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safe way to ship weed seeds reddit

How to ship seeds to Mexico from the states? Sending it to family

Just want to add that you should get that shake out of the container first. Just in case.

I was goin to say put them in a box, write the address they’re going to on it and pay the correct amount of postage for the box’s destination, weight and dimensions

Shove them up a new, packaged dolls ass and ship with a birthday card. Don't forget to redress the doll.

Too heavy to send. Not worth it.

Hola primo cómo estás?

Vaccy seal those puppies and fly em

Isn't it legal in Mexico? I wouldn't worry about it just ship like anything else

Put them in a smaller container in with LEGO. Get a $1 store LEGO pack, open it nicely, cut a little opening in the pack, put it in, tape it up, make it look like new, done. I sent to friends in the US from Canada.

There's gotta be a safe way to mail weed.

I remember reading in another thread on Reddit that postal workers only deal with weed shipments that have been ripped open. If the box isn't open and spilling out weed, they don't care.

A friend and fellow Redditor mentioned something about peanut butter, but doesn't know how it was used.

Get one of those huge scented candles, carefully peel off the label at the bottom, hollow out the candle, put weed in a container/plastic, put container into candle, melt hollowed out wax and pour it in and finally replace the label.

im just gona start copying this from every other time ive said it.

the reason i made an account in the first place on here.

USPS, not ups or fedex because they can open your package whenever the hell they feel like it. its not uncommon for them to open and repack packages, while USPS has to go through a long process to mess with your stuff.

oh and if you dont feel like reading the whole thing at least scroll down to where it says Package Criteria and Label Criteria. dont do any of that.

or as little of it as you can.

At the bottom of the link, look at the icon they have for share on reddit. [1]

Don't listen to this guy USPS is government run, Use a private shipping company and pack it in a double box with a copy of the shipping papers on top of the second box, ups or fedex is only going to open your shit up if the shipping label has gotten ripped off by accident, or if the box breaks open when it is on a conveyor belt. If you buy sturdy boxes and have copies of the shipping papers you will be fine, also you can wrap the inner box with wrapping paper like a gift and then conceal what ever you want to ship in a cheap stuffed animal in vacuum sealed bag it will be fine.

Mailing Weed

So long story short, the main reason I want to mail weed (to a friend, not as a dealer) is so he can get the munchies and gain some weight for various medical reasons. I know it sounds odd, but it's the best way we know to make this happen.

I've got under an ounce. We're within the US. I'm in a large city, he's in a rural area

1000 miles away. I'm scared to death of getting caught. I know all the standard tricks to make it inconspicuous. That said, trafficking charges scare the crap out of me.

I've considered putting it in brownies or oil. The question on my mind here is "will that give munchies like smoking the weed would have?" I figure being in something makes it way less obvious that I'm shipping weed, right?

Thoughts on these questions/shipping weed in general?

Put a local businesses (or a fake) return address. Avoid sending it in a way that he has to sign for it.

This way it's not from you and your house, and he's not liable for being mailed something. They can't prove he requested it, someone could have written the wrong address. It has happened.

Also, don't put his name on the package. Just the address and a fake name that sounds somewhat legitimate. That way if anyone asks questions, he can at least say that that person doesn't live there.

Hopefully it isn't returned to a fake address and you're also going to have to pay to have it sent so I'm pretty certain they will be able to track it back to you.

He could still be held liable for receiving the package. That scenario is literally the first example I learned about in my criminal justice class in law school.

I know this is the most simplistic answer, but why can't your friend find anywhere to obtain some locally?

I mean, where could he live that there's no suppliers anywhere near? Not even a college town within a hundred miles?

When I have had brownies I never needed as many munchies as I do when I smoke. If you're going to mail it I would recommend cooking it into something first. If you really don't want to cook it I can tell you my friend once sent some from Florida to New York. He did this by placing the weed of a triple sealed bag inside a peanut butter container in the middle of the peanut butter( make sure to cover the top with peanut butter to). He closed the lid, sealed it up, mailed it, and was never caught. I wish you the best of luck.

Supposedly coffee beans work well for concealing weed. The peanut butter idea actually sounds like a great one. Who the fuck would think to look in the peanut butter?

I'm in Canada, and I used to be able to order online from a place in BC that shipped it via mail. They used expresspost (a Canada Post thing, decently fast), shipping a vacuum-sealed tupperware with the drugs in sealed baggies inside. Worked great, you couldn't smell a thing until you actually opened the bags.

Though it should be mentioned, the seller had absolutely nothing to do with the States. wouldn't ship there at all, wouldn't take orders from there either. Overseas was fine, but never anything to the states.

I remember finding that website and being insanely tempted to order something, but decided to just stick with what I knew and not risk it.

Listen–this isn't speculation, this is experience talking.

Use a vacuum sealer or buy Smelly Proof bags from your local head shop. Double bag if you're combating paranoia. DO NOT put coffee or other potent odors in the package with your weed–stuff like that is a dead giveaway (had a friend who worked in the FexEd distro center in Atlanta–said they'd smell coffee in the packages and be like, "Gee, wonder what's in THERE." Put T-shirts, CD's, other misc. bullshit in there so if they X-ray it it'll look just like a normal package. If you're super paranoid, you can buy a microwave, open the box, put the herbs in the microwave cavity and box it back up. Then the X-ray won't be able to see anything inside the microwave but this method is pretty expensive and I wouldn't do it unless I had to send enough bud to cram the microwave full full full.

Once you have your package packed and ready to go, leave it in the back seat of your car on a sunny day. If you get in your car the next day and smell weed, repack that shit. If you smell nothing, ship it ASAP (it can start to smell after several days). Nothing but USPS overnight shipping passes. The less time they have to process/inspect the package the better. Express overnight may also keep the package from passing through the major distro centers and thus avoiding further scrutiny.

Don't use your real return address (or you can use the return address of your enemy and pack your buds poorly–hee hee hee) and put a name that's similar to your friend's but not your friend's on the label. Instruct them to recieve the package normally if offered normally. If they get a note that says the package needed to be inspected or are asked any weird questions about it–deny, deny, deny.