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Big Pokey Cactus Seeds

Big Pokey Cactus Seeds can be made in the Processor from Big Pokey Cactuses or obtained as loot or pet harvest from Parrokis.

One Big Pokey Cactus can be processed into 2 Big Pokey Cactus Seeds each without requiring any crafting recipe. These Seeds can then be planted on tilled land or on Dirt, Grass or Mud to grow into more Big Pokey Cactuses.

Grown Big Pokey Cactuses can be used in the Cooking Station to cook a wide range of Food. Food can be consumed by player characters to be granted many different buffs (positive effects) and also fed to Pets so that they can then be harvested from.

Seeds cannot be eaten by player characters or Pets directly.

You can grow Crops like Big Pokey Cactus from Big Pokey Cactus Seeds on tilled blocks of Dirt, Grass or Mud or on (non-tilled) Dirt, Grass or Mud. First place such natural blocks over a body of Water or Mineral Water, or alternatively place these liquids directly adjacent to each such block (like directly below for example, or at least corner to corner).

This can even be done underground in complete darkness and/or in a building, but not at too high altitudes, not in too cold nor too hot Biomes/layers, and not too close to Swamplands or pools of Bog Water. In these cases, Seeds will stay “fallow” and won’t grow (they can be picked up again though).

Next place the Seeds on the suitable blocks next to the liquid (just like you’d place any block). If you want to use tilled land, you need to first craft a Plow and use it on the solid blocks to till them. You can, but you do not need to fertilize Seeds in order to make your Crops grow faster.

Wait a bit until the Crops are ripe to receive the best harvest. Big Pokey Cactus needs 60 minutes (real-life-time) to grow from seeds into ripe plants, even if you’re offline.

Crops can be harvested by being “pulled” with the gauntlet and left mouse button (by default) just like any other type of block, item, plant or liquid. If Big Pokey Cactuses stay “ripe” for 20 RL hours, they will turn into “grown” Crops. The harvest will become a little less then, but Crops won’t wither.

Please refer to the article Farming if you want to learn more about growing Crops.

Pokie seeds

I’m new to this game. Just bought it yesterday and played for the full day.

There is a lot to love about this game, but I totally hate the seed getting mechanism. When I see "farming sim", I think of planning what crops I need and how I’m going to lay out different crop fields. The pokie machine approach to getting seeds totally discounts any kind of planning or anything that is remotely like what I would expect from a farming sim. It’s basically "take what the pokie machine gives me and stick it in the ground" and just hope I can feed my chickens next week.

This has a negative flow through onto other aspects of the game. I don’t know whether I’m going to be able to feed my animals so I’m less interested in getting new animals or more animals or in new or upgraded animal accommodation. I’m also not interested in experimenting with recipes because either I don’t currently have enough of an item to experiment, or if I currently have enough to experiment – for example potatoes, will experimenting with recipes mean that I won’t be able to feed my chickens next week because I used up my allotment of potatoes.

It also clogs up inventory, because I’m unwilling to waste anything. Is there a finite supply of potato seeds? Do I have to save all my potatoes indefinitely because there might be a stage in future when I run out of both seeds and potatoes and can’t get any more? I have almost run out of them once already.

It also impacts on enjoying the decorative aspect of the game. I’d like to spend time making some decorations and working out how I want to arrange crops with decorations. If my seeds are random prizes from a pokie machine, then they aren’t really usable as a decoration. Firstly, I can’t rely on having them available to fill their slots and secondly, it means that instead of being able to chill and spend a day planning out how to decorate my yard, I’m spending that day on the pokie machine hoping to get the seeds.

Lastly, I really love the idea of vacuuming up all the garbage to reveal a beautiful landscape. But the need for seed totally stinks it up. It becomes something I have to do because I’m short of some variety of seed, and my focus is on the seed rather than enjoying the unveiling.

If the reasoning behind this is to limit seed availability, then I would prefer the difficulty to be around getting the initial seed. So, for example, at the start I might only have potato seed, and have to achieve something before I get pumpkin seed. But once I get the initial potato seed, I want to always have that seed, to know that I can always get more of that seed when I plant it. I might have to save up 100 preserved food to get pumpkin seeds, then 500 preserved food to get strawberry seeds and so on. Anything but this pokie machine approach.

So much of this game is absolutely delightful, but, from my perspective, there are two things that seriously derail the game and how farming is implemented is one of them. I could see this game becoming a franchise that would have me keen and waiting to buy NPLH2, 3, 4 and so on. But not with farming as it currently is.