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humboldt dream seeds

Humboldt Dream Regular Seeds – 10

Humboldt Dream Regular is a highly vigorous, disease-resistant plant which is not only very easy to grow but which can deliver prodigious yields. It is 70% indica, grows incredibly tall outdoors and has the great smell and taste of blueberries.

This is a highly vigorous strain which is great for beginners and which is also very resistant to a range of plant pests and diseases. Indoor growers will be ready to harvest after a 60 day flowering period while outdoors in the northern hemisphere growers will cut their plants in the first half of October. Outdoor growers will need plenty of space as these plants can get big and those planted straight into the ground can end up in excess of 5 metres high and wide! Yields are proportionally large as well with the biggest plants able to produce as much as 5 kilos!! Its dense buds display some nice blue colours.

High levels of myrcene and decent amounts of pinene lend this strain a sweet blueberry and pine scent and a distinctly fruity berry taste. It delivers a potent, heady and relaxing effect.


Genetic Research and Development
Come live the Humboldt Dream with our improved take on the legendary Blue Dream. This extremely vigorous plant will exceed even the novice gardener’s greatest expectations. They can reach well over 15ft in height/width, and yield over 10lbs per plant when placed directly in the ground. This strain has proven to be exceptionally pest and disease resistant, even when surrounded by infected plants. Its sweet berry smell comes in part from its high levels of Myrcene.

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Retail Micro Vial Blister Pack
: Pink Granite Tish’s certified Humboldt Seed Company genetics can be purchased by licensed medical marijuana patients in seed form through your local dispensary in the traditional micro vial blister pack.

Retailer Boxes: Dispensaries can purchase “Retail Display POP Boxes” that contain 5 micro vial blister packs. Each individual seed blister pack has its own unique Universal Product Code (UPC) and corresponding bar code so they can be easily configured for your point of sale system.

Bulk Bags: OMMA-licensed growers can take advantage of our advanced seed genetics and purchase bulk quantities of cannabis seeds from us at a reduced cost.

Retail Locations
We maintain a list of dispensaries on our website where you can purchase Pink Granite Tish | Humboldt Seed Company products. Visit our retail listing page to find a location near you!