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purple panty dropper seeds

Purple Panty Dropper Feminized Marijuana Seeds

An effective aphrodisiac with a raunchy title, the potent effects of Purple Panty Dropper marijuana work as well out of the bedroom as in. Easy to grow with an average to above-average yield,the indica dominant hybrid will surely please a crowd (of one or more).

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To say that Purple Panty Dropper marijuana is a game-changer is no exaggeration – the indica-dominant hybrid is an impressive producer in the garden and boasts a stimulating high that has the mind and body tingling before wrapping you in deep relaxation.

At 18% THC (25% at its height), Purple Panty Dropper marijuana is heavy-hitting and euphoric; newcomers should exercise caution lest they become overwhelmed with its potent results. Expect a euphoria driven experience that is mood-brightening and dreamy, with tension-relieving properties that aid in blissful peace, the kind that can make for an interesting time between the sheets.

On a whiff of flowers and earth with notes of fruit and grape when combusted, Purple Panty Dropper marijuana is a fragrant and flavorful strain that is all around appealing. Medically, its strength lends well to stress reduction, pain relief and to invigorate the appetite. Beginner level gardeners will love Purple Panty Dropper marijuana seeds in their garden as, along with the above-mentioned benefits, the strain is quite amenable to most growing conditions, and its densely-packed buds are sticky with trichomes, and can easily be trained to boost its ultimate yield. With seven to nine weeks of flowering, Purple Panty Dropper will offer up to 12 ounces of potent pot that is sure to be a hit among friends and lovers.

PPD Regular Seeds 20-pack

P.P.D (formerly known as Purple Panty Dropper) is Humboldt Seed Company’s original strain. These seeds produce big plants with uniform growth and great yields. These purple buds are moderately dense, with a sweet, floral, almost concord grape-like scent and aphrodisiac smoke. Of course, panties must be dropped consensually.


FLOWERING TIME 50 DAYS, Sept. 20 – Oct. 5
AUTO 80-100 days

About this strain

A three-way cross of Purple Haze, Oregon Grape, and Matanuskan Mist, Humboldt Seed Company’s Purple Panty Dropper is named for its deep purple hues and supposed aphrodisiac effects. These beautiful indica-dominant flowers produce a rich, sweet aroma and an energizing, euphoric high.

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About this brand

Humboldt Seed Company is a leader in specialized cannabis breeding and strain development. With decades of breeding experience, we've participated in huge pheno hunting projects in Humboldt County, CA that have produced notable strains like Vanilla Frosting, Magic Melon, and Pineapple Upside Down Cake, and some cult favorites such as Blueberry Muffin.

Our seeds are available in several states at select retailers. For more information please visit our website.

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