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Although growing cannabis is an intoxicating experience (no pun intended!), it can also be demanding and time-consuming. It requires a certain degree of knowledge such as how to germinate a seed, what nutrients it requires, how to spot nutrient deficiencies and the amount of water and light it needs to survive and thrive at different stages of its life cycle.

Already feel burdened by responsibility? Good news is that automated grow boxes take on the work for you – all you need to do is sow your seeds, sit back, and smoke reap the benefits of your harvest.

What Is An Automated Weed Grow Box

We all know that one of the key requirements of growing good quality weed is consistency. Now, in the domain of cannabis, consistency implies putting in several hours of work per day for a period of 3 or 4 months. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time and willingness to do so.

That’s when a smart grow box comes into play: thanks to its automated system, it allows you to maximise your yield by employing a minimal amount of effort. That’s every pot-heads’ dream!


There are two ways to grow weed: hydroponically and in soil.

Growing in an automated hydroponic grow box can be a complicated process – especially if it’s your first time. In fact, when growing hydroponically, one of the most difficult things is maintaining the pH of the water (which should be slightly acidic with a pH between 5.5 – 6.5).

Growing in a hydroponic environment also entails extra costs: you will need to invest in an expensive pH metre or use phenol red drops to test the acidity of the water and of the nutrient solutions you create for your plant. Moreover, if you make the slightest mistake while growing hydroponically, you can screw up your plant real quick.

On the other hand, growing in soil is the most traditional and more forgiving way to grow cannabis – especially if you already have some experience gardening. Growing in soil is just as simple as growing tomatoes!

The Canopy Mate is the cheapest automated grow box available on the market. Generally, the cannabis industry is oversaturated with grow boxes that are ridiculously expensive and guess what – the Canopy Mate carries out the same functions as the most expensive ones but at a quarter of their price.

For example, Seedo automated grow box is $3000 USD, whereas Grobo automated grow box cabinet costs $1,999 USD. Why spend all that money when you can get away with a Canopy Mate at $549 USD? Oh, and we also do Free Shipping in the US and Canada.


Environmental Controls – So, you want to smoke your own home-grown without putting in the work? Maybe you don’t have time, or maybe you’re not really good with technical stuff. Well, an automated grow box is what you’re looking for. Thanks to its automated controls, it will create the perfect environment for your plant by taking care of practicalities such as temperature, light, and water. The Canopy Mate’s App allows you to control everything from your phone: create watering and lighting schedules, turn the ventilation on or off, and control multiple plants at a time – even when you’re on holiday for several weeks!

Harvest Any Time- Depending on where you live, if you are growing outside, you can only plant seeds during certain months of the year (specifically in the summer, when the weather is warm and the days are long). However, a grow-box entirely removes this problem and allows you to sow your seeds all year round. In essence, with a single Canopy Mate, you can grow up to 4 plants per year; but. if you have two Canopy Mates….that’s a whole different story!

High-Quality Cannabis – A fully automated weed grow box allows you to grow your very own organic pot that will provide you with juicy, potent buds that have a better aroma and taste. Not only that: you’ll be smoking something that does not contain pesticides – which can have hazardous effects on your body and immune system (this is particularly true for people who have immunosuppressed bodies, such as cancer patients).

Cost-Effective – Buying weed at a dispensary can be expensive – especially if you do it frequently. Although buying a grow box may seem a big purchase, it makes total financial sense. A Canopy Mate costs $549 USD (or $749 CAD), but you’ll make the cost of your tent back in your second grow. How? With a Canopy Mate, you’ll be producing up to 3-4 ounces of weed per grow – you can do the math on that and see how much that’s worth . After your initial investment, you will always feel like you have free cannabis. With a Canopy Mate you’ll be watching your weed (and your bank account) grow!

No Bugs – Imagine growing your very own plant. You see it grow in your backyard in all its glory, illuminated by the rays of sunshine and lulled by a gentle breeze….However, upon closer inspection, your leaves have tiny holes in them and are being eaten by hungry, unwelcomed visitors – bugs. This is not to say that all bugs are dangerous to your herb – in fact, some insects such as ladybugs and spiders are incredibly beneficial since they act as natural, living pesticides that keep away mites, small caterpillars, cochineal, and aphids (weed’s worst enemy!). Also, did you know that worms help to aerate and fertilize the soil?Unfortunately, to protect a plant from the tiny insects that drink the leaves’ sap, many marijuana growers use pesticides.Studies have proved that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and disinfectants have negative repercussions on health. According to a study conducted by the Journal of Toxicology in 2013, smokers using contaminated cannabis inhale up to 69.5% of the pesticide residue depending on the type of smoking device they choose to employ. Some of the effects of smoking pot with pesticides include:

Disruption of the Endocrine System

Your Friends Will Love You More – Since I started growing weed, I’m the life of every house-party I go to. I grow so much weed and have more than I need for myself so I can give it away. Growing weed indoors with a grow box makes everybody happy: you, your bank account, your friends, and even your neighbours (with whom I’ve suddenly become really good friends, by the way)!


