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seeds in my weed reddit

I found a seed in my weed!

I found a white dro seed and I'm hoping too start it and plant it, what would be the best way to start the seed?

Sandwich the seed in between layers of damp paper towels and put them in a Tupperware container. Leave the container somewhere warm and dark and check it in 24 hours. It should have begun to sprout..

Thank you for the advice, this is what i will do.

put it in between a damp paper towel. place it in a dark place for about a day. a tiny root should pop through the seed and the seed will be germinated. after that just put it in dirt.

Thanks for the advice, i wasn't sure whether it was better to use a damp paper towel or a damp sponge.

How small and white? those can be infertile.

It doesnt appear underdeveloped or shriveled, it just is lightly colored.

cookies needs love like everything does [6] 😀

I just drop them in about and inch of water in complete darkness for 48 hours. has never failed me

Definitely check out r/microgrowery! They can help you out for sure, and it is a great community.

Usually when I find a seed, I give it a gentle but firm squeeze between my thumb and pointer finger. If it pops, it is no good. If it is still in tact, you are in business!

Next, though I have done what the top comments are suggesting with putting it in a damp paper towel. This totally works, and if you already started, no need to stop! But if you haven't, I would recommend putting it is a glass of water, and leaving it on your window sill for a day or 2. Once it sinks and you see a "tail" coming from the seed, it's good to go in the soil!

That's what I do, but like I said, the damp towel works too. IMO, the glass of water can be quicker, and easier. Everyone has their preferences, so no worries which way you do it.

Next is to wait patiently for it to grow! Nurture it, with enough water (but not too much) and plenty of light. The rule of thumb for watering is if your soil is dry knuckle deep, then you should water the plant. This would be about every 2-3 days. Feel free to mist the plant with a water bottle once or twice a day as well. Depending on how much care and preparation you put into the plant, is what will decide how much Buds you get.

There are plenty of tips and tricks on the sidebar at microgrowey, so be sure to check them out! Happy growing.

Seeds in my weed from dispensary. Do I have a right to be upset?

It's not an overwhelming amount of seeds but maybe 1 or 2 peer every couple grams. Just didn't expect seeds in a $200 bag of weed. Should I return it?

They probably won’t let you return it.

Steal their genetics. If they were negligent enough to herm the plant out that's on them. Guy I know got pre 98 Bubba kush from seeds in his bud at lume. Enjoy!

I would def keep those pre 98 bubba seesds

All sales are final, it's state law. If its getting you high, smoke it. I would let them know most of them will listen to reason and give free product if the complaint is legitimate. Otherwise, they are forbidden by state law to refund or exchange. Thats been my experience.

There should definitely be a reimbursement for seeded weed. Weigh them all out when you’re done smoking and show a picture to your bud tender next time you go in

Not a chance. One or two seeds are not going to get you anything. I’m a bud tender in Michigan. I let my customers know that there are some seeds in that particular batch. Usually it’s the strain, not pollination. Pollination creates hundreds of seeds.

Like- there's only so much a dispensary can do to stop seeds from being in the flower. If anything take a mental note of the grower and avoid that specific grower.

Personally I've found some seeds from outdoor brands. I got 3 seeds in my most recent pack of Crumbled Lime and a few more of their SFV OG. Not upset at all because those plants are 100% pressure.

found seeds in my weed, can I grow them?

So, I'm grinding my weed and I find 2 seeds. This made me think, I could attempt to grow my own pot, are these seed fertile, or do they become unfertile in the drying process? If so where should I look to learn how to grow?

P.S If you can't tell, I know nothing about how weed is made.

And my 2 cents. if you won’t spend 100$ on a grow light, don’t bother. maybe have fun with an outdoor summer project instead

Well it's worth a shot, It's not like I paid for the seeds!

If they are not damaged then you should do the common seed in a wet paper towel trick to see if they sprout and if so, plant away and read many many guides on keeping a healthy nutritious plant.

There’s tons of different ways you can modify a grow for example:

• The medium (soil, sand, hydroponic, etc) • Light schedules and what spectrum of light to use •Temperature • Airflow • Plant Structure (like growing tomatoes on a vine, there’s a few different shapes you can grow them into that yield different results) • Indoor/outdoor •Soil micro organisms • So much more

But if you don’t want to do much research the basic thing to note is NO pesticides or really any chemicals at all. If you have a pest problem find natural ways to solve it.

Another fun little thing to read along with some plant guides is your local laws concerning growing because in some places owning a black market plant is intent to sell.