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reggie weed with no seeds

how can i get good weed out of reggie seed

Don’t piss on your plant. That dude is a retard. Like it’s me said good weed starts with the grower,good medium nutes lights and curing will make that bud 100 times better.

This is a forum designed to help fellow blades you don’t want to help them don’t post. Keep dumb comments to yourself.

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Most marijuana that’s sold commercially has , at least, fairly good genes; that is to say it has the potential to be fairly potent. The important word here is Potential! Every business stays alive by making tradeoffs and cutting corners (just like every airplane that flies is a compromise!). Every little bit of "proper" care that the plant doesn’t get is reflected by a coresponding drop in potential – that means the worse it’s treated the less potent it will be! This includes everything in all stages of growth – plus harvesting, drying and curing – plus handling, transporting and storing!

All you have to do to get "Good Weed" is do eveything right and allow the plant to live up to it’s potential!

Weed slang: slang terms for cannabis flower

The cannabis plant has been used for centuries for medicinal, religious, and recreational purposes. It’s also been outlawed, demonized, and railed against in societies across the globe. The nature of being so many things to so many people inherently leads to a lot of names. Add to that the occasional need to be covert and the infinite creativity of weed lovers and you get even more terms.

If you’re curious about some of the more popular slang terms for cannabis, specifically the smokable cannabis flower, and how they came to be, you’ve come to the right place.

Why so many slang names for cannabis?

As the slang researcher Jonathan Green has been quoted saying, there are a variety of reasons for slang—drug-related or otherwise. Slang terms for weed typically fall into five main categories: products of criminalization, non-English language, weed culture, quality, and quantity.


Many common slang terms serve to hide what you’re talking about from others, usually authority figures. As such, slang terms tend to morph and change over time as the “out” group catches on to what the “in” group is talking about—in this case, the cannabis plant. When something is criminalized but still in popular use, the names for it naturally go underground. Some slang names that began as ways to hide from law enforcement include:

  • Grass is an old-school term from the counterculture in the ’60s and ’70s used to keep your old man from harshing your mellow.
  • Marijuana is a common slang term most likely coined during the United States’ smear campaign to outlaw the plant by associating it with Mexican immigrants.
  • Mary Jane is one of the earliest slang terms that probably came from a play on the word marijuana. Variations include MJ, Aunt Mary, Maria, and Marie Jeanne (French).
  • Skunk is a slang term coined in the US. It’s just a strain or type of cannabis in the US, but in the UK, it’s being used to stir up fear about a super-strong weed that induces psychosis.
  • Boom, Dope, Hash, Indo, Mota, Reefer, and Yerba all come from the US Drug Enforcement Agency’s latest list of street names for marijuana.


There are many reasons for the different slang terms for marijuana around the world. One is simply language. Whether it’s a current translation or the fact that weed has migrated from country to country, what’s weed in the US may be ganja in India and other Hindi-speaking areas.

Different cultures have different slang for cannabis. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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Other international examples of weed slang include:

  • Dagga is a South African word for cannabis that’s also spelled daggha, dacha, dacka, dachka, and tagga.
  • Da Kine is Hawaiian surfer slang for pot, and it may also be where kind, or excellent, bud comes from.
  • Erba means weed in Italy.
  • Erva means weed in Brazil, though Brazilians also use the term machohna.
  • Hanf is the German word for hemp but it’s also a synonym for cannabis.
  • Herb is the word used in Jamaica and Rastafarian culture to denote the fact that the cannabis plant is a natural product.
  • La beuh is French slang for weed.
  • Mota is the Spanish word for weed, though it may also mean a small quantity of weed.
  • Pot may be from the Mexican Spanish word potiguaya, which is a portmanteau for potación de guaya, which is wine that has buds steeped in it.
  • Sinsemilla, or sin semilla, is the literal Spanish phrase for without seed. This term is also written sensimilla, sensimilia, and sensi.
  • Travka means weed in Russian.
  • Wiet is the Dutch word for weed.
  • Yerba is slang for weed in Spanish and not to be confused with the herbal tea yerba mate.

Weed culture

Some of these come from pop culture and others are just stoners having fun:

  • Bud is a common slang term for weed flowers in the US.
  • Nug, like bud, is another common term for cannabis flower.
  • Sticky icky is weed slang for bud but it also refers to the fact that trichome-dense nugs can be sticky when handled.
  • Buddha is commonly used in reference to weed, perhaps to draw parallels between the Buddha’s enlightened state of mind and stoners’ relaxed state of being.
  • Green relates to the color of a healthy cannabis plant and fresh cannabis flower.
  • Muggle was a term used for weed and joints long before it came to mean non-magical fictional characters.
  • Wacky tabacky is an old-school term for weed that managed to make its way into the Merriam-Webster dictionary.


At least some of the slang terms for cannabis come from consumers developing short-hand language to refer to weed’s quality. In the market’s not-so-distant past, quality may have been conflated with THC levels but today’s cannasseur knows there’s more to quality bud than just a THC percentage.