Growing weed without a grow tent is not always as straightforward as it seems. If it’s your first time, you will incur in several bumps along the way, and if you’re not patient, you might just feel propelled to give up. Here are a few issues you could run into if you are trying to grow without a grow box:

Electricity Costs – Keeping lights, fans, dehumidifiers, or AC systems on all day long can result in an unpleasant and expensive electricity bill. Luckily, we have you covered: a Canopy Mate will cost you less than $10 per grow in electricity costs.

Lighting Inconsistencies – Now, this is a tricky one. If you’re going to grow without an automated indoor grow box, you better be consistent – especially during the plant’s flowering phase. In fact, at this stage, your plant needs 12h of light each day and, if it gets too much of it, you may end up confusing your plant causing it to go back into its vegetative stage. Alternatively, if it receives less light, your plant can become a hermaphrodite and produce buds that are smaller in size, not as potent, and full of seeds.

Under/Over Watering – If you’re not growing in a tent, you might not be able to ever go on holiday. You’ll be stuck at home having to water your plants. In the best-case scenario, you’ll have a trusted friend that will take care of it while you’re away. But what if they forget to water it, over water it, or water it different amounts each day? The Canopy Mate automated grow box comes with a watering system and reservoir that waters your plant daily. All you’ll need to do is fill the reservoir every 3-4 weeks during the vegetative stage, or around every 2 weeks during the flowering stage. Pretty simple, eh?

Not Knowing What Products To Use – As a beginner, it can be hard to figure out the best practices to follow. If you decide to grow without a grow tent, you will need to undergo a long process of research and experimentation to see what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, this process can be expensive, especially when you’re testing fans and LED lights. Canopy Mate solves this issue for you by providing you with all the right equipment you need to grow. The exhaust fan placed at the top of the grow box recycles the air 5 times per minute – keeping the enclosure at the same temperature as your home. It is absolutely necessary to have a constant flow of air within the tent because your cannabis plant needs fresh air and carbon dioxide (CO2) to survive.

Like Goldilocks and the three bears, the LED is not too big, not too small, it’s just right. The LED will make sure your plant has ample energy to grow, but won’t overheat your Canopy Mate or cost you a fortune in electricity.

Not Giving it Enough Light – Finding the ideal light for your grow box is already a hard thing – let alone being consistent and turning it on/off each day at a precise time. The Canopy Mate App does that for you and comes with an adjustable ratchet strap that allows you to reposition the full-spectrum 65 Watts LED light. We’ve chosen a ratchet strap so you can adjust the height of the light throughout your plant’s growth in order to maintain an optimal distance from your cannabis – which is around 12 inches in a Canopy Mate.

You Could Produce A Hermaphrodite Plant – Remember: any female seed has the potential of becoming a hermaphrodite if exposed to the wrong growing conditions. Hermaphroditic plants present both the anatomy of female and male plants. Male plants grow small sacks of pollen beneath their leaves with which they pollinate the female flowers (hence, the seeds in the buds). Without a doubt, your plant’s hermaphroditism will affect the quality and quantity of your yield and, although you may be able to smoke your flowers, they will certainly not give you a strong high and the seeds contained within the pot will affect the taste of it. So, what makes a weed plant a hermaphrodite?

Irrigating your weed with cold water

Using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and the like

Giving it too much or too little water

Inappropriate environmental conditions

Reaching a temperature that is beyond 27 °C (or 80.5 °F)

Harvesting your flowers too late

Damaging the structure of your plant (roots, branches, pruning)

Insects and mites

Having an automated grow box with an App (such as the Canopy Mate) will help you keep your tent’s environment under control, will water your plant, and will remind you when it’s time to harvest.


Growing in a Canopy Mate is easy – our system is built for success and ensures an optimal environment for your sweet old herb to grow in. Our cheap automated grow box delivers precision and increased efficiency, providing the maximum yield at each grow!

