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Ocean Beach Seed Library Program

Good Neighbor Gardens has established a very fruitful relationship with the Ocean Beach Seed Library and we are super excited to share some insider info with you all from Destiny Rivera, a Seed Librarian, and one of our Good Neighbor harvest subscribers!

Destiny’s Interview:

What is the OB Seed Library (additionally. who founded it, when did it come about, what was the inspiration in creating it)?

The OB Seed Library is an establishment that lends and shares seeds. Seed libraries are educational tools often equipped with programs, workshops, and community events that promote sustainable food systems and local biodiversity. The OB Seed Library came into being from a conversation between Destiny Rivera (Librarian) and Nathan Lou (Founder of the Mongol Tribe/ Lou Family Farms) at the 3rd Annual Seed Fest at Terra Madre Gardens <3. Nathan was hosting a seed swap and mentioned a variety of programs he and his non-profit were offering to the community. When Nathan mentioned his collaboration with the National City Library, Destiny’s ears perked up. “Perhaps we could begin a collaboration”, I thought. And so months of communication, planning, & strategizing began. On March 23, 2019, the Ocean Beach Seed Library hosted its Grand Opening with live music, food, and dynamic presentations from local experts. The rest was history 🙂

How do Good Neighbor Garden’s seed donations benefit the program?

Good Neighbor Garden seeds benefit the program by providing our seed collection with locally grown seeds from a trusted community partner. Not only does GNG seed donations benefit our collection by offering beautiful and diverse seeds, but it fulfills a mission of seed libraries to create beneficial relationships with community leaders and organizations. We are able to share GNG services & programs with our seed library community which benefits our members. This spirit of collaboration and resource exchange is at the heart of the mission of seed libraries. Pre-Covid, GNG offered a fantastic presentation at the OB Library on the work of GNG and why it is important to establish a relationship with the earth, food, and, equally, one’s neighbors. Presentations like these benefit the heart and soul of our community.

How can people participate in the program (by donating and/or receiving seeds)? Is it limited to OB residents, or beyond?

Anyone within the San Diego county can participate in the OB Seed Library program. Due to COVID-19, we have moved our program to a virtual platform. Those interested in receiving seeds from OBSL can fill out this form and seeds will be sent out to you via mail!. You can also mail your locally grown, non-GMO, heirloom and/or organic seed donations directly to the OB Library (4801 Santa Monica Ave. San Diego, CA 92107). We thank you so much for your participation and support!

How can folks learn more? Please include info about the by-mail program!

You can find out more about the OB Seed Library by joining the Ocean Beach Seed Library FB Group. We have more information about the seed library, its mission & values, and more at the Ocean Beach Library webpage. Also, please feel free to reach out to Destiny Rivera directly at [email protected] to find out more!

Do you have socials accounts we can link?

At this point, we just have the Ocean Beach Seed Library FB Group. You can also tag @sdpubliclibrary and @sdlibraryfoundation to help share the mission of GNG and seed libraries with the SD Public Library community 🙂

How does Good Neighbor Gardens contribute to the library?

Good Neighbor Gardens Farmhands are committed to saving seeds from the food that we are growing in our Gracious Neighbors’ yards. And we are proud to share that some of the food which we are currently growing was originally sourced from seeds provided by the OB Seed Library.

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We also collect them from our Good Neighbor harvest share subscribers, who save seeds from the fresh food that they receive in their boxes. Our subscribers then share the seeds with us when exchanging their empty harvest box for a fresh, full box.

5 best Minecraft seeds for beach spawn

The beautiful ocean makes beaches one of the most fun places to build a house in Minecraft. Mojang knows that the players love the beach biome and have decided to widen them in the upcoming Caves & Cliffs update.

By no means are beaches a rare biome, but finding the perfect beach for the build idea a player has in mind can be challenging. They can use seeds that spawn them near beaches where they can build beach houses.

For those unaware, Minecraft seeds are codes that can be entered when creating a new world. The world that generates depends on the seed used by the player.

Best Minecraft seeds that spawn the player on a beach

5) Small beach island (Seed: 345663)

This amazing 1.17 Java Edition seed spawns the player on a small island with many turtles. There are also two ravines at 9, 52, -115 and -4, 20, -145. Players can also find an amethyst geode generated between the two ravines.

4) Beach next to plains (Seed: 8634)

This is a bedrock seed that has a plains biome next to the beach. It works on the latest version of Minecraft as well. There’s also a village in that plains biome. Players can also find an amethyst geode at 692, 25, 68.

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3) Beach with coral (Seed: -1194193358)

Players who enjoy using sea pickles and other items in their build that can be obtained from coral reefs must try this Java seed. It spawns them right next to a beach island with a huge coral reef in front of it.

This seed is better than the previous one because it has even larger islands next to the spawn. Therefore, players will have no problem getting resources.

2) Huge beach (Seed: 300032)

Like most seeds on this list, this seed is only for Java Edition. It spawns the player on a huge beach biome. There’s also a dungeon with a spider spawner at 14, 26, 10. The dungeon has two chests, and one of them has an enchanted book with Efficiency IV.

1) Five Ocean ruins at spawn (Seed: 521873)

This is easily the best seed on the list. It works on Java Edition and spawns a player on a beach biome with five ocean ruins generated mostly above the surface.

From the chests of the ruins, players can get items like buried treasure maps and emeralds. There’s also a cold and beautiful deep-frozen ocean biome next to the beach.