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Keeping Your Cannabis Seeds Alive Part 1 – Proper Storage Tips You Should Know

Growers likely have a stash of high-quality cannabis seeds. As for non-commercial cultivators, storing the rest is a viable and cost-effective way to maintain your crop. Cannabis seeds are durable by nature, but that doesn’t mean you can leave them in your closet and expect a fruitful harvest down the line.

If you plan to keep them stored for long periods, the right methods can preserve them for up to an impressive ten years! But seeing as they’re not invincible, you need to consider the ideal living conditions it needs to stay fresh for a long time.

Factors to Consider When Storing Cannabis Seeds


It’s easy to think that plants will love sunny spots, but storing cannabis seeds effectively requires cooler temperatures if you don’t want them to germinate prematurely. The cold doesn’t bother them, so keeping them in a place that maintains a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or less can keep them alive and thriving for years to come.

The cooler the temperature, the higher the seeds’ chances of surviving. Experienced growers invest in a dedicated refrigerator for the seeds, though beginners can put them in a dark, vacuum-sealed container inside the freezer to prevent germination from taking place.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t let the cannabis seeds thaw once you finally take them out of their hiding spot since it will lower their viability.


Another critical factor that can make or mar your cannabis seeds’ life is its storage condition’s humidity levels. Too much moisture in the air can be fatal for the cannabis seeds, making this one of the biggest threats that growers should always be mindful of throughout their storage.

Your cannabis seeds respond differently depending on the relative humidity, so consider the chart below as a guide:

Humidity Levels Effect on Cannabis Seeds
80-100% Excessive moisture can cause your cannabis seeds to wilt and die within 12 hours.
40-60% The optimal humidity level for germinating, which you’re trying to avoid when storing cannabis seeds.
20-30% The optimal humidity level for safe storage.
18-20% The heat can be too much for the cannabis seeds to handle, causing them to sweat and leave wet spots.
12-14% Conditions make your storage area a breeding ground for mould and other forms of fungi to attack your cannabis seeds.
8-9% Your seeds will become food for insects and pests.

The Bottom Line: What to Consider When Storing and Preserving Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are the start of it all, the reason behind people’s cerebral flight to cloud nine. Despite the high times it brings and the hardiness of cannabis seeds, they need plenty of TLC to survive and maintain their quality as they wait for their turn to grow.

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Dagga Seeds

Marijuana seeds, with their hard outer shell, seem pretty indestructible. Even though nature has bestowed to them defences to a wide variety of conditions, cannabis seeds are not invincible. Rapid changes in humidity and temperature can quickly ruin a container of cannabis seeds. Luckily, learning to preserve your cannabis seeds is quite simple.


Lots of people overlook this, but the truth is—your marijuana seeds are alive. Before they sprout, however, they are in a state of dormancy (much like bears when they hibernate). Just like everything that’s alive seeds can die too. When putting your seeds in storage, you’ll want to give them the perfect environment to ensure they stay viable until you’re ready to grow them.

Cannabis Seed Structure


Stored Cannabis seeds have three nemesis:

  • Light
  • Humidity
  • Temperature changes

Put your seeds in a container and place them in a cool, dry, dark place. Try to keep your Dagga Seeds in their original packaging. At Dagga Seeds, we use packaging to protect our seeds until you’re ready to grow them.

Exposing your seeds to light or sharp changes in temperature may trigger them to use up their stored nutrients before they ever see grow medium. This may mean they won’t have the energy to crack open and grow. High moisture, on the other hand, can cause mould to grow on your cannabis seeds.


Humidity is probably the biggest threat to your stored seeds. Try to keep the humidity of your stored cannabis seeds between 20 – 35%. Germination can start to occur around 40%+ humidity.


For extra long storage, it’s best to keep your cannabis seeds in a sterile sealed container inside your fridge. If you have another fridge that gets used less than the one in your kitchen, use that fridge to store your seeds.

Whenever possible, keep your Dagga seeds in their original packaging. When you do open a pack of seeds and have leftovers, that you want to store long-term move them into a sealed airtight container.

The zip locks we ship covering the hard plastic Dagga seeds container, for example, are great because you can remove all the air to create an almost vacuum-sealed container for your cannabis seeds. Once the air is removed from the sealed ziplock, put your bag inside a larger container to protect them from damage.

Remember, modern refrigerators are super dry. It’s very important your cannabis seeds aren’t directly in contact with this dry environment. Too low humidity can cause your seeds to use up their stored nutrients just to stay alive.


Yes, marijuana seeds can be kept in the freezer. The lower the freezer temperature, the slower the seeds decline. However, it’s usually not a requirement to freeze your cannabis seeds. Meet the environmental conditions we listed above, and you should be able to keep your weed seeds for up to five years or more and still get a high rate of germination.


When you are ready to grow your seeds, check them and germinate the seeds with damage to the shell first. The outer part of your cannabis seeds is designed to protect the precious genetics inside. If you have seeds with cracks, it’s recommended NOT to try storing them, grow them right away.

At Dagga Seeds, we take pride in our growing and want to ensure every Cannabis Cultivator has the best marijuana genetics in their grow room. We check all of our seeds before shipping them to our customers. If you notice any damage to your Dagga Cannabis seeds, get in touch with our customer service team immediately.