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Boston is an amazing and diverse city with wonderful attractions for everyone to enjoy. Spend some time here and you’ll see that Boston is a welcoming place that delivers great energy and fun for locals and visitors alike.

Normally without Covid-19, fans pack sports stadiums every week with Boston energy that will make any sporting event an unforgettable one. Whether you’re a Red Sox fan, enjoy a football game with the Patriots , like basketball watching the Celtics or are a Bruins hockey fan, there is a sport for every season! Plus we have a great downtown and nightlife packed with many award-winning restaurants. Boston is your one size fits all for all things entertainment and enjoyment!

However, now Mosca Seeds is excited to add top-quality cannabis seeds in Boston to that list of great features that Boston has to offer. We have proudly provided our customers with the best cannabis seeds on the market for 13 years.

Like a delicious meal or a fine wine, quality is important!

We believe the same rule applies to cannabis seeds and marijuana. Our seeds are developed with the highest level of quality genetics and can suit any need you may have. If you’re trying to relax after a long day or having to deal with the burden of chronic pain, we have a wide variety of feminized and regular cannabis seeds that can help you grow the plants best suited for your needs.

Check out our Top Sellers! As with all of our cannabis seeds featured, we provide you with as much information about them as possible so you know exactly what to expect after your harvest is complete. This ranges from the amount of time it takes for the plants to grow, to their designed purposes, and even physical properties like plant height and yield amount. Our goal is to make the process of growing our top quality cannabis seeds as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Mosca Seeds is recognized internationally with multiple Cannabis Cup awards, earning the respect of entrepreneurs and cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. We offer a wide selection of quality seeds originating from high quality seed strain genetics. Contact us with any questions and check out our authorized seed banks to find the best marijuana seeds in Illinois.

Large crowd at marijuana seed share event in Henrico shifts to text-to-pickup because of demand

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – A CBD story in Henrico County planned to give away marijuana seeds today as a new Virginia law went into effect legalizing growing the plants at home. But after a large turnout this morning hours before the event was slated to begin, the store’s owner had to make changes to prevent the event from shutting down.

Jennifer Elliot, the owner of Your CBD Store in The Shops at Wellesley, said confusion about the event’s start time led to a line wrapping around the building at 10 a.m. After trying to re-route the line in another direction, she said that they decided to send people to their cars and text them when it was time to pick up their seeds.

According to Virginia Marijuana Justice, the group that organized and promoted the Great Commonwealth Cannabis Seed Share that included Your CBD Store, other businesses in the shopping center called Henrico Police because the line was preventing access to their businesses.

Marijuana seed share event in Henrico County (Photo: Alex Thorson)

Elliot said that it was important to her to keep the event alive instead of shutting down, so she converted to using text messages for pickup. People waited in their cars and received a text message when it was their turn to pick up marijuana seeds.

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“Some of the businesses here were being blocked, I think the line was blocking the doorway,” Elliot said. “The parking lot was crazy so I think their customers weren’t able to park.”

Nearby business owners called Henrico Police about the event and officers did arrive. Elliot says she doesn’t think they were trying to shut it down but wanted to keep things controlled.

At 2 p.m. there were about 75 people visible in the area and other people waiting in their cars. The estimated time to pick up seeds was two hours. The event was planned to last until 6 p.m., but they ran out of seeds at 2:45 p.m.

Dozens of people hoping for seeds left empty handed.

Alyssa Coleman drove to the event from Powhatan and was texted around 3 p.m. that it was her turn but when she got to the door the seeds had run out. She says she wants to grow it herself in order to follow the law and use marijuana legally.

“We’re just trying to follow the rules, we’ve been sitting in our car doing everything they told us to do,” Coleman said. “We just want to smoke our marijuana.”

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Cover Crops And Weed Seeds – A Study Of Lab Results Over Three Years

Cover crops have increased in interest and acres planted substantially in the past decade. Indiana has now had three consecutive years of over one million acres of cover crops planted. While cover crops are beneficial, there is an underlying issue among some of the species being utilized by Indiana farmers. Weed seeds in the cover crop seed! The Indiana State Seed Lab, which is housed in the Office of Indiana State Chemist, conducts hundreds of seed tests on cover crop seed each year. These tests include investigations for the presence of noxious weed seed, seed purity, germination, seed count and other quality measures. The vast majority of cover crop seed sources are passing these tests at a high rate. There is one glaring exception – cereal rye. Starting with 2016 and continuing through ’17 and ’18 our lab has had higher failure rates on both regulatory and service samples of rye. These results are from over 400 samples tested. Much of the failure comes from locally grown cereal rye seed.

One particular sample of organic rye in 2016 had 23 species of weed seeds and had been “cleaned” prior to the tests. While that is not the norm, it isn’t an outlier. In 2018, several samples were found with more than 10 species of weed seeds. Noxious weed seeds, along with amaranth (many different species including pigweed and waterhemp) and poison hemlock show up in these tests as well (see table below).

Weeds Most Often Found 2016 2017 2018
Corncockle Amaranth (pigweed, waterhemp, others) Amaranth (pigweed, waterhemp, others)
Curly Dock Quackgrass Poison Hemlock
Wild Garlic Quackgrass
Wild Garlic
Curly Dock

In 2018 the average germination rate on cereal rye was just 74.28%, down from 85.04 percent in 2016 (figure 1). The average number of weed species found this year is just over three weed species per sample. When applying a 2 stage filter of seed samples that had germination rates of over 85% and contained no weed seeds, locally grown samples hit that high quality mark in just 11% of the samples, compared to nearly 60% of the professionally grown seed samples. A 2017 study of 112 samples shows that where the rye is grown influences the quality indicators measured in our lab. Southern Indiana rye had a 75% germination rate, Northern Indiana rye averaged 82% and rye from traditional growing regions such as North Dakota or Canada averaged 90% germination. There are some very good locally grown samples. But over 23% of all locally grown rye samples had a germination rate below 50%.

Figure 1. Cereal rye seed quality parameters from seed submitted to the Indiana State Seed Lab in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Figure 2. Average germination percentage of cereal rye seed samples that did not contain weed seed samples. Data were pooled over 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Bottom line? It is important to know your seed source and have a copy of the seed lab report in hand before planting rye to avoid unintended consequences of planting additional weeds in your field.