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purple monkey balls seeds

Purple Monkey Balls from SnowHigh Seeds

A fast finishing, slightly purple to purple strain with floral clusters that form into large purple scrotal sacs, reminiscent of fecal throwing howler monkeys. Strong and potent, with good to super resin production, and a fast seller. Limited amount left and will not be reproduced in the near future. Plants are medium in height about 3 to 4 feet tall, descent branching but the colas grow into roundish floral clusters kind of like grapefruit but purple in color, easy to trim and great for growers who need a quick finishing strain which yields heavy.

Purple Monkey Balls

Well, you won’t forget the name of this strain once you’ve heard it and smoked it. Purple Monkey Balls is an indica dominate strain that’s been around for years but many haven’t heard of it. The parents are Granddaddy Purple and an Afghani strain. Some say the Afghan strain is Deep Chunk bred from Tom Hill Seeds and this strain dates back to the 70’s from Northern California.

The THC percentage in Purple Monkey Balls is around 18% and has a fruity-pine taste to it. The buds are very colorful with purple, green and orange hairs throughout. The yield is somewhat moderate with the flowers dense and sparkling with trichromes.

Since Purple Monkey Balls is an Indica strain, it’s great for relaxing late at night. It’s also great for increasing your hunger and chronic pain.