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joey weed c99 seeds

Northern Lights x C99 Seeds from Joey Weed

vegged 21 days in 6″ RW cubes with top feed – then after 2 weeks of 12/12 sex was determined two girls were left one was a week behind – the seedling and she got tossed – so one female left was fitted with DWC bucket and super simple scrog.

Clones were taken with just tap water at week 2 of flower with 100% rooting after 14 days.. so I�d say she clones easily.

she grew kind of branchy and in flower definitely had a sativa dominant appearance – the c99 really shines through on this pheno.

she was not a heavy feeder – I tried 1050 ppm in flower and she didn’t do well – 700-800ppm seemed to produce optimal growth.

On the advice of Joey Weed and some other helpful folks I waited until 80% of the hairs were red and the crystals had started to show amber, and flowering lasted for 63 days total 12/12

From what I’ve heard this strain should finish quicker but I think my lack of veg time extended flower time a little – I plan on growing out a clone of the same strain to see if she finishes earlier.

But I was glad I let her go the extra time as she really packed on the weight in the last two weeks – it was like she stretched just a little more between the bud leaves and then just filled in. In late flower she produced little bud spikes off of the colas that are really sweet.

This is very good stealth strain as it doesn’t really smell at all even in the late weeks of flower.

Since she had lots of little bud leaves there was quite a bit of trimming to be done.

Final yield was around 44 grams + some excellent kief/hash

I grew 2 plants under a 150 HPS and they both yielded around the same for a total of 3 oz.

The buds after one week of drying and one week of cure don’t have a very strong taste – light and kind of peppery some tropical fruit flavors (pineapple) on the exhale – Hopefully she’ll be more flavorful after a good cure.

After 4 weeks of curing the citrus aromas are stronger and the flavor is getting better. I just got a vaporizer and this weed is really tasty when vaporized – lemon and lime with a hashy herbal undertone.

Appearance wise she’s a beauty with glistening glittering crystals just like c99 – Lots of red hairs and small bud leaves give a fluffy sativa like appearance but the buds are still very dense inside. It’s these inner bracts and bud spikes that are just completely glistening and silver/white with crystals.

Unfortunately she appears to have hermied a little and produced a very few tiny immature seeds in the lower older buds

The high is very strong, but kind of creeper – you really don’t realize how high you are for the first ten minutes and then it’s like “damn I’m high” and it keeps building – it will be a half hour after you smoke and you still feel like your getting high – easy to overdo it – after the first 1/2 hour it’s pretty stable and long lasting. very visual – in a clear way – juxtapositions of things at different depths in the long light of late afternoon produce strange effects. trippy, for weed – very speedy too – hard to stay seated – definitely not a couch lock strain

The keif got pressed into a nice tan hash – it has a devastating buzz, not a day ender but a day bender.

Bloom Wattage Used: 20w to 250w
Average Plant Height: 29
Plants per Sq. Foot: 1.00
Average Yield per Plant: 1.50
Pruning or Plant Style: Screen of Green SCROG
Fertilization Method: Mix of chemical and organic

U2 cab from millspride (home depot) interior dimensions 29″highx29″widex15″deep – remote ballasted 150watt HPS (regent security light retro fit) – hydro – 6″rockwool cubes over 5 quart DWC buckets – super simple scrog

used daylight CFL’s for seedling stage

veg: grotech grow, thrive alive
flower: floranova flower, hygrozyme, diamond nectar fulvic acid, thrive alive, bionova pk 13-14

Joey Weed c99

I had some issues early on with light bleaching and N def.

All plants had pineapple or pineapple/grapefruit smells just reeking to high heaven. Yeild was very good and buds were solid top to bottom.

Top shelf bag appeal with excellent trich feilds.

Buzz is very much in the head and hits fast, gives way to a Gotta-Do-Something stoned feeling here.

Tastes like it smells only more of a fermenting fruit .

I dusted some lowers with a male from same batch, he finnished in 45 days and kicked out some nice frost.

I made about 300 seeds and was wondering if The Farm would like me to send them in for freebie’s?