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old school og seeds

Old School OG

Old School OG is a pure indica cannabis strain that sprouts giant, log-shaped nugs caked in trichomes and light orange pistils. Old School OG gives off a powerful skunky funk with hints of lemon, and when smoked confers a sour grape citrus sting in its pungent flavor.

Although its smoke can cause near instant relaxation, the buzz never gets too sleepy, and couch-lock is only a potential problem with heavy consumption. Happy thoughts and cheery moods spring up in the head as the body vibrates with a tingly sensation. Old School OG is recommended for treating glaucoma, chronic or minor pains, and daily stress. Higher doses may help with insomnia or restlessness. Users say Old School OG is an anytime strain, although beginners may want to save it for the evening until they get a better feel for its effects.

Common side effects include red eyes and possibly cottonmouth.

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Old school og seeds

My favorite strain, literally perfect in my opinion.

No other strain has occupied my garden for over a decade. Big buds, strong pungent sweet skunk smell, definitely leafy but worth the extra trim time

I've researched good reviews on this strain. Can't wait till its done flowering n my garden. So far it's looking really good.

Very nice strain, not a lot of defining characteristics that set it apart from any others. Very good taste, aroma, and high, but nothing really puts it to the point of exceptional. It's good, but it's not really "great" in the sense that it doesn't really go too far beyond others. All in all, I would recommend it.

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