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margy mints seeds

Margy Mints by Rythm

Had never seen this on the menu before so I had to grab it. Testing at 31.26 and leaning Indica, I knew it'd be a great high. Half a bowl later and I feel great. Very mellow, and calm, without feeling tired(yet). Smells and tastes amazing too. Definitely grab this if you see it at your local dispo.

Damn I’m gonna have to go grab that after work quick. The dispensary by me just put it on the menu today. Batch they have says 29% so should be comparable

Now hitting the market in GTI 1g carts!

This stuff is remarkable. I have been smoking topshelf for 15 years. This one put me on my ass after only 2 bowls. Mine was about 29.9. I felt that it was more of a balanced hybrid, which was a nice change up for me as a big Indica Dom smoked.

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