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Discover some of the fastest cannabis plants outdoors and those with the shortest growing period, and set up your outdoor grow! Growing weed outdoors isn’t as simple as throwing seeds in the ground and letting Mother Nature take care of the rest. Learn how to grow feminized cannabis seeds outdoors, all of the tips and tricks needed for a successful grow.

Fastest Outdoor Cannabis Strains

Harvesting before the autumn rains is a priority for many growers all around the world outdoors, which is why we recommend planting short-flowering plants. In this post we’re going to check out some of the fastest outdoor cannabis strains and the different types of strains you can grow.

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At La Huerta Grow Shop we don’t want rain or bad weather to end up ruining your harvest. That’s why we’re here to help you to find the strain that fits best with your tastes and also allows you to harvest successfully; let’s have a look at some of the fastest feminized strains for outdoor growing.

Fastest Photoperiodic Cannabis Plants for Outdoor Growing

Photoperiodic cannabis plants can be either feminized or regular plants that grow and flower depending on the amount of light received. The difference in flowering times in these strains can make or break the quality of your yield when growing outdoors. Let’s go through a list of the 10 fastest feminized strains on the market.

Jamaican Dream by Eva Seeds

At the top of the list we have Jamaican Dream by Eva Seeds, the fastest sativa strain in the world and definitely one of La Huerta Grow Shop’s best-selling seeds for years now. This amazing strain fell into the hands of Eva Seeds in 2007.

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavor
  • Cannabinoids

Jamaican Dream is a plant that’s super easy to grow, high yielding and high in quality that’s ideal for all types of growers. We highly recommend it and all of the feedback that we’ve received is positive. Jamaican Dream by Eva Seeds flowering outdoors. The fastest sativa on the market.

Exodus Cheese by Green House Seeds

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids
  • La Huerta Grow Shop Opinion

Exodus Cheese is a high quality strain that, while it may not be the highest-yielding plant or the easiest to grow, can reward your hard work with extremely high quality buds if treated correctly. Exodus Cheese by Green House Seeds is a fast-flowering high quality cannabis strain and one of the highest-yielding plants.

Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids

Northern Lights is a high-yielding strain that’s easy to grow and super resinous, making it ideal for beginner growers, those that make their own concentrates and indica-lovers. Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds is a high-yielding strain that’s easy to grow; a great choice for indica lovers.

Kritikal Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids

Kritikal Bilbo is a strain that you can’t go wrong with; easy to grow, fast, amazing aroma and flavour, potent… what else could you ask for? Kritikal Bilbo by Genehtik Seeds is a safe bet; fast, aromatic and flavourful, high-yielding and easy to grow.

Ketama by World of Seeds

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids
  • La Huerta Grow Shop Opinion

Ketama is an ideal strain for arid and dry climates as well as places with poor soil or areas that lack nutrients. Ketama by World of Seeds is a cannabis strain ideal for using in soil with little nutrition as it doesn’t need many nutrients to grow.

Furious Candy by Eva Seeds

  • Effect

Potent, relaxing and mentally pleasing. Perfect for relaxing after a hard day, stress-relief, meeting with friends and for helping achieve sleep.

Essential Care for Growing Cannabis Outdoors

Discover the essential care needed to grow cannabis outdoors, from the first growth stages; do you know the dangers?

  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids
  • La Huerta Grow Shop Opinion

Furious Candy is the perfect strain for those that love sweet indicas and make their own concentrates thanks to its high resin yield. Furious Candy by Eva Seeds is a high yielding cannabis strain that’s resinous, easy to grow and high in yield.

Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids
  • La Huerta Grow Shop Opinion

Alpujarreña is ideal for humid, cold climates or places with insect issues. It’s also a great choice for those that love indica strains. Alpujarreña by Pyramid Seeds has a short flowering period and is highly resistant to humid climates, cold and insect infestations.

Great White Shark by Green House Seeds

  • Effect
  • Harvest
  • Flavour
  • Cannabinoids
  • La Huerta Grow Shop Opinion

Great White Shark is the perfect strain for indica-lovers that love sweet flavours and making their own concentrates due to how much resin it’s capable of producing. Great White Shark by Green House Seeds is an easy to grow resinous strain.

Short Flowering Cannabis Strains

There are certain types of cannabis that have a generally fast flowering period or short growing period in general such as Fast Version strains, Moroccan strains, Skunk strains, Afghan strains and autoflowering strains.

Fast Version Strains

There are certain non-autoflowering strains that have Ruderalis genes in them. The combination between autoflowering and photoperiodic plants creates a plant that has a super-fast flowering period but isn’t autoflowering.

