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Ringo’s Gift CBD Strain Review

Ringo’s Gift is a potent CBD strain that has complex and beneficial effects. However, it might happen that some pot lovers will not be completely satisfied with this hemp. High CBD level, along with very low THC concentration, makes this cannabis suitable for staying active and alert, but not to get high and wasted.

This is not the only advantage of the Ringo’s Gift strain. Medicinal and recreational effects are numerous, and in this Ringo’s Gift CBD review, we’ll try to tell you about them. Let’s start with pure numbers, which will help us understand better how it works:

  • it is a well-balanced hybrid with 60% of sativa and 40% of indica genetics;
  • CBD to THC ratio rockets up to 24 to 1, and even higher;
  • cannabidiol makes from 15% to over 20%;
  • tetrahydrocannabinol in modern phenotypes does not go higher than 1.2%;
  • the main terpene is linalool, and its concentration is 1.67%;
  • other valuable terpenes are myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. They make

Ringo’s Gift strain can be found in different phenotypes that have different CBD content, thus producing versatile effects. Let’s have a closer look at this hemp.

Where It Comes From

There is a popular theory that the Ringo’s Gift CBD strain was cultivated by unknown breeders and named after Ringo Starr, a drummer for the Beatles. However, you can find this weed in the list of CBD-high clones on the website of a famous family-run company Southern Humboldt Seeds Collective. Thus, we believe it was created by this experienced and popular team of marijuana breeders and named after its founder, chief expert, and father, Lawrence Ringo.

They were looking for therapeutic CBD marijuana strains and decided to cross two then-popular hemps — ACDC and Harle-Tsu. Initially, they got the hybrid that produced 10% of THC and the same volume of CBD, which was a great achievement, but not the desired ideal result. After years of meticulous cultivation, they gave birth to the phenotype of the Ringo’s Gift strain we know and love.

How It Works

To have a clear and schematic idea of the Ringo’s Gift medical benefits and positive and negative effects, let’s look at the table below.

Therapeutic Actions

Positive Effects

Most Reported Negative Effects

Relieves chronic and acute pain

Helps with appetite disorders and nausea

Adds mental energy

Provides full-body relaxation

Makes you happier and vigorous

Works as an antidepressant and anxiolytic

Gives mental tranquility

Produces slight euphoria

Works as an effective antiseizure and antispastic medication

Increases creativity and productivity

Helps with PTSD and ADHD

Improves symptoms of multiple sclerosis and ALS

All in all, Ringo’s Gift produces a binary effect — it pleases you with a slight mental and bodily high, relaxing your muscles and calming down racing thoughts. At the same time, it does not change your personality and perception, does not lock you to the couch. On the contrary, it helps you cope with everyday tasks, and all stress, aggression, and tension melt away.

Ringo’s Gift Flavor Profile

The smell of the Ringo’s Gift buds will remind you of earth and forest after the rain. You’ll feel pines and citrus trees, but the dominant note will stand alone. The strong minty flavor will please your nose and tongue. After a minute, you’ll feel some hints of spice and pepper.

The taste of Ringo’s Gift is just the same as its smell, but with stronger pepper notes, and the mint flavor becomes almost offensive. Ringo’s Gift will leave you with the feeling of freshness and with the desire to have another whiff. Despite the strong taste, it does not disturb you, neither it stays longer than you smoke a joint.

Exterior And Consistency

The Ringo’s Gift strain will not surprise you with outstanding appearance. The flower springs mint-green leaves and abundant orange and brown pistils. The round-shaped nugs look airy and vibrant, all covered with sparkling trichomes. The buds remind pop-corn. They are spherical and knobbly, with the same green color.

Aesthetically, Ringo’s Gift looks simpler than other strains, without various bright colors and diversity of forms. The buds are firm and thick, but you will easily break them down between your fingers. However, we do not recommend you do this, as the smashed Rigo’s Gift bud leaves a thin but sticky layer of resin on your skin and clothes.

Ringo’s Gift Costs & Final Thoughts

The average price of the Ringo’s Gift weed online is 240 bucks for 1 oz of the pot. Let’s do the math, it makes almost 9.5 dollars per 1 gram. This is excellent pricing for cannabis with such an impressive cannabidiol level. It is definitely one of the best offers ever. However, when deciding to buy weed, you should always look for the info about its THC and CBD content, and always make sure that you purchase the authentic product.

