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Are there plans for legal vending of cannabis seeds or clones in Mass anytime soon?

As far as I know, the law theoretically allows for it, but last I knew no one has been actually licensed to retail seeds and clones. Is this still the case, and are there any plans in the works to move forward on this?

Why would the dispensaries want to sell you a clone when they could sell you overpriced flower?

Good question though, I'd like to hear the answer.

Just like nurseries don’t sell finished cucumbers but cucumber plants it could be different businesses

It would be especially nice for dispensaries that are getting rid of a cultivar to sell off a bunch of clones.

I believe there was plans written up for this for Theory Wellness but the suit-dummies-in-charge wouldn't know a good idea if it shit on their heads.

Sucessfully growing isnt so easy. Maybe they would expect failure

I doubt we'll see anything anytime soon honestly. Best option is to get involved with the community and make some friends.

Strains for outdoor grow in Mass

I’d like to try my first grow this year and I’ve got a private yard that gets lots of sunlight. I’ve been absorbing information and reading a few sites and getting excited. I’ll be heading to a grow shop soon to get supplies. Since it’s my first time, I want to keep the set up simple and my expectations low.

Can some more experienced outdoor growers recommend a strain or two suited for outdoor growing in MA by someone who is just getting started?

I’ve grown Amnesia Haze outside for two years. Seems to do fine out there. I used cloth pots and watered as needed. Heavy rains never did much damage. A deer might nibble on it. They do tip over in strong winds (if you use pots). Season changes and frost is something to watch out for but didn’t seem to affect them. I started them indoors in April and moved them outdoors in May. They were ready for harvest in mid October.

Piggy backing of the top comment here as it is also the most informative.

Haze and Sativa related strains are your best bet but a double edged sword. They are way more mold resistant but take longer to flower. Try to choose one with early in the name as flowering time is sped up.

Growing Indica plants I have had nearly zero luck with. The more dense structure of the plant/ buds make it more susceptible to mold / rot.

Others have mentioned autos and this is a great suggestion but just abide by what I mentioned above.

Most important thing to remember is we are not in CA and the weather here is basically unpredictable and we get way more rain.

So a big thing you want to look for is a quick finisher (early freezes) and a high tolerance to humidity. With the temperature swings there is a lot of 100% humidity nights.

This year I plan to run a couple full terms, and some autos. The full terms I picked are Pineapple Express #2 (high mold tolerance, etc) by G13, Black DOG by HSO and another I can’t remember right now.

My plan for Autos is to have a bumper crop that finishes up mid-summer so I don’t have to worry about the freeze, etc. I also am shooting to get 2 auto harvests in in the season. Will be growing various strains by Mephisto Genetics. Loaded up on their new Sativa drops so will probably run those.

Thanks for the info! Am I correct in understanding that autos generally are little easier for first timers? I was thinking it would be a good idea to start with them just to see if it's something I like doing and something that would be possible with my location.

Personally, I stick to plants with very short flowering times or autoflowers in the summer. If you're growing autos, just be sure to grow a bunch of them because you can also get unlucky and it'll start flowering while 4" tall.

Thanks for the link DWW! Clicked around and and just ordered some seeds 🙂

Unless you got cash burning a hole in your pocket dont go to a grow shop for things other than advice, soil, and specific instruments. Tons of people in that state dump hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars into grow equipment only to find out they can’t dedicate the time. Go on Craigslist of FB marketplace and I’m sure you’ll find some cheap but reliable equipment in a weeks time.

EDIT: I forgot how to read, this would moreso apply to an indoor grow

Reading is hard 🙂 I'm going for advice, soil, and some pots.

Super skunk from ilgm. I'm in MA and it was great for our climate. Rock hard buds and no bud rot.

Fast finishers that are cold and mold hardy for photo period plants. Look for ruderalis in the gene pool. Also those that have origins or lines to Afghanistan. So basically most indicas but not any of those long finishers. which would be more of a hybrid anyway. Autos are fun set it and forget it plants but each one is like a box of chocolates.

Where are you living in MA? there are huge variations in climate throughout the state that will make different herbs grow in different ways. Something that does well on the cape might not do so well in berkshires. feel me?

Don't grow a pure sativa- the season is short in MA and those babies might take 12 or so weeks. On top of that, they're fickle as fuck. Experienced growers can struggle with them.

Blue Dream and Green Crack are easy, forgiving plants. they are hardy, strong producers. While green crack/green dream can mold, if you're keeping an eye on it, it's a great one. 8 week plants. There's a reason they've been staples in the west coast mountain grows for the past decade.

Mother of Berries is a Maine locals strain, and is a great outdoor producer that has been bred to grow in New England. Hearty indica domme, flowers in 8 weeks.

Really, Purple Punch is another common, easier tasty one too. 8 weeks. great mold resistance.