This means that strains that are usually harvest around the beginning of October, in their fast version format they could be ready towards mid to end September.

    has their own F1 fast version range which includes: Jack 47 F1 Fast Version, Green Poison F1 Fast Version, Cristal Candy F1 Fast Version and Cream Mandarine F1 Fast Version. also has a Fast Version range of non-autoflowering seeds with Ruderalis genes used to accelerate the flowering period. Some of their best strains are: Speedy Chile Fast Flowering , Candy Kush Express Fast Flowering, Royal Cheese Fast Flowering, and Honey Cream Fast Flowering. also has their own Early Version range, which includes: Marmalate Early Version, Sugar Black Rose Early Version, Delicious Candy Early Version, and Caramelo Early Version.
    Female Seeds also has Ruderalis strains; Critical Sour and Easy Sativa. by Dutch Passion. by World of Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds’ classic Regular Ruderalis Indica strains, some of which are autoflowering and some of which are fast version.
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Autoflowering Strains

Automatic or autoflowering cannabis strains tend to start their flowering period when they’ve been growing for a few weeks (between the 2nd and 4th weeks) regardless of their life cycle. This allows them to finish up their life cycle in a total of 60 – 100 days from germination. Plus, this also allows you to harvest various times throughout the season; their discreet size allows you to make the most of small balconies or those that aren’t that visible.

  • These plants grow regardless of the amount they receive.
  • Hey contain Ruderalis genes, a plant that originates in Russia; it doesn’t have much of an effect but it has adapted well to the climate.
  • They should be ready two to three months after they sprout their first leaves.
  • You can harvest various times a year outdoors.
  • Fast indoor harvests.
  • Ideal for medicinal consumers that need a fast harvest that isn’t too complicated. Plus, they tend to have medium CBD levels.
  • They’re easy to grow due to their short life cycle; they don’t need as much attention as photoperiodic strains.
  • These plants are short and discreet, which makes them ideal for balconies and terraces where you can harvest a few times per season.

At La Huerta Grow Shop we have a wide range of autoflowering cannabis seeds. Maggnum by Buddha Seeds is one of the most high-yielding autoflowering strains on the market.

Skunk Strains

Skunk strains are quite the legend among cannabis consumers; many different strains contain Skunk genes, as it’s one of the most-used strains when it comes to making hybrid cannabis plants.

Skunk plants are known for how easy they are to grow, their short flowering period, intense aroma and high strength. Some of the best Skunk strains are Critical King from La Huerta Grow Shop’s Private Reserve, a selection of Kritikal Bilbo which is fast and potent, Kritikal Bilbo by Genehtik, or the original Critical mass by Mr Nice SeedBank. Skunk 1 by Sensi Seeds is used for many hybrid strains.

Moroccan Seeds

In Morocco cannabis has been grown and consumed for centuries, although their hash production as we now know it didn’t begin until the 60s.

    by Philosopher Seeds
  • Purple Maroc by Female Seeds
  • Maroc by Female Seeds by World of Seeds

Dutch Strains

The first Dutch seed banks originally worked with strains best designed for indoor growing. However, they have been working on producing strains that are much better suited for indoor growing. They’ve created plants that have adapted to the Dutch climate for outdoor growing.

    by Dutch Passion: this is a purple hybrid that’s ideal for smoking during the day. by Dutch passion is one of their must beautiful plants. Some of them can go a beautiful purple colour and produce deep green leaves. It’s easy to grow, producing a happy and stimulating effect. by Mr Nice SeedBank has a euphoric effect that turns relaxing; easy to grow.
  • Sensi Seeds’ early strains are a collection of three plants; an indica, a sativa and a Skunk hybrid for outdoor growing in Dutch climates. : this is a classic that was inherited from The Seed Bank and has persisted throughout the years. Only available in regular format. : this is Sensi Seeds’ first indica-dominant outdoor strain. It comes from a combination between Afghan, North-Indian and Mexican strains. : this is a combination between Early Pearl and Skunk 1 which made this strain capable of finishing up by the end of September; it’s still winning prizes 30 years after being released on the market.

Afghan Strains

The Hindu Kush region falls within part of Afghanistan and part of Pakistan. This region has a lot of cannabis culture, where Charas hash is traditionally made by hand.

    by Sensi Seeds by Nirvana Seeds by Sensi Seeds by Eva Seeds by Sensi Seeds by Humboldt Seeds by Sensi Seeds by Barney’s Farm Seeds by Sweet Seeds by Pyramid Seeds

At La Huerta Grow Shop you can find the best seeds, substrate and all of the tools needed to grow amazing cannabis strains outdoors. Plus, we also have a team of professionals ready to help you out so that each and every harvest is better than the last.