In conclusion, Ringo’s Gift strain is extremely popular nowadays and does not need any additional recommendations. This high demand comes from its advantageous effects, low costs, and legal status — being almost THC-free, it is a legal drug in many states, which is good for people who needs Ringo’s Gift for some health issues. Hopefully, this Ringo’s Gift review will be helpful for you.

Ringo’s Gift Marijuana Strain [Reviewed by Experts]

The Ringo’s Gift marijuana strain is exactly as the name implies- a real cannabis community blessing. It serves as an immensely medicinal option for those who are searching for alternative relief or have tried every treatment under the sun to no avail.

Ringo’s Gift brings light and hope once more to those who have experienced darkness because it was bred specifically with the aching patient in mind.

This powerful strain not only can assist those with medical challenges and difficulties. It has simultaneously grown in popularity throughout the cannabis clubs in Barcelona and other locations in the world. This is thanks to its light, uplifting and cerebrally buzzy high, which does not overwhelm its consumer but instead supports them through a journey of fun and self-exploration.

The strain gets its name from the CBD pioneer and marijuana activist, Lawrence Ringo. The name may not have the origins one might expect, often individuals assuming it was named after the drummer of the Beatles. Rather, Ringo’s Gift is an ode and acknowledgment to the revolutionary Lawrence himself, who made massive developments throughout the world of weed.

Keep reading to discover more about why Ringo’s Gift is simply so phenomenal in our complete review…

What Is Ringo’s Gift?

It is first and foremost important to note, that Ringo’s Gift is present in a few varieties of ratios and phenotypes.

It starts out as a one-for-one cannabis type, offering a balanced and perfectly equal ratio of CBD and THC. The next phenotypes vary in CBD/THC ratios, with all of them raising each time in CBD, as the THC levels plummet down.

Probably the most CBD heavy ratio of this strain available is one that reaches 24:1 CBD/THC. This is a rather hefty fraction which, believe it or not, is quite widespread throughout the market. This comes as no surprise, really, for people so often search for the most medicinal cannabis crops they can find, with the least psychoactive effects.

Because of this steep variation in CBD/THC ratios all within the same strain, Ringo’s Gift can please and satisfy the majority of the cannabis population. A type exists that can fulfill just about every need and desire. Whether the person is a medical cannabis patient striving for relief, or a party-going type discovering a buzz, Ringo’s Gift can provide it all. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this marijuana strain?

RG came to life when breeders crossed the genetics of two CBD heavy cannabis strains. Its parent strains are ACDC hybrid and Harle-Tsu hybrid, two crops world-renowned for their medicinal qualities and steady, reputable results.

Most sources classify Ringo’s Gift as a well-balanced hybrid, although it does swing slightly more to the sativa side. With a 60% sativa and 40% indica strain ratio, users describe its effects as calm and warm, with a buzzy yet relaxing high. It does not cause sleepiness or couch-lock but rather performs as a mild energizer, although not hype inducing.

Ringo’s Gift Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance:

This earthy and forest-like strain reminiscences walking through a pine forest, while munching on a fresh batch of citrus fruits and picking all the wild mint along the way. It really is that refreshing, hinting at notes of spice, all blending together to produce one out-of-this-world aroma.

The flavor is light like the smell, but presents a spicey side; with notes of pepper and spice rising to the surface, as well as the tang and tingle of just cut mint leaves. Altogether, one hit of Ringo’s Gift will make you feel like a brand new person.

Appearance-wise, Ringo’s Gift looks almost identical to the color of fresh growing mint. It features an impactful green hue that is earthy and forest-like in nature. It has brown pistils (those tiny curling hairs in between the sugar leaves), that take on a slight orangey color, giving the nugs a bit of extra vibrancy.

The buds themselves are quite airy and popcorn-like, as well as being round and spherical, taking on the “quintessential nug” look. They can sometimes lean on the larfy side, but well-grown buds will mostly consist of potent flower. The buds are almost always thickly coated with trichomes, whose crystalline structure makes them glisten and shine in the light, unusual for such a CBD heavy strain .

Ringo’s Gift Grow Info:

The biggest downside to Ringo’s Gift marijuana strain is that not a lot of information is available about its growing specifications. If it is anything like its parent strain ACDC, then it can yield anywhere from 10-16 ounces per plant outdoors, or 8-12 ounces per meter squared indoors.

