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mad scientist seeds

Madscientist F2

Benefits of Madscientist regular

Both parents are well-known and established top-notch Indica strains and through the right selection we have managed to capture the best of both worlds in this F2 version. Herijuana provides very compact buds while the White Widow ensures slightly more length in the buds and therefore the final weight will be higher than Herijuana on itself. Strong coffee and citrus aromas combined with a very strong “stoned to the bone” effect make these Madscientist seeds a classic.

Why choose Madscientist seeds

The strong genetic background provides insight into how the old timers preferred their Indica’s, strong and without too much fuss. Madscientist is a strain that allows you to enjoy an exceptional stoned with a hint of high to strengthen the stone. A wonderful strain to smoke during a cup of coffee and enjoy some downtime on an uneventful day

How did the Madscientist arise?

In 2007 we sold Madscientist regular seeds for a short period in our breeders choice section, which was welcomed with open arms. After that, we have sold Madscientist in feminized version from 2009 to 2018 and saw great results being achieved with this. In 2018 I managed to select 4 amazing plants from the Madscientist F1 version and decided to make new seeds with the most beautiful female and male plants in a regular version to meet the demand for regular old school genetics.

Seeds are made by Knutsel and Sannie

Flowering and growth Madscientist

Although the vast majority is Indica dominant, this Madscientist grows fast and wide, with fairly solid side internodes that prefer to be supported once the buds start to swell and gain weight. By supporting them the bud development will also be optimal and yield more weight. Averagely a set-up with 9 X 10 liter pots and 2-3 weeks of growth is a well-targeted aim

Flowering sets in fairly quickly and will start producing flowers rapidly. After flowering for 8-9 weeks, the buds will be ready to harvest

Harvest Madscientist

The average harvest will be higher than the Herijuana, but will be just as easy to cut. We recommend hanging the entire plants in order to realise a drying period of at least 2 weeks but preferably a bit longer, which will benefit the taste and throat feeling.

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Medicinal properties of Madscientist

Due to the very powerful effect, this strain is suitable for battling pain and muscle spasms and other physical complaints

Medicinal applications

  • Pain
  • muscle spasms
  • ADD / ADHD

Smell and taste of Madscientist

Hints of dark coffee with fresh citrus scents tingle the nose and throat, Indica dominant with a distinctive taste

  • Coffee
  • Lemon
  • Earthy undertones

Seed Features

Here you can find the CBD percentage from the strain your viewing divided in low, medium and high % cbd

Overview of medical property’s of each cannabis strain

  • ADD / ADHD
  • Arthritis
  • Epilepsy
  • Glaucoma
  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Muscle spasmes

Plant height will give you a idea how the height will be from your cannabis plants

  • Medium

What kind of taste and smell can you expect when buying cannabis seeds in sanniesshop, a overview of different taste and smell property’s from each strain, Beware every seed is a individual and can vary in taste and smell

  • Coffee
  • Earthy
  • Lemon / Citrus
  • Spicy

How is the THC content from the strain you are viewing decided in low, medium and high percentage THC

  • High

Flowering time means the time the plant/buds need to get fully ripe (harvesting time) and we measure this time from the clock is turned on 12/12 cicle.

Plants from different country’s and area’s can have different flowering time’s. These are putted in groups like : Indica / Sativa / Hybride / ruduralis. Al these type of plants have different flowering periods and are mentioned in the seeds feature.

A indica type of plant has a shorter flowering period from around the 7-9 weeks while sativa’s can have flowering periods from 10-13 weeks or more. The hybride is a combination from those plants with flowering times that will be in between so around the 10 weeks.

The grow period of seedlings is always at least 3-4 weeks, this grow period they will take and it doesnt matter if tthe clock is on 18/6 or 12/12. The 12/12 from start method is a good method but sanni shop advice’s to use hybride’s or sativa’s to be sure you get the space nicely filled. With indica type of plants we advice to put in more plants on a m2 like example 16-24 plants on a m2

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The grow period is also depending on the type of plants even as the amount of plants on a m2. A sativa dominant plant need a shorter grow period as a indica type of plant.For example a grow room from 1m2 filled with 9 sativa’s would need almost no grow period to fill the space while a indica type of plant needs 3-4 weeks to fill up the same space before you can switch the colock to 12/12. This is why its better to use more indica type of plants on a m2. In this way the sativa’s dont have to take so much longer in total as a indica plant.

Sativa type plants grow for another 3-5 weeks after putting the clock on 12/12 while indica’s grow for 2-3 weeks after the clock is on 12/12. This is usable info to prodict youre own veg and flo period with a filled up grow room

  • 8 weeks
  • 9 weeks

The harvest is as big as the weakest link !

Sannie shop counts the harvest in m2 (600 watt) and flowering period. It should not sound weird that sativa plants have longer flowering periods but also the plants with the highest harvest in grams. Indica’s will have shorter flowering time as that a sativa has, the length of the flo time and amount off harvest should be counted beside each other. Hybrid plants have the best of both worlds and can give good harvest in a average flo period of around the 10 weeks

Methodes to enhance your results are :

SOG (sea of green) which means that the plants are growed in full force without topping or fimming

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Scrog (screen of green) which means the plants are tied down on a scrog net and all the shoots will be on the same height

Climate is the most important link in you re grow room and is for 60-70 % responsible for the weight of you re harvest.

Sannie´s shop advice all our customers to grow on soil with organic nutrients to be sure you get the most natural taste and best harvest.The genetics can be choosed for taste-harvest and experience and last but not least preference. Knowing the strain you are growing will make sure you get the best harvest.

  • up to 500 grams

Type of plant means like : indica / sativa / hybride – auto flower

Indica type of plant are short and busy which tend to grow wide instead of tall, indica is shorter in flowering time but needs more veg time to fill up the space.

Indica type of plants gives a more stoned feeling which are preferred by medical users, stoned feeling is more in the body.

Hybrid type of plants are hanging between the indica and the sativa type of plants which give them also the properties form both, they grow to medium heights and need more space as there indica sisters, 5-9 plants on 1m2 will be filling up the space nicely.

Because they are crosses between indica and sativa type of plant we as breeder try to collect the best of both worlds in one seeds,

The hybrid’s can give a stoned/high or a combination feeling, it depends which type of hybrid you will get, for commercial growing the hybrids are favorite

Sativa type of plants need space and height and you need less plants on a m2 to fill up the space, she can grow to big heights, the last years there is a hype of growing sativa’s in a scrog method.

Sativa’s give a good and balanced high and will take you re brain to another dimension instead of locking you into you re bank.