5 iconic cannabis strains that grow great outdoors

Growing weed outdoors isn’t as simple as throwing seeds in the ground and letting Mother Nature take care of the rest. Sure, these seeds could grow without TLC, but they probably won’t reward you with a ton of THC.

While planting weed outdoors isn’t as simple as plopping seeds in a patch of dirt, it’s getting easier for new cultivators to experiment with outdoor cultivation. Indeed, thanks to the popularity of day-neutral cannabis (often referred to as autoflowers) seeds, even novice gardeners can successfully grow legendary strains outdoors in only a few months.

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Unlike traditional cannabis varieties that can generally only be grown outdoors as one crop per year as an annual plant, these flowers don’t depend on the sun to trigger their natural maturation, and thus allow you to grow outdoors any time of the year the weather permits. This autoflowering trait, which was first identified in wild Cannabis Ruderalis varieties found in Russia that produced very little usable flower, is now being bred into modern strains, giving growers the best of both worlds. 1

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If you’re getting started growing cannabis outdoors, you must research the resiliency of your chosen strains. Some cannabis cultivars perform better in outdoor environments, while others have been bred for indoor growth. 2 Be sure to select seed distributors who provide information on the optimal environmental conditions to ensure the most suitable outdoor strain for your climate. Reviewing these factors should help you plant a successful outdoor “ganja garden.”

Growing weed outdoors: the crucial factors to consider

Since cannabis naturally evolved outdoors, it may seem strange that you can’t plant every strain outside your home. While it’s true cannabis is generally resilient enough to grow outdoors, some of the more modern varieties have bred specifically for growing indoors and could struggle with elements, pests, or both.

For instance, many of today’s specialty hybrids were made in controlled indoor environments. When you’re starting out growing weed outdoors, you should try to look into a strain’s history to ensure it isn’t overly reliant on the precision of an indoor grow tent.

Ideally, outdoor weed seeds should have a strong record of mold and pest resistance. These strains should also be able to handle slight temperature fluctuations with ease. Since you can’t control humidity and temperature outdoors, it always helps to plant robust varieties that won’t die off after a few unseasonably brisk nights.

Lastly, you have to consider your environment when choosing the best cannabis seeds to plant outdoors. Take a look at historical temperature, precipitation, and humidity data in your area. Be sure to compare these average ranges with the preferred climate for your favorite cannabis varieties, which should be provided by the breeder. After a bit of analysis, you should develop a short list of strains that would do well outside your home.

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Outdoors

When it comes to growing cannabis, one of the best ways to harvest quality and quantity is via feminized seeds and by following our advice. If you want to know more, keep reading!

Table of Contents

Most seed Banks have a selection of feminized cannabis seeds and many of them can be grown outdoors unless the manufacturer indicates otherwise.

Feminized cannabis seeds allow you to guarantee female plants, which are the ones that produce buds and the most planted type of cannabis seed. On the other hand, regular seeds produce both male and female cannabis plants and growing them takes more work.

How to Choose Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Outdoors

Nowadays it’s possible to buy high quality feminized cannabis seeds that are easy to grow. These seeds can guarantee a decent harvest at affordable prices, considering the extra expenses involved in obtaining high quality cannabis in a dispensary or by other means.

There are certain factors you’ll need to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right feminized seeds for outdoor growing.

Size of the Strain

Feminized cannabis strains grown outdoors can grow quite large and produce large yields when given enough time to grow and the proper care. Sativa-dominant strains tend to grow a lot bigger and taller than indica-dominant strains.

If you need a discreet strain for a small area such as a balcony, you’ll need to make sure the strain isn’t going to grow too big. If height and discretion aren’t an issue, you can always train, prune, plant later or plant autoflowering seeds. These last ones produce high yields and slightly less quality than feminized light-dependent strains. Feminized cannabis plants outdoors.

When to Harvest Outdoors

Cannabis plants outdoors must deal with insects, possible fungi and sometimes, bad weather. Therefore an early harvest is a great way to avoid these issues, as well as keeping insects and fungi from having enough time to do damage to your plants. Nowadays there are many different fast-flowering strains such as Critical King (hybrid) and Jamaican Dream (sativa), which have been extremely popular in outdoor grows all around the world.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Feminized Seeds

As well as these factors, you can also choose your seeds depending on the type of effect that they produce (stimulating, relaxing, balanced), as well as different aromas and flavours and other factors such as genetics or cannabinoid proportion.