Observe the reggie, or bad weed, on the left and the dank, or good weed, on the right. Photo by: Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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High-quality weed. Some terms for high-quality weed include top-shelf, loud, chronic, kind, headies, fire, or piff. Dank is also a popular term for top-notch cannabis that has a rich smell of damp earth.

Average weed. Mid or mids is one of few terms for weed that’s not quite top of the line but it’s not awful either. It’s average, the C-student of bud. Beaster is another slang term in this quality category.

Bad weed. Low-quality weed goes by a lot of names. Ditch weed, regs, reggie, schwag, dirt weed, and brick weed all refer to dry, crumbly, brown, harsh-smelling, unappealing weed you shouldn’t find in any licensed dispensary.


Similar to the phrases used for quality, some weed terms are commonly used as short-hand language for quantities of weed.

  • Dime, or dime bag, is shorthand for ten dollars worth of weed, which is typically an amount no larger than a gram.
  • Dub is shorthand for two grams of weed.
  • Eighth is the most common of quantity-related weed slang and means an eighth of an ounce of weed, or 3.5 grams.
  • Slice also refers to an eighth of weed, or 3.5 grams.
  • Quarter is seven grams, or a quarter of an ounce.
  • Zip is the shorthand term for one ounce of weed, or roughly the amount of weed that can fit in a Ziploc bag.

Bottom line

The very nature of slang means the popular phrases and names for weed are constantly changing. For dank weed at ditch weed prices, check out deals in your area.

What is Reggie Weed & Grit Weed: Avoid it Or Smoke It?

There are no shortage of different strains of cannabis out there and they all typically have some fairly creative and colourful names. Through the years cannabis has been dubbed under such well known titles as Pineapple Express, White Widow, Bruce Banner, Green Crack… There is no shortage of fun and creatively named strains available. But the kinds of weed we are talking about on the blog today are known by two other less friendly names and there are several reasons why you should avoid them at all costs!

Today we are talking about Reggie weed and Grit weed – two terms which are not meant to be endearing that people use to refer to types of cannabis that should be avoided at all costs. If you end up with a bag of Reggie weed or Grit weed the best option is always just to toss it away and get something better from a trusted provider.

What Is Reggie Weed?

Reggie weed or dirt weed (also known as reggie marijuana) is any sub par strain of cannabis that looks, smokes and effects the body and mind in terrible ways. Seasoned smokers will avoid it at all costs. Usually this stuff only finds its way into the hands of beginners who do not have a lot of experience buying or smoking weed and therefore do not know what positive qualities they should be looking for.

So what is reggie weed and how can you tell if you’ve bought some? A bag of reggie marijuana will appear dry and unappealing with dark green or even brown buds that are dry or old looking. Beware of the possibility of mold as well as other unwanted additives that may have been used in the growing process and therefore resulted in the gross bag of reggie weed.

Most weed that looks and smokes this way is typically grown outdoors with little or no care or cultivation. For this reason it will not be pleasant to smoke and the effects it provides will not be satisfying or enjoyable. The bag is most likely to have a lot of seeds and stems and unsmokable bits. After your first bag of weed of this kind it becomes very clear why you should want to always avoid it in the future at all costs. If someone tries to sell you weed that looks this way you will always be better off passing no matter how good of a deal they are offering you.

The smell of the weed when you light it to smoke it will also be a dead giveaway if you somehow manage to miss all of the other obvious visual clues that your weed is not good. When you smoke poorly cultivated dry weed it typically has a very overpowering skunky haylike smell and taste that is hard to mistake. It would take an act of will to continue smoking it and even if you do manage to finish a bowl or a joint of it the effects are not likely to the powerful or enjoyable.

What Is Grit Weed?

Grit weed (sometimes also spelled Gritt weed) is a whole other level of bad weed. This stuff is extremely uncommon so much so that most people in North America consider it strictly an urban legend. In other parts of the world however that may not be the case and we think it is best to have knowledge on your side no matter where you are in the world!

What is grit weed? Gritt weed is not only poorly grown or cured cannabis but cannabis that has had unnatural additives added to it with the intention of increasing its weight or making it appear as though it has more sparkling crystal trichomes than it really does. This is any kind of marijuana that has been contaminated by extra additives that should never have been included in the first place.

At one point in time not too long ago in the United Kingdom grit weed became a major problem, so much so that people advised others to brush their cannabis buds up against a piece of glass before smoking them to be sure they were not coated in silica. If the bud scratched the glass you would know that it was flakes of shattered glass coating your cannabis nugs and not THC crystals. Any buds that did this would have to be tossed away – it just isn’t worth the risk to your lungs!

Other things dishonest people have coated weed nugs in to make them look like they are a higher quality that are a little less dangerous include sugar and sand. If you suspect your cannabis is coated with something other than THC crystal you can try to brush it against glass or also try to chew a small piece of nug. If it is gritty like there are small bits of sand or sweet with sugar then unfortunately it is likely a bag of gritt weed.

