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This machine autonomously grows marijuana and texts you when it's harvest time [Seedo]

I guess you're not the young professional they're marketing towards.

yeah honestly I'd be okay without Seedo if I had everything else he has. Minus the rude bitch she can stay tf outta my apartment too.

Die yuppie scum

Oh. I felt like this was marketed specifically for me. It was really weird. Except I'm not nearly as handsome as he is.

In contrast, I was literally thinking how outrageously similar my life is to Theodore's.

Fancy box + paraphernalia

Drone for playing

Car keys (but mine's pretty crap)

Have my own huge-ass house

I don't feel happier than your average dude though, or particularly smug or anything. Maybe I need a fancy bike.

it sounds nice. check it out here but i really wonder about the price tag. neither the video or the web site mention that (i realize that it is not available yet but they should have an idea as to price)

i also thought it funny that the site lists all sorts of things you can grow. without mentioning the one thing it will be used for most.

It looks EXTREMELY expensive

For anyone that's looking for a more 'budget-friendly' option and doesn't mind some extra work, check out r/spacebuckets

They do mention weed though, there's an entire section for it right after "flowers". Yeah, I'm not very confident about the price tag being anywhere near "accessible", at least not for me right now.

i have a box with lights in it that I can grow herbs in. It cost me $2000. So i picture this thing being ATLEAST $2k. But im going to go with $4k.

This thing is made specifically for the uber rich, look at the guy's home and all the shit he has, that's the regular Joe they're advertising to. Not that I'm complaining, I think it's important that this be done so that at least some people can enjoy it, it becomes more socially acceptable, and so that the cost of the technology goes down from continued research & future competition.

Seedo: A Sneak Preview

One of the things which distinguishes this era from the previous eras is the use of technology. We have made so much progress in the world of technology that now it is possible to think about anything. We have modern techniques, which we can be used, on farms and we have the latest models of household equipment. One of the modern technologies which has yet to come on the market is Seedo. Most of us are familiar with this word because of the popularity it has gained in a short time. So, at the basic level Seedo is an automated machine for growing cannabis. Now, you can easily grow your own marijuana with the help of this automated hydroponic machine.

Since the legalization of marijuana in many states, people have started using it without any fear and the demand of marijuana has increased since then. But there are some enthusiasts who cannot wait for the long process of its growth and they like that. Seedo is the best solution for such people. Seedo has yet to hit the markets, but the marijuana freaks are already in line to buy this amazing product. The features of this machine are very amazing and unique. It has:

  • Water Filter
  • Built-in camera
  • Airtight ecosystem
  • Accurate A/C system
  • Air Carbon filter
  • EC & PH sensors
  • Automatic Fertilization
  • CO2 system
  • Lock door via app

All the above-mentioned features help in growing the marijuana plants. Every feature plays their role in a way that your plant comes out with the perfect result. The processing system is very easy in this machine. What you need to do is just put a seed in the machine and your part is done. The rest of the work is for the machine to do. The built-in water filtration system provides the required water to the plant. Furthermore, there is a built-in light system, which gives the effect as if the plant is growing in the open ground. However, this system is a lot easier than anything else out there. You can also check the growth of the plant with the pre-installed camera in the machine. The manufacture understands the need of seeing your plant grow; this is why the built-in camera system helps you to see the growth process of your plant. Your satisfaction with this system will be more than spectacular.

In addition to this, during the photosynthesis cycles a lot of reaction takes place, so to prevent the plant from any harm there is a built-in gas system which discharges the CO2 gases. The world has made so much progress that there doesn’t seem like there are any surprises left. You can control any device with the help of your smartphones now. Seedo is very similar in this way. You can control the machine with the smartphone app now. All you need to do is just pair the two of them and Voila! Control it from wherever you are. You can keep an eye on the growth of your plant. Seedo is very safe to use because there is no danger of pesticides eating away your plant. Hence, you will be getting a very pure, clean and dirt-free product.