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pinkman goo weed seeds

Goo Feminized Marijuana Seeds

When it comes to relaxation, sedation, and a good night’s sleep, we cannot think of anything better than Goo marijuana seeds. This happy and put-you-to-sleep indica smells of sweet candy that’s too addicting to resist.

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With a little bit of Goo in your bowl, the last thing you’ll remember before drifting off the sleep is zzzzzz…..Oops, too late, you’re already passed out. When it comes to deep sedation and relaxation, we can’t think of anything stronger than Goo marijuana seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid can help put a stop of those sleepless nights filled with tossing and turning in bed.

Needless to say, Goo is more often enjoyed in the evening or right before bed. Of course, you can always choose to smoke it in the morning or mid-day, but you may want to clear your calendar beforehand. Goo is notorious for making users sleepy, lazy, and leaving them in a state of couchlock for hours on end. The first wave of Goo fills your head with euphoria before simmering down into bodily stillness.

Right as you begin to close your eyes and fall asleep, your mind will fill with positive and peaceful thoughts. All those worries and stressors will suddenly feel far away and insignificant. The only thing that matters with Goo marijuana seeds in your life is the best sleep and rest of your life. Everything else drifts away. And just in case we haven’t won you over just yet, Goo flower and marijuana plants smell of sweet candy!

Pinkman Goo feminized seeds

Pinkman Goo feminized seeds grow into a plant with 80% indica and 20% sativa properties. Pinkman Goo has been derived from: Granddaddy Purple x Grape Ape x Northern Lights #5. The grow difficulty of the plant is moderate, has a medium mold resistance, this strain can be grown indoors as well as outdoors and has a flowering time of 56 to 77 days. Pinkman Goo feminized seeds are well suited for the SOG and ScrOG growing methods. Indoors, the plant will reach a height of 70 and 120 cm and yields up to 400 gram per m². Growing outdoors, the plant height lies between 120 and 180 cm and will yield 500 to 750 gram per plant.

The weed has the following flavors: berry, coffee, fruity, sweet and the effects can best be described as: calming, energetic, euphoric, happy, relaxed, uplifting.

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About this strain

Pinkman Goo by Twompson Praeter is an unusual flower with a fascinating mutation. While the genetic background of this strain remains unknown, the seedstock was discovered by Praeter’s sister, hidden in an Altoid container behind a stove. Pinkman Goo earned its name from the resinous drops that develop on the astoundingly pink flowers during photosynthesis. This mutation has been said to raise the THC content by up to 4% compared to buds without it. Keep an eye out for Pinkman Goo from CaliCropDoc.

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