Regarding its resistance to pests, again, not much information is available. However, considering that both strains of RG’s genetic lineage are not tolerant to pests and outside factors, then Ringo’s Gift probably is not either.

What we know for sure is that you can cultivate this strain in either indoors or outdoors settings. But producing a successful yield will take a lot of work and hard effort, and might be best left to the professional cannabis cultivators with a greater experience level.

Ringo’s Gift Effects:

Ringo’s Gift displays two categories of effects that normally don’t pair together. It offers a potent body high that leaves you buzzing and tingling from head to toe, in addition to a cerebral, heady and relaxing head high.

It melts away worries, internal stresses, and difficulties, all while never producing couch-lock, the munchies or tiredness/fatigue. This combination is unique for this type of genetic makeup. Many strains that tend to relax and unwind the body and produce such calm can suddenly have you knocked out and sleeping tight. But this is not what you’ll discover with RG.

This incredible marijuana strain keeps the balance and acts in favor of the consumer. Oftentimes it also brings about motivation and focused creative energy for those who want to achieve much and get things done in a calm headspace.

It is possible to consume RG at any time of day. However, morning consumption might not be for all, because you can just become too at peace to get out of the house.

Due to such a low THC content, the higher CBD phenotypes of Ringo’s Gift produce much less intense high-like, psychoactive effects. Often you feel more of the body release and mental tranquility than any of the classic stoney sensations that arise with many cannabis strains.

Medical Benefits of Ringo’s Gift:

One outstanding aspect about Ringo’s Gift that often gets forgotten about, is that this strain is particularly well available as a high-potency CBD extract. You can find it at many dispensaries and medical marijuana shops throughout the United States and beyond within countries that legally recognize recreational and medical cannabis use. Mostly available as extract oils or shatter, some of them have ranged as high as 78-84% CBD.

Numerous patients have gained so much from RG, the list is far too long to cover all areas. For now, we will simply mention the most prominent medical successes with the aid of Ringo’s Gift.

First and foremost, this cannabis strain has vastly benefitted those with mental conditions, particularly:

  • Anxiety and panic attacks
  • Chronic stress
  • PTSD
  • Depression
  • Seasonal affective disorder

Because of CBD’s potential ability to rebalance brain chemistry and uplift the mood, it is particularly effective at assisting with the more serious mental disorders and disabilities.

Physical ailments and conditions can also benefit, including:

  • Epilepsy
  • Some forms of MS
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Body aches
  • ALS
  • Muscle spasms
  • Migraines/headaches

Overall, Ringo’s Gift is a real present for those who need a cure-all type of CBD heavy cannabis strain.

Possible Negative Side Effects of Ringo’s Gift:

Yet another brilliant quality of Ringo’s Gift is that this marijuana type is notorious for its mild and moderate possible negative side effects. Paranoia, increased anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and nausea almost never occur amongst consumers.

There’s really quite little risk in trying this marijuana. This is probably a part of what makes it so appealing to medical cannabis patients.

The only adverse effects that users have sometimes reported are slight dry mouth (cottonmouth) and dry/itchy eyes. Both of these, even when they do appear, unveil themselves rather mildly. If they do happen to arise, they are easy to manage with just a little extra preparation and planning. For cottonmouth, making sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after your high can keep the dry mouth at bay. It can also prevent dehydration and therefore headaches or next-day grogginess.

You can purchase moisturizing eye drops from your local drugstore or pharmacy ahead of time and keep them close by or on hand. If your eyes begin to develop irritation, these miracle drops will quickly and efficiently provide relief. All in all, the negative side effects of Ringo’s Gift are a gift within themselves. They appear few and far between so that you can worry less about what could happen to you, and focus more on how the cannabis actually makes you feel.

Final Thoughts on the Ringo’s Gift Strain:

If you are an individual searching for a medicinal and herbal alternative solution to a variety of medical conditions, including but not limited to; ALS, MS, anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, arthritis, chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, epilepsy, migraines/headaches, and body aches, then Ringo’s Gift marijuana strain might be the perfect place to begin your search. We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative.

It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken. None of what is written above has been reviewed by a doctor and we are not providing medical advice, so this article should not be interpreted as medical advice.

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