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Lawn Weed Control from Lawn Doctor of Omaha

Few things can do more damage to the appearance of your lawn than stubborn, unwanted weeds. From dandelion to clover to crabgrass, all it takes is one seed for your lawn to face the consequences. To treat, prevent, and protect your lawn against weeds, call the weed control experts at Lawn Doctor of Omaha. Over the years, we’ve grown an unmatched reputation for precise and professional lawn care, including lawn weed control for the most common and stubborn weeds faced by Nebraska homeowners.

Omaha’s Lawn Weed Control Experts

As Omaha’s first choice for lawn weed control, our team takes pride in tailoring our weed control treatments for every homeowner and every lawn we service. With your lawn potentially threatened by over a hundred different species of weeds, it pays to have professional guidance and support when it comes to your lawn’s weed control. At Lawn Doctor of Omaha, we not only customize our services for the exact species of weed (or weeds) your lawn is suffering from, we’ll also customize our treatments for your lawn’s exact condition.

Lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Omaha will help you deal with:

  • Broadleaf weeds (i.e. dandelions, clover, wild violets)
  • Grassy weeds (i.e. crabgrass)
  • Warm-season weeds
  • Cool-season weeds
  • Annual weeds
  • Perennial weeds

Pre-Emergent Lawn Weed Control with Lawn Maintainer

The experts at Lawn Doctor of Omaha can help you stop weeds before they have the chance to sprout. Our year-round Lawn Maintainer program includes routine pre-emergent lawn weed control treatments, which stop weeds long before they break through the soil and rear their ugly heads. Our Lawn Maintainer program also includes regular lawn fertilization services along with Integrated Pest Management, a routine treatment system that stops ticks, mosquitoes, and other pesky lawn pests year-round.

The Lawn Doctor of Omaha Guarantee

We’re proud Nebraskans at Lawn Doctor of Omaha, and we pride ourselves on providing our neighbors with dependable, trustworthy work. With lawn weed control from Lawn Doctor of Omaha, you’ll receive peace of mind alongside your gorgeous, weed-free lawn. Simply put, every lawn weed control treatment from our team comes with your satisfaction fully guaranteed. If we fail to live up to this standard, your treatment will be redone or refunded in full.

A Weed-Free Lawn is a Phone Call Away

For a free lawn assessment and lawn weed control estimate, call Lawn Doctor of Omaha today at 402-210-2058. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the Omaha, Nebraska area, including residents of Elkhorn, Bennington, and Millard.

Lawn Care

Less chemicals, green grass and no weeds. Guaranteed.

We understand the wants of having a great looking lawn. But we have also heard from our customer base about how they’d like a more earth-friendly solution for treating their lawn. The full 100% organic solutions leave the lawn lacking color. Isn’t there a way to get the best of both worlds? YES. Welcome to SunCo’s Organic-Hybrid program.

1ST APPLICATION: Bio-Nutrients, Crabgrass Control and Fertilizer
This first visit will help wake up your lawn from the long winter. A careful evaluation of your lawn will reveal any prior season problems that may need to be addressed. We’ll also apply bio-nutrient products to promote early spring green-up, target weeds, and prevent crabgrass.

2ND APPLICATION: Bio-Nutrients, Fertilizer and Targeted Weed Controls
This application will continue to target weeds and also promote a greener color and robust root system. Our Organic-Hybrid lawn care program provide beautiful results with fewer nitrates and pesticides than traditional programs.

3RD APPLICATION: Bio-Nutrients, Fertilizer and Targeted Weed Controls
Our third application will continue to strengthen your lawn while managing those persistent weeds. The bio-nutrient supplements will also help your lawn continue to thrive in the summer heat while improving the cell structure of the grass. We also recommend a grub preventative treatment during this visit to keep white grubs from potentially destroying your lawn. (Supplemental services are available for additional fees.)

4TH APPLICATION: Fertilizer, Targeted Weed Control and/or Post Emergent Controls
During this mid-year visit, we will evaluate your lawn’s health and address any needs it might have. Whether your lawn could use more fertilizer, targeted weed treatment, or additional post-emergent control to manage problem grasses, we have it covered.

5TH APPLICATION: Bio-Nutrients, Fertilizer and Targeted Weed Controls
As we move into fall, our fifth application will help your lawn recover from the stress of summer and target any pesky weeds that may have popped up. We recommend core aeration and overseeding during this visit to reduce soil compaction and introduce a variety of different and quality grasses to your lawn. (Supplemental services are available for additional fees.)

6TH APPLICATION: Balanced Fertilizer
During this final visit and before your lawn goes into winter dormancy, we’ll apply a final fertilizer to feed the root system and help your lawn adequately withstand the long and potentially harsh winter. This application also promotes earlier green-up next spring.

Traditional Fertilization Program

A healthy lawn needs adequate nutrients for growth and color. SunCo uses the finest controlled release products to help you maintain a beautiful yard. SunCo’s applicators are all trained and certified by the EPA.

Round 1

The first of two pre-emergent/fertilizer combinations are applied to enhance color and for season-long control of grassy weeds such as crabgrass, foxtail, and spurge. In addition, broadleaf weeds are spot treated, if present. Watering: For optimal results, treatment should be watered in within 7 days after application.

Round 2

A slow-release fertilizer is applied that will encourage good, consistent color of the turf. This application also contains a second dose of pre-emergent to provide season-long control of crabgrass and other grassy weeds. Lawn will be spot sprayed or blanket sprayed, if needed, for broadleaf weeds. Watering: For optimal results, this application should be watered within 48 hours. As temperatures get warmer, lawn should be watered at least one to two inches per week, depending on weather conditions, to maintain good health and color.

