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molotov cocktail seeds

Molotov Cocktail

Here you can find all info about Molotov Cocktail from Pacific NW Roots. If you are searching for information about Molotov Cocktail from Pacific NW Roots, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Molotov Cocktail is an indica/sativa variety from NW Roots and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±67 days ) and outdoors . NW Roots’ Molotov Cocktail is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

Lineage: Sour Diesel x Gas Mask

Indica / Sativa: 50/50

Flowering Time: 65-70

Molotov Cocktail Lineage / Genealogy

  • Molotov Cocktail »»» Sour Diesel x Gas Mask
    • »»» Original Diesel x DNL
      • »»» Chemdawg x x SensiNL

            • »»» Skunk #1 x Afghanistan
                  • »»» Afghanistan x Mexico x Colombia »»» Indica »»» Sativa »»» Sativa
                    • »»» NL #1 x NL #2 x NL #5 IBL
                        »»» Indica
                          Probably »»» Indica
                          »»» Mostly Indica
                          »»» Indica
                        • »»» x Northern Lights x Hawaiian
                                (specified above)
                                »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
                              • »»» Cherry Alien x x Starfighter
                                  • »»» Durban Poison x GDP IBL

                                        KwaZulu-Natal »»» Sativa
                                      • »»» Mendo Purps x Probably x Afghanistan
                                          (specified above)
                                          »»» Indica
                                          »»» Mostly Indica

                                            • »»» Lemon Alien Dawg x Tahoe Alien
                                              • »»» Alien Dog Cherry Pheno x Lemon Kush Cherry Pheno (specified above)
                                                • »»» Lemon G x Afghanistan, Hindu Kush
                                                    »»» Indica/Sativa Hybrid
                                                  • »»» Tahoe OG Kush x Alien Kush F1
                                                    • »»» OG Kush Tahoe Cut x SFV OG Kush IBL Tahoe Cut Probably
                                                      • »»» Chemdawg x Probably x Hindu Kush, Pakistan
                                                          »»» Sativa
                                                          »»» Indica
                                                        • »»» SFV OG x Afghani #1
                                                            SFV Cut (specified above)
                                                          • »»» Afghanistan x Afghanistan »»» Indica »»» Indica
                                                          • »»» Las Vegas Purple Kush x Alien Technology (specified above) (specified above)
                                                          • »»» Cherry Pie x Alien Kush (specified above) F2
                                                            • »»» Alien Kush x Alien Kush F2
                                                              • »»» Las Vegas Purple Kush x Alien Dog
                                                                • »»» Northern Lights x Hindu Kush Purple (specified above) Purple »»» Indica
                                                                • »»» Chem Dawg d x Alien Technology d (specified above)
                                                                    »»» Indica

                                                                  Map of the Molotov Cocktail Family Tree

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                                                                  Molotov cocktail seeds

                                                                  There’s something in my shoe.

                                                                  A stone maybe, I don’t know, but it’s digging in my heel. I was going to get it out on the walk home from work, but there were too many people. I didn’t want to look stupid.

                                                                  As I enter my flat, I can barely put my foot to the floor. I slam the door behind me and hop through to the living room and let myself fall onto the sofa. I pull my trainer off, expecting some relief, but none comes. I feel inside; it’s empty.

                                                                  I peel off my sock, quick, pain tearing through my heel as I do. I don’t want to look.

                                                                  Sticking out of my heel, stretching towards the one window in the room, thirsty for light, is a rose. At least I think it is. I’ve never seen one this small. It’s about half an inch tall with yellow petals. I can even see tiny thorns.

                                                                  I take hold of the stem, carefully, near the bottom where it disappears into my heel, and pull hard.

                                                                  There is pain, but not that much. I look at the rose clasped between my thumb and forefinger. The stem has snapped.

                                                                  I look at the crack in my heel where the rose had sprouted. The end of the stem is still in there.

                                                                  I remember I bought some weed killer when there was moss growing on the outside of my window. I think it’s still under the sink.

                                                                  I go to the kitchen, and the weed killer is there between the ant poison and the wasp spray. I don’t even check to see if it is safe to use on human skin. I want this thing gone.

                                                                  The weed killer is in a green spray bottle. A yellow label boasts that it “kills weeds to their roots so they don’t come back.” That’s what I want. I spray it liberally on my heel, ramming the nozzle against the crack in the skin. It stings to merry hell, and the weed killer drips onto the floor, but I carry on until the bottle is empty.

                                                                  I put my foot down.

                                                                  My foot is wet. So is the floor.

                                                                  The floor is smooth.

                                                                  I hit my head on the cupboard.

                                                                  It’s the pain that wakes me up. It’s in both feet now and it has spread to my legs. I open my eyes and look.

                                                                  Roses have wound their way up my legs, sprouting from my feet all the way up to my waist. I grab at them, but they have torn their way through my trousers and embedded themselves in my skin, like ivy on an old building. I notice they’re still growing. They have gone past my waist and now a thorn scrapes against my belly button.

                                                                  I have to find something to cut them off me. Scissors. A knife. I can’t stand because the vines have bound my legs together. They are growing faster now; my entire torso is covered and one of my arms is bound to my side. As I reach for the cutlery drawer, they snake around my other arm. I manage to grab the handle, pain ripping through me as thorns scrape and roots tear at my flesh. I pull the drawer as hard as I can, and the cutlery rattles but nothing shakes free.

                                                                  Fire. I need fire. I need to burn this stuff off me.

                                                                  The vines are wrapping around my head, snaking up my nose, into my ears. A thorn pierces my eye.

                                                                  I use every ounce of my energy to pull myself towards the oven. I pull open the door, my hand the only part of me not bound by vines. I yank out the shelves and shuffle forward so my head is inside. The vines try to stop me, but I push through the pain.

                                                                  Sunflower seeds and Molotov cocktails

                                                                  am not a specialist on Ukraine or Russia. My main response over the past week, as an IR scholar, has been (1) to be sad and (2) to help students make sense of what is going on.

                                                                  My wheelhouse is gender and IR, specifically the inclusion of women and gender issues in peace negotiations. I wanted to chime in on these issues as they relate to current events because a common refrain when it comes time to head to the peace table is that women “weren’t involved in the fighting” or that gender isn’t “relevant” to negotiating a peace agreement.

                                                                  I have no idea whether what we are seeing in Ukraine is going to get to that point. However, I want to break down, in real time – with receipts! – how misguided these assertions are. There are many ways in which this conflict is and will be gendered. My observations here focus on women and LGBTIQ people.

                                                                  Women on the ground

                                                                  irst, at the most immediate level, Ukrainian women are resisting occupation. They are connecting with Russian soldiers on Tinder and gathering information. One of the more chilling examples I have seen is an unarmed Ukrainian woman confronting a Russian soldier. She urges him to put sunflower seeds in his pockets so that when he is killed, flowers will grow from his corpse. It is a malediction.

                                                                  Ukrainian women are also on the frontlines. They are making Molotov cocktails with their bare hands in the winter cold. In December 2021, the Ukrainian government required women aged 18 to 60 in certain professions to register for military and civil defence (although at that time there was no indication they could be forcibly conscripted). Women make up almost ten percent of the Ukrainian military, including combat roles, and many more are picking up arms to defend against the Russian invasion.

                                                                  Women are trying to keep themselves and loved ones safe as they shelter in place or decide to flee. Women who are stay put are likely to be at greater risk, along with children, when bombs fall on civilian areas. There is already evidence of Russia bombarding civilians using cluster munitions. In Syria, where Russia has conducted hundreds of airstrikes against civilians, women and children have been disproportionately injured and killed because they are more likely to be sheltering in their homes. Now that men are prevented from leaving Ukraine due to conscription, many women will be making refugee journeys without their male partners and relatives.

                                                                  Putin’s gender order

                                                                  he second, and broader, gender issue at stake is that Putin’s Russian nationalist fever dream is a patriarchal, straight one. Personally, Putin is a caricature of masculinity, putting his shirtless feats of strength on display for the media. In his eyes, Russian power is vested in and dependent on straight, Orthodox, Russian masculinity.

                                                                  As he has consolidated his power over Russia, Putin has cracked down on feminist movements and LGBTIQ rights. Ramzan Kadyrov, the authoritarian strongman who rules Chechnya with Putin’s blessing, conducted a “purge” of suspected gay men in 2017. Local authorities detained and tortured over a hundred men, some of whom were never heard from again. Putin listens to advisors who believe that the West is decaying because of gay marriage and trans children.

                                                                  In October 2020, when it held the Security Council Presidency, Russia put forward a draft resolution on Women, Peace and Security that would have undermined key provisions, such as preventing conflict-related sexual violence and promoting the meaningful participation of women in peace negotiations.

                                                                  If Putin succeeds in occupying Ukraine, he will impose a conservative, ethnonationalist religious order that will depend on the subjugation of women and LGBTIQ people. Ukraine’s feminist movement and network of organisations that fight interpersonal violence and advance the rights of HIV positive Ukrainians, Roma women, trans- and intersex people, and others will be among the first to feel these effects.

                                                                  So, my main point here is to exercise feminist curiosity and pay close attention to where women are and how conflicts are gendered. Let’s not forget this, if, when, it comes time to make peace in Ukraine and Russia. I hope that day comes very soon.