it’s important to know if a substance is addictive or not. Stopping all of a sudden can be fine, as long as you haven’t grown addicted to the compound. Research shows that CBD is not addictive; mentally nor physically. Because you can’t get dependent of it, you won’t get any withdrawal symptoms.

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Many people think that CBD has the same effect as THC, because they both come from the hemp plant. This is not the case. The effect CBD has is completely different and it won’t get you high. THC can get mentally addictive over time. This doesn’t happen with CBD.

Are There Any Consequences To Quitting CBD?

It’s safe to just stop taking CBD. Still, there can be consequences. You were using CBD oil, CBD tablets or CBD edibles for a reason: you had some health concerns. Because you (temporarily) stopped taking CBD, these symptoms could indeed return.

Some people have experienced that this can happen relatively fast. If you took CBD because you couldn’t get a good night’s sleep, within a couple of days you might find that you’re suffering from insomnia again. Or maybe your headaches return, or PMS or stress complaints resurface.

So there is a difference from withdrawal symptoms. This is not about your body yearning for this substance, making you feel the physical and mental consequences to drag you back into the habit. When you stop taking CBD, the only consequence it might have, is the return of the symptoms you had before.

CBD Can Help Stop Other Addictions

Relieve Withdrawal Symptoms With CBD

Not only will you not get addicted to CBD; you can in fact use it to battle other addictions. If you want to quit smoking, gambling or even drugs, you could take CBD to combat withdrawal symptoms. Studies are being conducted to deliver conclusive scientific evidence, but many people claim that CBD has helped them kick their habits. Whatever the specific mechanism is, though, CBD influences the reward system in the brain and can help diminish cravings for substances or unwanted behavior.

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