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lambs breath weed seeds

Lambsbread Seeds

An uplifting cerebral treat wrapped in an Earthy sweet herbal bouquet best describes this Old School Connoisseur’s delight. Legend has it the original In-Bred Line (IBL) goes all the way back to King Solomon, having made it’s way to Jamaica via seeds by non other than H.I.M. Haile Selassie

This strain represents the relationship Reeferman Genetics™ has been cultivating with Accompong, a recognized self-governing nation located on the Island of Jamaica. RMG™ has developed fruitful inroads, in taking an active role in working with the village community where Ganja has long played a part of the local culture.

This Lambsbread strain grows strong and upright limbs that develop into long spear like bright green buds that glisten with a matting of fine resins at maturity. The experience is very happy and motivational, making it of considerable value for potential therapeutic applications; as well as for anyone looking for an uplifting and comfortable long lasting buzz. A great day time choice that lends itself well to creativity.

Ideal for indoor growing, and may be a good candidate for greenhouse cultivation. Does not require long amounts of vegetative growth in order to reach a respectable size after around 12 weeks of flowering in a 12/12 lighting cycle. Indoor growers can finish plants at around two and a half to three feet at maturity by starting seed under 24 hours of light for just two to three weeks before inducing the budding phase.

With strong light levels good bud density can be achieved with fairly high yields in an overall manageable length of cropping time.

Great vigor, good yields and truly spectacular smoke are just a few of the many great reasons to give this unique and important heritage strain a try.

Lamb’s Bread Seeds – Feminized

The association of this marijuana strain with Bob Marley made researchers pay massive attention to it. First things first, Lamb’s Bread marijuana seeds were developed by crossing landrace Jamaican Sativa. The resultant: hybrid strain was made up of 95% sativa and 5% indica.

The Phenotype of Lamb’s Bread Seeds

When the genotypes in Lamb’s Bread marijuana seeds are exposed to the environment, they activate the strain’s phenotypes, the unique physical properties. Three remarkable features make Lamb’s Bread stand out.

Green buds – Lamb’s Bread cannabis has established itself as the go-to choice due to its pure and vibrant green color. Besides the distinct green color, the buds are also large.

Trichome’ covered sugar leaves – The green sugar leaves in Lamb’s Bread weed are covered in a heavy coating of trichomes, giving them an irresistible appearance. Besides the heavy coating of trichomes, the sugar leaves also contain brassy orange pistils to enhance their appearance further.

High stature – Lamb’s Bread cannabis is predominantly high, like other sativa-dominant strains.

Flowering Time

One thing that makes Lamb’s Bread feminized seeds sell more is their versatility in flowering. Once Lamb’s Bread germinates and goes through vegetation, it completes flowering in 63 to 70 days when grown indoors. On the other hand, when the weed is grown outdoors, it completes the flowering period between October and mid-November.

If you are a novice weed grower, you should keep off Lamb’s Bread at all costs, given its high potency. The Lamb’s Bread cannabis seeds harbor between 16 and 21% of THC, which is enough to swing you like a wrecking ball.

The average CBD in Lamb’s Bread seeds is 0%, which explains the overwhelming head-high effect from cannabis.

Effects of Lamb’s Bread

Lamb’s Bread weed seeds harbor sativa properties, and the cannabis effects are not any different from other sativa strains. The moment you finish a session of this strain, you get an uplifting high. The euphoric high is so strong that it might give you a head rush, especially if you have low to medium THC tolerance.

The sativa properties in this cannabis also induce feel-good effects, which might leave you giggling. Besides the happy feeling that Lamb’s Bread weed seeds harbor, smoking this weed also gives you unique creativity.

One unique thing with this strain is that the onset of the indica properties leaves you in an extraordinarily calm situation. However, this type of calmness is denoted by more energy and creativity to keep you highly productive, explaining the reason behind the high demand for Lamb’s Bread feminized seeds.

The final common effect in Lamb’s Bread is cottonmouth. Cottonmouth effects are characterized by dry lips, itchy eyes, and the throat. The most exciting thing with cottonmouth effects from Lamb’s Bread is that an intake of enough fluids can suppress it before or during the session.

Recreational Effects

If you are a recreational weed user, you should try out Lamb’s Bread to get the whole awesomeness in the strain. The sativa dominance harbored in Lamb’s Bread seeds for sale makes the strain ideal for unlocking your “feel-happy” nerves.

Instead of envying the boldness that some people possess, you can take a few puffs of this magical strain to unlock your extrovert side. The confidence and creativity that you would exude after a few puffs would be unmatched.

Lamb’s Bread seeds for sale should be on your bucket list if you enjoy engaging in strenuous exercises. The uplifting energy makes the strain ideal for keeping you strong and energetic throughout the session.

Medical Effects

Lamb’s Bread seeds are becoming popular among weed patients, thanks to their medical potential. The high THC potential in this weed strain makes it ideal for suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. People recovering from injuries can take this strain to suppress pain. People with conditions such as menstrual cramps, arthritis can take it to suppress chronic pain and inflammation.

The sativa properties also play a huge role in suppressing mental and mood disorders, increasing exponentially. The mood-boosting effects from Lamb’s Bread weed make it ideal for managing PTSD and depression. It is advisable to take this cannabis medication in a small dosage to avoid getting overwhelmed by the THC.

Taste and Aroma of Lamb’s Bread

Getting weed with distinct aroma and flavor is one thing that determines the demand for the same, which is not different from Lamb’s Bread seeds for sale.

First, Lamb’s Bread cannabis has a rich aroma which novice cannabis enthusiasts might find too strong to handle. The aroma is composed of a cheesy and skunky smell, which is predominant in fresh buds. When you combust these buds, a pungent smell of fresh tobacco hits your olfactory nerves, making you want to take a puff immediately.

Unlike the harsh aroma from the smoke, the taste is composed of sweet and creamy components. After puffing the cannabis, a strong herbal taste with piney notes fills your taste buds. As the smooth smoke goes down to the lungs, a spicy taste starts manifesting. Upon exhalation, your taste buds remain with a sweet taste and woody notes.

The Yield of Lamb’s Bread Seeds

Lamb’s Bread strain seeds are highly versatile and can give a high yield when cultivated indoors and outdoors. Under optimal conditions, indoor-cultivated Lamb’s Bread marijuana seeds should yield 1.3 oz/ft 2 (400 g/m 2 ) on average. On the other hand, when the Lamb’s Bread cannabis seeds are cultivated outdoors, this weed yields about 14 oz (400 gr) per plant.

Final Thoughts on Lamb’s Bread Seeds

As more people turn to Lamb’s Bread seeds for recreational and medical purposes, it is becoming almost impossible to get high-grade quality. However, this should not be the case anymore, thanks to our entry into the market. We pride ourselves in the ability to provide unmatched quality of Lamb’s Bread strain seeds affordably. Hit us up, and let’s get started.