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Poison Haze Marijuana Strain

Poison Haze is a menacingly-named sativa that builds on some very strong genetics . The strain is a spin-off of African landrace Durban Poison and staple sativa Haze. It contains a powerful, citrus odor and has an enlightening mental high. Poison Haze’s THC content has been measured at levels from 19% to 24%. Poison Haze is marked by medium-sized plants that have an elongated, tapered shape. These plants show off their sativa influence with long and wispy leaves that twist away from each other in a ragged style. These leaves are usually a pale shade of sage green and tend to be twisted through with yellow and dark orange pistils. Finally, translucent, dewy-looking trichomes cover all visible surfaces of those plants, giving them a slight sheen and making them very sticky to the touch. Cured plants of Poison Haze burst with the unmistakable aroma of fresh orange. This citrus tang is undercut by some herbal, almost therapeutic flavor lurking underneath. Meanwhile, pulling apart or grinding up these fluffy nuggets harvests some pungent fumes of diesel. Any time used in a pipe or a joint, Poison Haze burns accompanied by a harsh smoke that may irritate the sinuses or palate with its acrid aroma.

The taste profile is lemon earthiness while the fragrance is spicy sweet lemon. Poison Haze is perfect for daytime usage. Poison Haze weed strains high only lasts about a hour, although has an intense approach. A psychoactive transcending high bursts through patients with energy and creativity. In the comedown, giggles, and munchies will overtake you, although there’s no burnout.Unsurprisingly given its sativa lineage, Poison Haze starts working after patients ingest its heavy smoke. Some days before they’ve even finished coughing, smokers may be hit accompanied by head rush plus a feeling of pressure in the temples and about the eyes. As this sensation becomes more familiar, patients may learn that their thoughts have taken on a more transcending or elevated top quality. Ideas or concepts that may not otherwise seem interesting may take on a new fascination. Equally, a categorical and freely associative way of thinking may bring up unforeseen connections between seemingly unrelated topics. In this focused mindset, smokers may have the ability to plow through complex work-related tasks, and also to create progress on free wheeling creative assignments.

As an alternative, Poison Haze may issue an appealing background buzz to prepare boring chores like laundry or dishes somewhat more tolerable. Even as this high progresses, it tends not to be weighed down by physical effects. As a substitute, users may have a unabated feeling of energy that persists next to the strains mental buzz. This upbeat feeling can be put to use by engaging in some moderate physical activity or maybe by playing video or board games. Given the correct set and setting (and the correct agency, needless to say, Poison Haze may even be a powerful aphrodisiac. If shared in social situations, Poison Haze’s considerate mindset can also morph into chattiness and good vibes — whether you’re surrounded by good companions or new acquaintances. Because of its wide-awake energy, Poison Haze is proposed for daytime consumption. For those with sufficient endurance, it could even be a nice wake-and-bake treat. Consumers may experience fits of uncontrollable giggles and an intense onset of the munchies as they begin to come down from their beginning high. This high tends to wear off speedily however surprisingly doesn’t leave the user with any feeling of burnout. Because of those strong indications and lack of burnout.

Poison Haze is best for treating consumers suffering from conditions like depression, tension migraines or headaches, chronic pain, due to illness or injury, and chronic stress. Poison Haze’s mobile properties can have some advantages for medical and also recreational weed users. Its tuned-in ways of thinking may help those with attention deficit disorders give attention to single tasks. In addition, its upbeat qualities may temporarily stabilize mood for those dealing with mild to moderate stress or depression. Physically speaking, its anti-inflammatory properties may offer some relief from everyday irritations like migraines, upset stomach, or cramps. Nevertheless, because its transcending nature can manifest as paranoia in certain circumstances, Poison Haze isn’t offered for users who tend be susceptible to panic or who are generally relatively inexperienced with THC.

Unfortunately for residence growers, no breeders have made seeds of Poison Haze obtainable for sale online. Alternatively, clippings of mature ferns of the strain should be received from a trusted source. These clippings can be grown as genetically identical clones and can be successfully cultivated inside or out. But outdoors cultivating usually calls for a hot and semi-humid climate, this strains tough backbone may make its ferns resistant to adverse conditions like cold weather or mold. Additionally, due to their pure sativa roots, these crops may grow quite tall and may even require inside gardeners to occasionally trim back any branch growth. Poison Haze is usually ready for yield within 9 to 10 weeks. A potent and fragrant bud, Poison Haze is an excellent all-purpose smoke for all sativa fans. Its lucid thoughtfulness may be especially fun on a trip by means of the wonderful outdoors, like camping or a nature walk with some friends.

Strain Flavor

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Poison Haze strain is best described as Citrus, Sweet, and Orange.

Urban Poison (Green Crack x Durban Poison) 12 Regular Seeds

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Hazeman’s Urban Poison is not only perfect for creating your own grades based on Sativa, but is especially valuable for commercial growing variety of marijuana. Usually it is used for crossbreeding with other varieties in order to obtain high-quality early-flowering hybrids. Good results when growing indoors. Growing outside in soil will allow this sativa to take off and grow toward the sky. Watch for its large stretches during flowering that will require ample trellising to support the buds. Prune aggressively, sending the energy outwards to the bud sites that will receive the most sunlight. The taste is refreshing and gives strength, which makes Uurban Poison suitable for daytime use. An excellent choice for a party or a trip to the club.

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Buy Poison Haze Weed Strain

Buy Poison Haze Weed is an insanely popular 100% pure Sativa strain that is a result of a cross between the infamous Durban Poison X Haze strains. This bud boasts an average THC level ranging from 20-24% and a potent high that lasts about an hour in length. this product high is as a fast, hard onset of a creative, euphoric psychoactive head high with bursts of energy. Users may experience fits of uncontrollable giggles and intense onset of the munchies as they start to come down from their initial high.

This high tends to wear off quickly but surprisingly doesn’t leave the user with any feeling of burnout. Because of these potent symptoms and lack of burnout, this product is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as depression, tension, headaches or migraines and chronic pain, due to illness or injury, and chronic stress. The buds are bright green dense and leafy nugs with thin brown hairs and a layer of thick white crystals. With an aroma of spicy-sweet lemon and a taste of earthy lemon that sweetens as you exhale,

this product is one delicious and potent choice for any medical Poison Haze user!