The Canopy Mate App allows you to enjoy your grow in a stress-free manner. We have thought about everything. Here is what you can do with our App:

Add multiple weed plants to your control page

See how many days its been growing for

See how many days its been in its flowering stage

Turn the ventilation on/off

Take full control of your Full-Spectrum LED light

Decide when you want to turn it on

Set how long you want it on for

Control the irrigation system

Decide when you want to run the water

Set how long you want the water to run for

See when you last watered your plant & when it’s going to be watered next

Make comments and take notes on your grow in your plant’s very own grow-journal

In the Canopy Mate App you will also be asked to choose a name for your plant (or plants – if you’re lucky!). This is a chance for you to baptize your plant with a dope name – again, no pun intended. Some of the coolest names our users have chosen are Weedy, Deadman Blazing, and Chronical Keeper. Let us know what yours is called on our Instagram page @canopymate !

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LEAF or Seedo

Seriously considering buying LEAF or Seedo and need your help figuring out which one is best.

Can get Seedo on early bird presage for $1200 while LEAF is $3K so big nod in Seedo's favor there.

Production wise LEAF is the winner apparently averaging 4-5 oz per grow (LEAF focuses on 1 plant maximizing its potential) and per them has done 7-8 oz in some Beta tests.

Seedo averages 1.5 – 2.5 oz per grow with one plant and with five plants which requires quite a bit of trimming they say can get up to 5 – 7 oz.

Interior grow space dimensions are almost tied with LEAF being slightly bigger but Seedo being much smaller of a unit which is a plus.

LEAF is quieter they say at 35 decibels and Seedo maxes at 47ish.

It's always concerning being an early adopter especially with new companies. anyone know which of the two are the most legit / trustworthy / etc? Any strong recommendations for one vs the other?

Stealth is definitely important as is producing the highest quality medicine for my family's health issues. Cost is a factor but not the #1 determinent. Thanks!

From looking at it. there are many differences between Seedo and the rest of its competitors. The main one is their experience – their agronomist, who invented & developed this revolutionary device is 72 years old, with more than 40 years in the Hydroponic industry. He has a vast experience in inventing the first grow boxes for growing lettuce and other vegetables in indoor settings. Also, Seedo is fully automatic with no need for human intervention, at least when it comes to 1 or 2 plants, where their competitors need the grower to intervene many times during the grow cycle. Not everyone has the patience & knowledge to do so. (When you fill up all 5 plant holes you will absolutely need to intervene with trimming and such. ) Seedo creates lab conditions, with its hermetically closed system , accurate A/C system, humidity control and CO2 injection system, which provide the plant the ultimate growing conditions to produce the highest yield & best quality. While other boxes claim to do the same, it feels more legit with Seedo. Size wise, Seedo dimensions are 40” x 24.4” x 24.4” / 101 cm x 62 cm x 62 cm . for the inside, 58 cm x 58 cm x 87 cm (23"x23"x34") so its much easier to fit in your home unlike other grow boxes. Seedo is extremely space-efficient and was design to create ideal conditions for your plant, enabling it to even grow from side to side. Due to our advanced LED patent pending – the lights keep a distance of 16” / 40 cm from the plant, for ultimate photosynthesis, as a result the yield is high. And lastly, their competitive price speaks for itself. I'm going SEEDO ALL THE WAY

Seedo pitch deck to raise $4m Series-A round

This is the Seedo pitch deck to raise a $4m series-a round in 2019.


If getting your weed delivered right to your doorstep isn’t convenient enough, there’s a company that’s created a “set-it-and-forget-it-type” device that lets you grow your own supply right from the comforts of your home.

That company is Seedo — an Israeli-based startup that has built a fully automated grow system for at-home agriculture.

In a recent interview with Seedo’s CEO, Zohar Levy, the chief exec tells us that the magic of the device — which looks like an Apple-designed mini-fridge — comes from the series of photos being taken and analyzed to keep inside conditions optimal at all times.

“The quality is very high. Why? It’s a closed system,” Levy said. “The camera scans the plants every few hours. The algorithm analyzes the conditions of the plants by the photos and gives them the right parameters, so the plants get the ultimate condition.”

The Seedo home systems don’t just grow weed — though Levy says cannabis is likely your fastest return on investment for a box that cost $2,400 (without any sales). At-home horticulturists can also plant fruit, vegetables, and other herbs. To set the right growing conditions, users just have to select the type of plant they’re planning to grow within the Seedo app and — voilà!

Levy says the first public units shipped last December, and already, some customers have gone through two complete grow cycles.

“The feedback has been great,” Levy said. “Customers are very happy from the results.”