These last few factors are more personal; we recommend starting off with the size of your grow as a basis for your strain choice, making sure that you keep in mind harvesting times too. Later on, you can narrow it down to other characteristics.

How to Grow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Outoors

In the following section we’ll go over, stage by stage, how to grow feminized cannabis seeds outdoors.

General advice for growing feminized cannabis seeds

  • Whenever you can use white flowerpots or smart pots; this allows for your plants’ roots to grow out more and cooler, while also feeding more.
  • Excess heat can cause your plants to begin consuming nutrients stored in their leaves, causing nasty symptoms and colours.
  • Protect your plants right from the start using natural preventive products such as neem oil, or using bio or chemical insecticides and fungicides if you already have an infestation.
  • Make sure to keep in mind the seed bank’s recommendations in regard to when to harvest and the plants’ nutritional needs – make the most of your strain.
  • Choose your flowerpot sizes based on the amount of space that you have; make sure not to place too many plants, they need enough space to grow out properly.
  • Whenever you water, check and adjust the pH in your water as needed. Also, if possible, you should also check EC levels. If you need more information about watering your plants, you can check out our post how to water cannabis plants.
  • If you use tap water or give your plants a lot of nutrients you should get used to using enzymes in order to get rid of unwanted salts and dead roots.
  • When it comes to growing in flowerpots, use nutrients in liquid format – they are absorbed rapidly and allow for more control over dosages.
  • On the other hand, if you’re growing out in the ground, you should used powdered fertilizers which cover more space and are slow-releasing.
    Make sure to keep the flowerpots up off the ground to allow for more airflow and so that the heat from the ground doesn’t reach the roots.
  • During the summer, keep in mind that temperatures rise, and evaporation is faster when watering plants. The hotter it is, the more moisture evaporates; you’ll need to water more often, although if you keep fertilizing as usual you can easily cause overfertilization. We recommend using the same amount of nutrients as always, divided into more feedings, or using more enzymes.
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Germinating Seeds

Germination involves the seed changing from inactive, to a seedling. It can take just over 24h or even up to 7 days for seeds to germinate, depending on the strain, the germination conditions, how they’re stored and the state of the seeds.

In order to guarantee healthy germination and proper rooting before the growth stage, we recommend germinating your seeds separately and once they’ve become saplings, place them in their first flowerpot. If you need more information about germinating cannabis seeds, you can check out our post on how to germinate cannabis seeds.

Planting cannabis seeds after germination

Once your cannabis seeds have been germinated, you’ll need to plant them in their first flowerpot. Once your plant has around 1cm of roots, it can be planted – we recommend starting with a small pot, around 0.2 – 0.4L, with an airy, high-quality substrate. Before planting, moisten the substrate and make a small hole for placing the root.

During the first days, we recommend keeping plants in a propagator, inside with direct light, or in a growth grow tent indoors. We recommend keeping them protected until the first 4 leaves have developed and they can begin growing properly.

We also highly recommend using some sort of root stimulant such as Rootfast in order to increase root growth, as well as Trichoderma and mycorrhizae like Top Crop Micro Vita in order to protect and stimulate plant growth. Cannabis plant with three cotyledon leaves during the first growing days.


As your plants grow, their roots will begin taking over the substrate. There will come a point when your plants’ roots will end up filling up the substrate and growth will stop. Your plants might even end up with certain deficiencies when this happens as they won’t be able to find enough nutrients in the soil, and they’ll begin absorbing nutrients from their leaves.

In order to prevent this you’ll need to transplant periodically, moving your cannabis plants to larger flowerpots until right before the flowering stage. Every time you transplant, we recommend using a rooting stimulant, as well as mycorrhizae and Trichoderma as we mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind that the bigger the flowerpot, the larger the size of your plants and the larger the yield – so you’ll need to plan out your growing area accordingly. If you’re growing in the ground, we recommend transplanting from your flowerpot to the ground once they’re around 15 – 20cm tall; this allows it to grow more robust.

If you need more information on transplants, you can check out our post; when and how to transplant cannabis plants. Cannabis plants growing outdoors after a transplant.

Growth/vegetative stage

Feminized light-dependent cannabis plants grow until adulthood (around 30 days). They’ll keep growing as long as they don’t get less hours of light. If you grow outside of the right season, your plants will grow for around a month and then they’ll start their flowering stage.

This is why we recommend growing feminized cannabis seeds towards the start of the season; if you want, you can also harvest again towards mid-summer. We recommend planting feminized seeds over autoflowering seeds, as they offer larger yields and quality.

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