Round 3 with Grub Control

We apply a balanced, slow-release fertilizer for early summer to maintain good color and health. A preventative grub control is also applied (if you have purchased this option with your program). Weeds will be spot treated if present. Watering: For best results, this application should be watered in within 24 hours. You should maintain a good watering schedule of 4-5 times per week. Consistent watering is a must to keep grub control active.

*Note – try to limit pet activity on lawn until grub control is watered in.

Round 4

We apply a slow-release fertilizer plus iron to maintain good health and boost color. All weeds will be spot treated at this time, including a post-emergent for any crabgrass that is present. Watering: This application should be watered in within 24 hours. To maintain a lush, green turf, watering should be done at least 4-5 times per week. If lawn is prone to disease problems, consider doing afternoon cool-downs with sprinklers between 2-4 p.m. when temps are above 85 degrees. This will help to prevent diseases from spreading.

Round 5

We apply a slow-release fertilizer to get your yard ready for fall and to help it bounce back from summer. Your lawn is also checked for grub activity and treated if needed. All weeds are spot treated at this time. Watering: This application should be watered in within 24 hours. As temperatures cool, watering can be backed off to 3 times per week. If weather conditions are hot and dry maintain the 4-5 times per week.

Round 6

We apply a winterizing application. The turf will store the nutrients over the winter keeping the roots healthy. This will also help to give your lawn a quick green-up next spring. Watering can be backed off to 2 times per week; unless you are trying to germinate seed, then you need to keep moist until germination. We generally start shutting down sprinkler systems in mid-October, which is a good time to let mother nature handle the moisture from there on out.

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Japanese Beetles and Bagworms

Japanese Beetles are mainly active for 2 months during the summer. Most of the time these bugs are in the grub stage and only adults for a short period of time (Late-June to Mid-August).

From June to August we have to worry about adult beetles in our trees as they do major damage. The females attract other males to mate and often they come in swarms. After they devour your trees and plants, they lay their eggs in the soil for the process to start all over again.

The best time to have SunCo spray your trees and shrubs is during their feeding and mating stage from June-August. Also a good preventative is to add grub control to your lawn care program. However, since they are prolific, it is hard to control with this method unless everyone around you is doing the same. At SunCo, we have trained inspectors that can identify the beetle and treat your infested trees and shrubs.

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Bagworm caterpillars make distinctive 1.5 to 2 inch long spindle-shaped bags that can be seen hanging from twigs of a variety of trees and shrubs. Sometimes the bags are mistaken for pine cones or other plant structures (clever worms). We also can treat Bagworms which infect evergreen trees and shrubs during the same months as the Japanese Beetle. Bagworms prefer juniper, arborvitae, spruce, pine, and cedar but also attack deciduous trees. If you see these worms in your pines, give us a call. We can treat and protect your pines.

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No-chemical, No-poison Mosquito Barrier Program
This summer, protect your outdoor spaces from pesky mosquitoes with SunCo’s NEW 5-Month Mosquito Barrier program! Treatments starting at $59.
  • 100% natural, non-toxic
  • Odorless
  • Doesn’t harm pollinators
  • Safe around children & pets
  • Repels ticks, fleas & gnats

Mosquito Barrier is a 5-month program (May to September) that kills mosquitoes and repels ticks, fleas and gnats, 100% naturally. Also kills mosquito larvae in standing water within the treatment area. The spray coats the water’s surface suffocating the larvae, preventing more mosquito larvae from hatching.

Remember the West Nile Virus is still around and mosquitoes spread it!

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Insect Programs
Bugs bugging you?

Exterior Foundation Insect Treatment
SunCo offers a broad spectrum insecticide, which is applied to the foundation of your home or business to prevent the invasion of insects. The residual of the product is 3-4 weeks, and will not wash off with rain or sprinkler use.

Applications start at $49.00. Contact SunCo to start your 6-step program.

Lawn Insect Program
SunCo’s lawn insect program is recommended once a month from April to September. It’s not too late to start! This treatment targets insects that are already present in the lawn, such as fleas and ticks. Once the application is applied it is effective for thirty days. When it dries, it becomes rain-fast, meaning it WILL NOT lose effectiveness with rain or the use of sprinklers. Application pricing based on yard size.

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Lawn diseases in eastern Nebraska usually show up as fungus. Improper mowing and watering practices can contribute to the problem. Let SunCo apply a fungicide to help keep your lawn healthy and looking beautiful.

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Aeration and Over-Seeding

Lawn aeration involves making holes in the lawn by extracting finger-sized plugs of soil. The plugs of soil are left on the lawn and are reabsorbed into the turf. This process allows oxygen, nutrients and fertilizers to blend with the soil. The benefits include:

  • Increased absorption of water, oxygen and fertilizer into the soil
  • Reduction of thatch build-up
  • A thicker lawn and promotion of deeper root growth

SunCo recommends aeration service in both the spring and fall. During either season, the SunCo outdoor specialists perform this service along with over-seeding. Overseeding is broadcasting seed over an already established lawn. This can help thicken turf reducing competition from weeds. An over-seeding service is best done in the fall and at the same time as your aeration. Contact SunCo to schedule your next complete aeration service.

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Protect your greens this winter

With winter on its way, it’s important to start thinking about your trees and shrubs. Evergreens and Conifers are especially at risk during the winter as water evaporates quickly from their foliage. These winter conditions remove water from the plants faster than the roots can absorb it.

A great line of protection for your trees and shrubs is an anti-desiccant spray. Anti-desiccants create a film when applied to the trees and shrubs that help them retain their moisture for months. Anti-desiccants are also biodegradable so it’s safe for the environment too. Give those greens some love this winter.