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mango haze seeds

Mango Haze Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The effects of Mango Haze begin with pressure around the eyeballs and wear off to a hyper-aware, creative head buzz. This hybrid is great for artistic projects and brainstorming.

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Give Mango Haze marijuana seeds a few minutes to work their magic. Be patient with this 50/50 hybrid as over-smoking may result in overstimulation of the senses. The effects of Mango Haze are psychedelic and known to alter consumers’ sensory perceptions. First, you’ll start to notice a tingle and slight pressure around the eyes and temples. That’s how you know it’s working. Once the pressure wears off, smokers are left with trippy visual effects and amplified awareness.

As smokers are more hyper-aware of their surroundings, Mango Haze may not be the ideal strain for those with paranoia and anxiety. Consumers are suddenly aware of how fast they’re breathing, how loud they’re talking, or how many people are looking their way out in public. The effects may be overwhelming to novice smokers. For those with a higher tolerance, the head high of Mango Haze is described as dreamy and somewhat foggy.

As a 50/50 hybrid, there’s an equal chance of Mango Haze marijuana seeds leaving you either relaxed or energized. It’s a toss-up. What we can almost guarantee is a boost in creativity and rapid, intrusive thinking. Mango Haze may not be the best choice for analytical work, but it’s great for artistic projects.

Southseeds – Mango Haze

Mango Haze immediately impresses with its big, elongated buds. These flowers resemble gigantic pine cones due to their extended spade-like shape. The leaves resemble a typical sativa bud structure in that they are loose and fragmented and easily ripped away from their central stems.

These smooth, fluffy leaves are a vibrant shade of spring green, with hairy yellow and orange pistils running through them.
Translucent amber trichomes cover the entire surface of these leaves, imparting a faint golden sheen to the flowers. The complex genetic combination produces a tropical fragrance in addition to a heavy, dreamlike high.

Analytical 360, a cannabis research facility, estimates Mango Haze’s THC concentration to be between 9% and 19%.

Mango Haze produces a sluggish, creeping high that may take several minutes to manifest its psychedelic effects.
Smokers will eventually experience a concerted pressure around their eyes and forehead.
As they adapt to this strange sensation, they can notice improvements in their sensory perception, such as increased knowledge of specific sights and sounds; a strange sensation of time dilation is also often recorded.
Haze, the parent strain, is renowned for its potent, dreamy head high.

This attitude fosters rambling, free-flowing imagination, which is excellent for brainstorming but less effective for task-oriented analytical work.

As the high progresses, some subtle indica effects begin to creep in on the back end, numbing any bodily discomfort and facilitating deep, easy breathing.
Such an attitude will assist smokers in blending into their surroundings as the outside world fades away.
While couch lock is unlikely to fully incapacitate users, Mango Haze will help alleviate any internal mental or physical tension.
Mango Haze is best experienced in the late afternoon or early evening, as it fades into a smooth, downbeat high.

Mango Haze’s even-handed effects can also have a number of medical cannabis uses.
Stress and depression can be temporarily alleviated by the strain’s mood-elevating properties.

Meanwhile, the subtle physical high can provide mild relief from chronic aches and pains, as well as minor annoyances such as headaches and nausea.

Mango Haze is ideal for indoor and outdoor growing, but is not preferred for inexperienced or impatient growers.
Outdoor plants are harvested in late October to November.

Growers can anticipate plants reaching a height of 1.5m and yields of 450–550g/m2 indoors.