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Pure Power Plant Feminized

The Pure Power Plant looks greenish and its buds are comparably big to other cannabis strains. The main properties of this strain are its strong power and easy growth into a great beautiful plant.


At City Seeds Bank we offer the best seeds, grown by different suppliers from around the world. The Pure Power Plant prefers a warm climate. She does not grow to be very tall which makes her suitable to grow in limited spaces. It should not be hard to grow this cannabis plant is one of the easiest strains to grow. She is highly recommended for beginning growers.

The Pure Power Plant looks greenish and its buds are comparably big to other cannabis strains. The main properties of this strain are its strong power and easy growth into a great beautiful plant. The flavor of the Pure Power Plant is mainly sweet but with a sour twist, with a pine-like aftertaste. Smokers like to use the Pure Power Plant for the energy it provides with a great high, which is incomparable with other Sativas.

The Pure Power Plant Feminized is Sativa-dominant with 90% and 10% Indica. The indoor yield should be around 475-525 grams per square meter, and its height will be about 90-160 cm. The outdoor yield should be about 500-600 grams per plant, and its height will be around 180-220 cm. The growing period should take about 8-9 weeks, just like the flowering period of 10-12 weeks. Harvest: October.

Seed Storage

We recommend storing your seeds in an airtight plastic bag or container in the fridge. The seeds will stay fresh for years when stored this way.

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Power Plant 20 years high THC Sativa

Power Plant was introduced in 1997, so 2017 marks 20 successful years since the popular heavy yielding photoperiod variety was introduced. Not too many cannabis varieties are able to boast 20 years of enduring popularity. In that time Dutch Passion have had great feedback, numerous cannabis cups and lots of repeat customers. These customers love the proven combination of heavy harvests of strong, powerful cannabis.

Heavy yields and a THC rich smoke

It’s is an easy variety to grow and it’s one of the main comments we receive from customers. We recommend her to first time cannabis growers and she usually delivers good results. More experienced growers will note the unusual eagerness of Power Plant to produce long, heavy blooms. But simply being easy to grow doesn’t explain how a variety can spend 20 years as a best seller with a major seed company like Dutch Passion. What else has made Power Plant such a popular repeat purchase over the years?

Feminized cannabis seeds with XL yields

Its a variety that produces heavier than average harvests, whether in the hands of new growers or experienced ones. Today there is a good choice of high quality and THC rich marijuana seed varieties. But many of them are average yielders and some offer only modest harvests. Power Plant is a variety selected for heavy home grown cannabis harvests. Its a fast variety to grow too, often ready to harvest a week or too before other similar-yielding varieties.

Power Plant, marijuana seeds with consistently high THC levels

Power Plant has always produced cannabis with a great quality smoking/vaping experience. The dominant sativa genetics give a happy, feel-good high. The buds have a rich and aromatic aroma, with a pleasant stickiness to them.

Indoor and outdoor home growers

When growers find one of the exceptionally heavy yielding power plant phenotypes they often like to re-veg her and keep her as a mother plant. Power Plant is easy to clone and take cuttings from, its a cannabis variety with real vigor. This variety grows well under a wide range of conditions, in any grow medium from soil, to coco, to hydroponics.

In this recent Cannabis Cup win at the Lift expo in Canada, a grower selected a heavy yielding and potent Power Plant phenotype known as the “Heisenberg Cutting’. Some of the high performance Power Plant specimens can be difficult to beat in terms of the quality and quantity of bud production. 20 years after she was first introduced Power Plant is still available in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, often referred to as PP (Power Plant) or PPP (Pure Power Plant). Power Plant seeds are available in regular cannabis seeds or feminized weed seeds.

Grow review

Power Plant is also a versatile and tough cannabis seed variety, numerous seed companies have used these genetics in their projects. This Power Plant grow review shows how she was grown from seed to harvest under 12/12 light in 80 days. Normally a photoperiod variety would need around 4 weeks of vegetative growth under 18/6 light. But Power Plant is able to grow with a strong central bloom and decent harvest quantities thanks to the heavy yielding genetics.

Outdoors, Power Plant is suited only for mild climates with a long season, such as Mediterranean-style climates. Outdoors she tends to finish in early November in the northern hemisphere and produces heavy harvests with a strong, long lasting high.

If you are looking to grow a proven, feminized photoperiod variety with a long lasting, feel-good high then Power Plant is a no-risk choice. You can buy Power Plant cannabis seeds online, feminized or regular here.