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jamaican seeds

Jamaican Gold Seeds

Jamaican Gold Seeds are a smooth blend of all legal bud. Called the ‘smoke of the Gods’, it’s considered the premiere blend for those looking for a legal high. If you’re looking for an all round good smoke that will get you feeling relaxed, Jamaican Gold is a great choice of legal weed. Check and buy candy kush seeds,


Strain Name: Golden Jamaican Kush
Type: A mix of Jamaican Gold & Blueberry Kush.
Delivery Time: 10-12 days

Jamaican Sativa

Jamaican Sativa has a longstanding reputation for its ganja (marijuana). It’s native Sativa has achieved world-wide recognition. For some reason she’s not so popular at the moment, everyone is caught up in a crazy for mind smashing high’s that are harsh and not clean. It’s funny because from the smaller pool of customers that buy this strain, it has the best product feedback, more than any other strain. Maybe its just because the types of people that purchase this strain are conniseurs and they are after a buzz and clean high others are not even aware about.

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Jamaican Sativa was at one point in history, the most widely smoked cannabis in the world. Most of North America and half of Europe was smoking ganja from Jamaica.

The hippie movement was based on this strain. It was what you smoked when all the marijuana was imported. Not too strong, but pleasant happy high where you could still have a conversation and not get lost in time and have a wonderful and be functional.

She’s only got a low THC and average yields indoors, but her medium levels of CBD and other cannabinoids will give you the happiest clearest high, don’t let the number fool you. She’s best grown outdoors in Sunny and warm/Tropical climates. She has high yields outdoors, but only average indoors.

She’ll finish late November outdoors. Indoors she’ll finish in 10 weeks.