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The Drop: 5 strains that are hitting menus in October

New month, and a whole new batch of strains that you should be putting in your pipe and smoking. Here are the cannabis strains that are hitting menus in October.

Viola x Iverson Collection: ’96

A couple of months ago it was announced that Viola, owned by former NBA Player, now cannabis mogul, Al Harrington, had entered a multi-year partnership with NBA legend Allen Iverson. It’s called the Iverson Collection, and on October 2, with a party in Los Angeles, they debuted the brand’s first strain: ’96. It’s named in homage of the year The Answer was selected with the first overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers in the best NBA draft class of all time (sorry, 2003).

Styled as “Iverson ’96” on some menus and websites, ’96 is an indica-dominant hybrid, bred by crossing Secret Kush Mints with Grape Stomper. It has tightly packed buds that are so purple and white it ends up looking just like the Iverson ’96 packaging.

The flavor kicks out a grape-forward terpene profile, backed by pine and earth. While ’96’s aesthetics are next level, what really makes this strain special is the high. Face a joint of ’96 and you’ll feel super mellow, relaxed, and happy. It puts a smile on your face while washing stress away, turning you into the chillest version of yourself. Keeping it a buck, it’s the exact type of weed and experience that I would picture Allen Iverson smoking.

Scoop it up at Elevate Los Angeles or the Jade Room’s Santana and Torrence locations, where the Iverson Collection lives exclusively.

Available: California

Coffee and Kush: Cappuccino

What started as a mixtape series (Vol 2. is fire) from California hip-hop artist Problem is now also a cannabis brand from the same man. Coffee and Kush comes forward with three new strains: Mocha, Cappuccino, and Black. It is available exclusively at the Wonderbrett store on La Brea. Check out the weed; check out the music.

Available: California

Insane: Cali Lights

Everything I’ve ever smoked from Insane was some of the best flower I’ve smoked in years. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was doing my best to preserve the last nug of its Mamba Juice because it was so damn good. This month, the brand known for its Kush genetics will be coming forward with three new strains that I cannot wait to smoke: Cali Lights, OMG, and Julia. Especially that Cali Lights — I’ll admit, the packaging got me.

Cali Lights is a Seed Junky Genetics-bred, Insane-grown strain that was created by crossing Zkittlez and Kush Mints. This is the first run of it to hit stores. Insane’s team told me that Cali Lights has a gassy, cool mint snap to it with hints of lime and pine. The terpene profile is dominant in caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. When you smoke Cali Lights, you can expect an authentic kush taste with a smooth and distinct flavor that leads to a very balanced body buzz and head change.

Available: California

Ball Family Farms: Nino Brown

Ball Family Farms is well-known for its good weed, proprietary genetics, and strains named after famous movie characters in Black culture. Its flagship hybrid Daniel LaRusso is some heat, as is the Laura Charles and Bruce Leroy. In late October, the brand will be adding to the collection by releasing its newest banger: Nino Brown.

Played by Wesley Snipes, Nino Brown is the main character in the movie New Jack City. As far as Nino Brown the strain goes, the indica-dominant hybrid was bred by Ball Family Farms using proprietary genetics that it keeps under wraps — no matter what. Through email, Chris Ball, the brand’s founder, told me, “BFF prefers to keep their proprietary strain genetics under wraps, challenging the culture to try it and suss it out.”

Nino Brown kicks out a mix of gas and creamy scents, with a flavor that resembles gelato and candy. It is limonene-forward, backed by caryophyllene, and the effects are expected to be extremely potent and sedative.

Nino Brown has existed for only six months, so you’ll be among the first to try Ball Family Farms’ newest offering when it hits menus later this month. Nino will be available at 20 different locations, including Sixty Four & Hope, Wonderbett, and all nine Catalyst stores.

Available: California

Solstice Reserve: LA Kush Cake

Solstice out in Washington State puts out some really great weed for affordable prices. Its top-tier brand, Solstice Reserve, only costs $35 for an eighth, but it smokes just as good as the brands that charge $50. This month, the Seattle-based company is coming out with a fresh batch of LA Kush Cake. Yes, I said LA Kush Cake for less than two Harriet Tubmans.