But how can you easily tell good weed from bad weed?

Colour Is the Key

When it comes to comparing good weed vs bad weed one of the most obvious and immediate signifiers of the quality of your cannabis is the way that it looks. What does good weed look like? Good looking weed should be a bright and vibrant green with additional orange, red or purple colorations on the fine hairs or crystals, Furthermore it should be properly cured which means it will still look vibrant and healthy but also be dry enough to grind, burn and smoke without losing all of the sticky moist softness within.

What does bad weed look like? If your buds are very dark or even brown and dry to the point of dusty you probably have a bag of bad weed on hand. Not only will the taste, potency and burn be unpleasant for anyone who happens to smoke it there is a chance the cannabis could also have harmful molds or pesticides present which could cause undue harm to your health and wellness – exactly the opposite of the desired intent many people turn to cannabis for in the first place!

Be careful with any cannabis you suspect may have been kept in storage too long. If there is any indication of mold or spoilage (mold appears on the nugs as a white powdery mildew or as a coating of fuzzy white nastiness) of any kind toss out your baggie and get some more. The risk to your health is simply not worth the underwhelming experience smoking cannabis in this state is certain to provide you with let alone the potential for negative impacts to your health and wellness. Always avoid moldy weed at all costs!

That Funky Dank Smell

Even if you’ve never smoke cannabis before chances are good that you will recognize the unmistakable skunk-like aroma of a fresh and extremely potent bag of AAAA top shelf cannabis. The smell should be rich, earthy and unmistakably dank. It is true that nothing on earth smells like a bag of fine high quality marijuana and if you smoke and enjoy it it won’t take long at all for you to recognize and come to love the aroma as a sign of quality.

A big difference between good and bad weed is the smell and apart from the look it is one of the most obvious methods you can use to be certain your product is quality. If you take a big whiff of your cannabis and it smells like anything other than a variety of that fresh and unmistakable weed smell then avoid smoking it at all costs. Toss it away and get a better sack, especially if it smells like dried hay. Even if you have a bag of otherwise good looking weed but the smell is off somehow and doesn’t seem fresh or right the best policy would be to avoid smoking it altogether and get something quality that you can be certain isn’t spoiled in any way.

Remember: if it smells dank put it in the tank. If it smells like hay, throw that shit away.

Flavour Country

This method is a little more nuanced and definitely more for the advanced smoker but once you grow accustomed to the flavour of clean burning fresh and properly cured cannabis it becomes unmistakable. If you have good looking weed but something just doesn’t taste right when you finally light it up and inhale there is a chance there might be something wrong with it. It is possible the cannabis has mold you didn’t detect when you first inspected it or perhaps a pesticide or other additive chemical has been added to the product when it was grown or treated. Either way the taste of good weed vs bad will seem subtle at first but after a little more experience with smoking cannabis you will be able to tell immediately after the first puff if your bag is dank or dusted.

If the flavour is any way off from what was advertised and especially if it tastes like hay, chemicals or something other than weed entirely avoid smoking it at all costs. Toss it out and get yourself a bag of dank nugs from Haute Health instead!

Crystal Magic

Another way to tell the difference between good and bad weed is to note the crystal content on the buds. Good, potent cannabis will be densely layered with THC crystals or trichomes. The bigger and brighter the crystal content the stronger and more satisfying your cannabis is likely to be. If someone tells you they have a bag of strong loud and you have a chance to examine it for yourself chances are good they have been misinformed if there are no visible crystals to be seen anywhere on the bud. The more it sparkles the more magical and potent the high you can expect the plant to provide!

Good bud will have a small amount of visible crystal content so don’t be too discouraged if your nugs are not shining and sparkling like gemstones – as long as there are some visible trichomes the weed should be good enough to smoke and enjoy. But be certain to avoid anything that doesn’t have any crystal content at all. If you get your hands on some AAAA top shelf craft grown cannabis you can usually tell immediately by the overwhelming amount of trichome crystals sometimes appearing in a variety of sizes and hues finely coating the cannabis flowers.

Well Groomed & Green

Seeds are another clear and obvious indication that the cannabis you have purchased is not top quality. There should be no seeds of any kind in your bag of cannabis so if you see them at all you will know the bud was not properly tended to before it found its way into your possession. Your bag of dank sunshine should be full of fat, healthy looking, dry but not dried out, vibrantly coloured and delightfully smelling nugs. Anything less than that means you have a less than top quality product on hand.

If you want to buy some of the best and most beautiful craft grown top shelf cannabis you can find in the online Canadian marketplace today you’ll want to shop with Haute Health on your side! Not only do we publish these new and informative articles each week to help to educate and inform the larger Canadian cannabis community we also strive to sell only the finest cannabis products available to our wonderful customers all over the country!

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