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pick and mix weed seeds

*Bank review* Pick n mix Seeds [THUMBS UP]!

How stealthy is it? : Very, everything is in an unmarked white envelope with
no signs of weed/drugs/cultivation on it.

How long did it take?: I ordered twice, first time it took 1-2 weeks , second time it took an amazing 5 days.

What kinda’ strains do they have? : Huge veriety of feminized, regs, auto’s and exotics.

Good value for price? : Bit pricey ( and a bit confusing since its all in great britan pounds ) but the stealthyness and quick timing well makes up for it.

Are the customer service guys dickheads? : Nope, they reply to your questions and concerns within 2 days MAX. and are always polite and considerate.

Iv’e ordered twice from these guys, and i must say i was pretty impressed.

You can order single seeds, and ‘pick and mix’ seeds too, im sure youve heard of them and what they offer, just letting you guys know on the details of shipping etc.

Let me tell you guys, im in no way affiliated to their company. Im not trying to sell you guys anything. All im trying to do is to contribute to the forums by informing you guys of a good seed bank.

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I totally love Pick n’ Mix. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong when ordering from them.
I got my seeds in good time and condition.

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There is a "Pick-n-Mix" section on Attitude that does ship U.S. I don’t know if they are an outlet for Pick-n-Mix like they are for Green House and the others or if that’s just a name coincidence.

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The owner (at least I think it’s the owner) of Pick-n-Mix has a profile on R.I.U. Very friendly guy! He might be able to clear up any question on U.S. shipping and whether or not it’s his stuff on Attitude.

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i have used Pick N Mix seeds several times and they are very good, seeds were all fresh just the packaging of the seeds could have been better. I used The Attitude only once & wont again. poor quality seeds and a really long delivery time

The best Pick n mix / single seeds company I have used is single weed seeds. They send out same day & packaging is in these little crushproof tubes so your seeds always arrive perfect & they were fresh.

Not sure about the USA thing as I dont like in the USA but I do know that after Mark Emery’s extradition and jail time in the USA for selling seeds to US citizen that most sensible seed banks dont want to take the risk!


Ive ordered from Pick n mix a few times with varied degrees of success.
Orders have always been complete and arrive no problem.

My first order (about a year ago) of fem greenhouse seeds was excellent in terms of quality.
All seeds germinated fast and grew vigorously.

A year onwards, ordered some more fem seeds from greenhouse. 1 germed and grew fine, 1 germed extremely slowly and has grown only 2 inches and one set of leaves in two weeks, and the last one didnt germ at all. Dug it up to find white rot expelled from the seed when compressed.

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I have since placed a new order, hoping for better luck as I’ve ordered substantially more seeds from different seed banks with the total order including bank transfer costs coming up to about €50 which for me is A LOT to spend on seeds.

I generally like Pick n mix seeds provided that my stroke of bad luck with my last order doesn’t continue. I don’t like that they have a tendency of refusing any replacements on the basis that "Their seeds are sold for souvenir purposes, and should not be germinated".

Whether or not I continue to use Pick n mix depends on the outcome of my latest order. It doesn’t make sense to order expensive seeds that turn out to be disappointments (which seems to be the trend) from a supplier that doesn’t do refunds.

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