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A sweet aroma of candy accounts for the name of this hybrid with a sativa/indica ratio of roughly 50:50. That even balance makes for a complex mix of cerebral and physical effects. The body buzz is calming and euphoric, while the cerebral high is clear-headed, creative, energetic, and focused. It’s an effective combination for treating anxiety, ADHD, and everyday stress.

With original Afghani and Pakistani parents, Pez boasts THC levels between 15% and 20%, though some samples have tested above 23%. CBD is much, much lower, too low to make this a good choice for treating epilepsy and other conditions that require that chemical.

The flavor, like the smell, is sweet, though it also includes notes of flowers and fruit. The nugs are light green with orange hairs and a decent layer of crystals.

Patients can expect dry mouth and red eyes, which are typically the most common negatives associated with medical strains, but there are few public reports on the subject.

Pez the strain is much less popular than Pez the candy, though it does fairly well. It sells best in Washington and California.

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Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Pez Strain Feminized

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Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feeling anxious or depressed in the evening or struggling with insomnia? Look no further than Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds. Great for relaxation and stress relief, these seeds pack a punch.

If you’re looking for good weed seeds, then your nose will be your best friend! Like many landrace strains, this one carries strong hints of intense fruit aroma mixed with spicy/herbal tones. Fun fact you may believe this was cultivated by people who like to mix their food ingredients; they truly wanted us to taste it when they smoked!

Talking about its special flavors, there’s definitely some pungency here with the taste, but it is quite pleasant, not too overwhelming. It has its own unique flavor that doesn’t really remind you of anything else you’ve tried before! The taste is sweet with a spicy twist. The herbal, spicy notes are also present upon exhale, which is rare for most cannabis strains. On the palate, you may feel some marshmallow flavors with an aftertaste of bread on inhale; you would agree it’s almost like eating toast or even white bread, but the sugar on top flavor addition on vape makes it all worthwhile!

Pez is a landrace flower with pure Indica genetics. The THC content in these seeds is an astounding 25%, making them suitable for treating various conditions. Due to the low CBD levels, novice cannabis users may experience intense psychoactive effects like paranoia if they go too fast on this flower. In addition, our Pez Strain is 100% Indica.

Effects of Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This weed is not for the faint of heart! Expect a solid stoned feeling, super sedated, deep introspection, and drowsiness- you will be more couch-locked than ever before. You will feel like your brain has been squeezed by an iron fist and then placed into a vice. All that combined with a complete body stone or heaviness sum up to a pretty refreshing experience!

After about 2-3 hours after smoking Pez Feminized cannabis, you will be in bed in dreamland with only one other attempt at waking up for a wee before going back to sleep. This is the perfect nighttime Indica that will ease your pain, stress, and any restless condition you may have. It makes you feel so relaxed and relieved from all these conditions without having to take sleeping pills to put you asleep. Similarly, this is great for relaxation after a particularly stressful day.

If you find yourself stuck in anxiety loops or have PTSD nightmares, then Pez Feminized Feminized Cannabis Seeds are perfect for these problems. The weed will help you calm down enough to relax.

How Does Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds Grow?

Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds are manageable enough for new growers but should not be underestimated for their yield potential! These little ladies are fast growers who start to flower quickly once their roots have settled into your growing medium. That being said, these plants will need to be topped early on in the vegetative period to control height and size.

Expect a 50-60 days indoor flowering period & mid-October outdoor harvest. These cannabis seeds are photoperiod plants meaning they will flower under the influence of your light cycle with 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness being optimum for these plants to produce optimal yields during their flowering period. However, growers may experiment with different lighting cycles to alter the size and shape of the buds and their cannabinoid content (how strong they are).

Usually, we might expect a dark green color on all the leaves and buds of this plant. However, closer inspection would reveal that most of your plants may have light green leaves, almost like mint color, with only the largest leaves remaining deep green. The flowers are incredibly frosty with bright orange hairs.

As you can probably guess from the name, these cannabis seeds grow short to medium and bushy. Some individuals of this strain might end up taking on a Christmas tree-like shape, but most will stay short and squatty. This makes them perfect for indoor growers because they don’t require large spaces for growing, nor do they consume too much electricity through the lights compared to other more monster type cannabis strains.

Under the right conditions, bumper harvests are almost guaranteed with each plant yielding about 500g per meter squared indoors. Outdoors, depending on your climate, your plants may well reach yields of about 500-600 g per seedling!

History of Pez Feminized Cannabis Seeds

A pioneer of cannabis seed genetics, and a worldwide favorite to many, this compact Indica dominant strain is 100% feminized and produces good yields with lots of resin and dense buds. The Asian origin cannabis flower is a versatile variety that can be grown indoors or outdoors and flowered in the vegetative state for multiple harvests.