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Legal CBD seeds: the list of seeds allowed in Europe.

Unfortunately, the subject of CBD cannabis in our country is still a bit taboo. Misinformation and alarmism have only masked the benefits of products high in CBD (cannabidiol), which have no psychotropic effect; but act to relieve some physical pain and treat certain psychological illnesses. At Sensory Seeds, we want to present the list of varieties grown legally in Europe. Besides, our shop offers a wide range of high-quality marijuana seeds, carefully selected for excellent harvests.




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What does the hemp act say in Europe?

To get a complete understanding of the situation, it is essential to know how European laws and especially the Italian through their changes. Hemp and the possibility of cultivation is a topic much debated.

At the root of Italy’s regulations is Law 242/2016, which establishes the methods to be used to grow specific varieties of cannabis legally.

It is essential to know that only certified cannabis seeds can be grown, and whose documentation must be kept for one year, or at least as long as you are dedicated to this harvest. Besides, the regulations impose a THC level of less than 0.2%, so that the product does not release psychotropic effects.

After several debates and much confusion, the July 2019 cassation declared that many cannabis products are illegal, except for those intended for cosmetics, food, green construction or clothing.

Legal CBD seeds in Italy

Finally, concerning products such as inflorescences or oils, the judges recalled that in order not to run into legal problems, it is necessary to respect the maximum THC content they contain.

However, the issue of the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes is different: it can be used if it is useful in the fight against specific pathologies.

It is a small step forward achieved, but essential not only for those who have found the beneficial properties that can be obtained from products high in CBD but also for producers and industrialists, who can manage their activities in an undoubtedly more peaceful manner.

Which varieties are legal in Europe?

The European register has 68 varieties that can be legally grown also in our country. Of course, each type is controlled and certified to respect the CBD and THC content to be contained. If a few exceed the permitted levels, the authorities will be able to seize the crop.

It should be noted that among the permitted varieties, monoic and dioic types are distinguished. The former carry male and female flowers, useful for increasing hemp seed production. Dioecary hemp varieties, on the other hand, generate male and female plants, but the second is ripening the seeds.

In Italy, both types are widely chosen, as each producer has preferences. Those who also want to harvest the marijuana seeds will have to use purely monoic varieties.

Dioic varieties: which are the most used?

Among the species most chosen by producers is Carmagnola. It is a dioic variety selected for both industrial and CBD cannabis markets. It contains proper levels of cannabidiol.

Besides, it has been used as a mother plant to obtain hybrids, also useful in the sector. Carmagnola plants grow very high and require a long enough period to flower.

Another variety needed to consider is Eletta Campana: obtained from the cross between Carmagnola and other species of German origin. Eletta is perfect for producing cannabis seeds and inflorescences, as it yields significant amounts of resin. Besides, Eletta Campana grows very high and can be grown throughout Europe, although typical climates in the southern regions are preferable.

Many Italian producers also opt for a Finnish variety, Finola. This choice is dictated by the short time the plant needs to flower. Also, it is easily cultivatable even at home, as it grows low in height. Finola’s best performance is recorded at medium-low temperatures.

Most common monoic varieties

As for monocas, useful for the production of hemp oils, it is the Futura 75. It is a French variety that manages to adapt well to the Italian territory.

It offers medium-rise plants and is used in the field of biomass, although it is mainly useful for hemp seed production.

Felina 34 is also very common among Italian farmers. This one, even of French origin, contained very high CBD levels. Currently, however, they are limited, and the plant requires very short flowering times. Besides, high-quality marijuana fibre and seeds are obtained.

In conclusion

In order not to run into legal problems, it is always a good thing to comply with the regulations imposed by the law. Indeed, there are many varieties to choose from.

In the Sensory Seeds store, our customers can view a rich catalogue of the highest quality marijuana seeds. For everyone, there is a product sheet that highlights the characteristics and benefits of each type of hemp seed. Visit it and find the seeds that are right for you.


We are a federally-legal cannabis research and development company, operating in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. This allows our company to permanently work with unlimited plant numbers and fully explore the diversity and malleability contained in the cannabis genus. Our primary product is scientific knowledge, but we strive to put our best findings into farmers’ hands in the form of world class, award winning, non-GMO, and organic certified hemp seeds for production purposes. From all of us here at Oregon CBD, thank you for your interest in our work. We’re excited to share our newest creations with you and your farm as we collectively work to make the 21st century cannabis revolution a reality.

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