LA Kush Cake was originally bred in 2019 by Seed Junky Genetics, and I’m telling you man, SJG has the strains world in a cat’s cradle. It’s a cross of Kush Mints and Wedding Cake that smells like an earthy mix of herbs and vanilla, and tastes pretty much the same with some added sweet notes.

Though not considered specifically sedative, the indica-dominant hybrid effects come on strong with a heavy, stoney experience that will have you in chill mode for several hours. LA Kush Cake’s terpene profile is dominant in caryophyllene and myrcene. If you’re out in Washington, definitely get your hands on this absolute steal.

76ers legend Allen Iverson will get his own strain of cannabis, but there’s a devastating catch

A source close to The Liberty Line has confirmed Sixers legend Allen Iverson’s partnership with cannabis company Viola Brands. (Sure, that source is a Philly Voice article, but if other guys in this town use ESPN reports as a “source” and get rewarded, why can’t I?) My distaste for fraudulent blue checkmarks aside, this multi-year deal is pretty exciting stuff for our guy AI.

Happy to be joining my brother @cheddahcheese7 & the whole @Violabrands family. Ready to change the game.

— Allen Iverson (@alleniverson) July 29, 2021

I love to see AI go out and secure the bag. With a whopping nine years left until he has access to his famous Reebok-provided retirement fund, AI has been racking up the endorsements. My man is out here doing what he can to line his pockets until the ultimate direct deposit hits. Talk about a high business IQ.

He’s not the first athlete or celebrity with a signature strain of the jazz cabbage. However, when it comes to the cannabis industry, it’s better late than never. He’s joining guys like Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Princess Diana (weird but true), and Family Matters star Jaleel White in the noble pursuit of selling green to get green.

And, honestly, this is huge for Viola Brands too. Allen Iverson is one of the most recognizable names for those of age to use cannabis products and will have a massive impact on the brand’s ability to market to the consumer.

If you see a bag of dank with AI’s name and face on it right next to a bag with no branding, and the THC percentage, nug size, smell, and other measurables are the same, you’re smoking the first jawn 420 times out of 420, no questions asked. It’d be a no-brainer for any Sixers fan for sure, or so you’d think.

Unfortunately, while much of Allen Iverson’s professional basketball career took place in Philadelphia, fans in the fine Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – and neighboring Dirty Jerz – won’t be able to enjoy his signature strain. If a Sixers fan wants to tango with this particular Green Lady, they’ll most likely have to travel to California, Colorado, Michigan, Oregon, or Washington. At this time, these are the only states where the brand produces its sticky icky.

Is it kind of bogus Philly-area folks with the proper medical documentation can’t toke on AI’s electric lettuce? Absolutely. First, the cringe-worthy PointsBet ads for a service not available in PA, now this? It really is upsetting. Obviously, this isn’t nearly as bad, it’s actually absurdly cool, but it’s disappointing we can’t support our guy in his illicit but legal branding endeavors.

However, you really can’t blame AI for this one. This one is on Ronald Reagan and his “war” on drugs. Well, if by war you mean losing more and more ground despite spending billions, all while the cartel reaps the profits instead of the American people, then sure. But I digress.

Thanks to creepy Uncle Ron and the people that made Reefer Madness, no marijuana – recreational or medicinal – can be legally shipped across state lines. So either Sixers fans will have to make a pilgrimage, OR Allen Iverson will need to convince the company to start a grow-op in PA. I can think of a few basements in Philadelphia that would be the perfect starting point.

Thanks to the Federales, the strain will debut in California, as I assume that’s where the first batch of plants is being grown. I have little doubt it will be a massive success. Even in Los Angeles, where AI hit them with “The Stepover,” I guarantee there will be a line of good-hearted but delusional Laker fans wearing weird half-and-half AI x Kobe jerseys looking to smoke on that sweet, sweet Mary Jane.

Hopefully, this archaic legislation changes, and those in Philly can toke on Allen Iverson’s signature reefer. Until then, we’ll be looking for The Answer to: