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Nuggetry OG | Marijuana Strain Review

Those who want to experience a stereotypical hybrid are arguably best served choosing something apart from Nuggetry OG. However, it is worth a look if you want to experience what a potent indica can do.

What Is the Nuggetry OG Strain?

Nuggetry OG is named after its breeder and became an almost instant success when it entered the market due to its robust, full-bodied high. While Nuggetry OG is a hybrid with an apparent 70/30 split in favor of indica, it offers minimal sativa effects. Indeed, some users mistakenly believe it is almost pure indica! However, we still don’t know its parentage.

The Nuggetry OG strain of weed is everything that you would expect from an indica. It provides strong cerebral effects along with an impactful, full-bodied high. Nuggetry OG is not a good strain for those who are new to cannabis or who do not smoke regularly. The effects of Nuggetry OG can feel overpowering and are often too extreme for novice smokers.


You first notice the effects of Nuggetry OG taking hold as your thoughts start to feel cloudy. It becomes a challenge to connect ideas and reach definite conclusions. Your perception of the things around you start to become altered, almost as though everything is moving at half speed.

Nuggetry OG can leave you feeling spacey and confused at first. In some cases, people describe feeling as though they are merely observing events unfold around them, as though they are not present.

As the physical effects of Nuggetry OG start to set in, you feel as though your energy levels are drained. You may find it challenging to complete even basic tasks. As the effects of Nuggetry OG work through your body, your limbs feel increasingly heavy. Eventually, it becomes difficult to move, and you notice a tingling sensation across your body.

It is best to enjoy Nuggetry OG at home when you know that you have no commitments for the rest of the day. It is perhaps a good idea to do so in the company of at least one good friend. This strain has long-lasting effects and is suitable for late afternoon or evening use.


When you first smell the Nuggetry OG marijuana strain, it can feel a little overpowering. With time, however, its aroma grows on you and starts to become quite pleasant. Breaking Nuggetry OG buds apart intensifies the aroma, filling the entire room with a harsh chemical smell that has subtle, earthy notes. The bud’s aroma sticks to surfaces almost instantly, making it difficult to hide even hours later.

As Nuggetry OG buds burn, you can detect a subtle note of fresh citrus hidden behind the cloud of dense, earthy smoke. The lemony freshness is a welcome change of pace for many, brightening the air and making the experience slightly more enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the smell of citrus does not last long. As Nuggetry OG continues to burn, the sour gas aroma dominates the air around you, pushing all other smells into the background.

For those who are not used to smoking Nuggetry OG, its dense smoke might not be the best place to start. It can be cough-inducing. Even the most experienced smokers often find themselves having to fight off uncontrollable coughing fits at first.


Nuggetry OG’s flavor profile is just as strong and hard to deal with as its aroma. This strain takes a little getting used to; it’s rare to enjoy your first puff. As you get used to the sour mix of flavors, though, Nuggetry OG becomes much more comfortable to smoke. It even becomes enjoyable over time.

When you first inhale Nuggetry OG’s thick smoke, you notice an earthy taste mixed with a bitterness that is not to everyone’s liking. The wet earthiness is robust, but there are more subtle notes beneath. Those who enjoy harsh diesel flavors will love this strain. The taste can linger on the palate for up to an hour after use.


Nuggetry OG buds have an emerald green coloring to them, with the addition of delicate orange pistils that weave throughout, forming into clumps upon the surface.

Nuggetry OG leaves are thicker than the average leaves on an indica plant, making them stand out. They have a similar emerald green coloring as the buds, giving the plant a uniform appearance.

Nuggetry OG Strain Grow Info

While Nuggetry OG plants are resistant to most common molds and garden pests, they are temperamental and require consistent care.

A warm, humid climate is optimal for keeping Nuggetry OG plants, meaning you can keep them inside or outdoors. Indoor growers need to trim their crop regularly as these plants grow tall.

Outdoor plants are typically ready for harvesting around early fall and produce a larger than average yield. Indoor plants can take ten weeks to flower, and they provide a slightly smaller yield than outdoor plants.

You can purchase Nuggetry OG strain seeds online, though finding a reputable seller is challenging. Some people prefer to buy clippings from mature plants, as it is much easier to detect a low-quality product straight away. Cuttings have the additional advantage of being easier to grow, and they save you the time it takes for seeds to germinate.

Nuggetry OG Strain

Taking its name from the breeder Nuggetry OG produces heavy body sensations. Lemon and lime flavours with THC levels of 20% make this genetically unknown strain perfect for invoking euphoric moments. Strong pain help is provided by this indica dominant strain while delivering laughter and stress free feelings. Wonderful essences of pine and earth follow this strain. This strain is best used for nighttime aid for those requiring heavy doses of medication.

Growing Information

With a longer growing time of about 10 weeks, this is not a strain for beginners. It needs a firm hand and frequent trimming.