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The most convenient Organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil—Pet Releaf's Liposome Hemp oils. Our CBD pet oil is administered directly on your pet’s food! Liposomal CBD supplements manufactured by LIPOSOMA contain specific additives based on Vitamin E in the bilayer that further increase liposome stability.

Pet Releaf Liposome Hemp Oils are the most convenient way for your pet to receive the maximum benefits of Pet Releaf’s Organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil.

At Pet Releaf, it’s our goal to innovate products that meet the needs of every single pet. Liposomes offer pet parents a more convenient & flexible method to give their companions Pet Releaf’s Organic full spectrum CBD hemp oil because it is administered during or after mealtime. In fact, our Liposome Hemp Oils absorb into the bloodstream 3x faster than our traditional CBD hemp oils when administered on food, allowing pet parents to give less oil daily and in turn get 3x more use out of a single bottle of Liposome Hemp Oil. Beyond the convenience of administration, we also wanted to give our customers another mixing agent to select from when picking an oil product for their pet. Our Liposome Hemp Oils are mixed with a sustainably-sourced Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil making it extremely palatable for more finicky dogs and cats!

What are Liposomes?

Liposomes are a technology used as a delivery system for supplements and certain medications that traditionally lose effectiveness when hit by the gastric acids in the stomach during the digestion process. Cannabinoids, like CBD, when consumed in its raw form, are greatly impacted by these gastric acids. This is why with our current line of organic full spectrum CBD hemp oils we recommend administering them directly in your pet’s mouth for max absorption, to avoid the digestive process. Liposome oil technology allows pet parents to administer our CBD hemp oil during mealtime without the product losing any effectiveness!

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What is a Liposome?

A Liposome is a fancy word for a lipid (fat) layer that surrounds a particular molecule to protect it from the gastric acids in the stomach. Our Liposomes are made primarily from a highly beneficial Sunflower Lecithin sourced from Spain. The easiest way to think of this is like a Peanut M&M. Our full spectrum cannabinoids found in our raw CBD hemp oil are the peanut and the chocolate layer is the Sunflower Lecithin. The lipid layer is sacrificial, meaning when the product is consumed, that layer protects the CBD through the digestive process and is then destroyed so that the CBD can be absorbed directly into the intestines.

How are Pet Releaf Liposomes made?

Pet Releaf Liposomes contain the exact same organic full spectrum hemp extract found in all other Pet Releaf products. However, the Liposomes have gone through a process of microencapsulation (the process of surrounding our full spectrum hemp extract with that protective Sunflower Lecithin layer). Once microencapsulated, the Liposomes are mixed with a Wild Alaskan Red Pollock Oil.

Are Pet Releaf Liposomes water soluble?

Yes! Our Liposomes are water-soluble. However, we do not recommend placing the oil and leaving it your pet’s open water bowl. The water solubility allows the product to effectively be administered during your pet’s mealtime.

Liposomal CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the several natural active ingredients of the Cannabis plant. It differs from tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in that it lacks the well-known psychoactive effects [1].

Highly effective

Our liposomal supplements are superior in terms of effectiveness due to our proprietary formulation process and liposomal technology.

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Science Based

Our liposome experts have worked in clinical development of liposomal products, which require the highest quality standards.

Better efficacy

Our liposomes are essentially non-toxic and biologically degradable.

Why Liposoma’s Liposomal CBD?

CBD is completely insoluble in water, poorly dissolves in alcohol and only dissolves well in oil. To be optimally absorbed in the intestines, CBD must be presented as individual molecules to the intestinal epithelial cells responsible for uptake of nutrients. In theory products with oily solutions could achieve this, but in practice the break up of an oil by the intestinal fluid and the process of dispersing it into tiny droplets ready for absorption is not straightforward and there are reports of poor bioavailability and high variability in uptake of CBD from oil products [2].

Liposomal CBD

To make sure that CBD arrives in the gut in its active form, a solution is to incorporate it in liposomes, which are small, carefully designed phospholipid vesicles that form very stable dispersions in water [3]. The phospholipids constitute a bilayer structure in which the CBD molecules can be safely kept dissolved, while at the same time they act as surfactants that help present them to the intestinal epithelial cells in the most optimal manner.

What is more, the liposomal supplements that are engineered by LIPOSOMA contain specific additives based on Vitamin E in the bilayer that further increase liposome stability and help protect its vulnerable contents against oxidation as well as attack of gastric fluids and enzymes.