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soaking weed seeds to germinate

Paying Hell to Germinate Seeds!

I’m getting pretty desperate. This is like my 5th grow and I am trying to get another set of plants ready to run and I am paying hell to get these damn seeds to germinate.

Question 1 is – when you have to pay so much $$ to get seeds from places like Attitude etc, wtf do you have as a recourse when you just spent $$$ on seeds that dont do shit? After getting 5 fem seeds of MOB and 5 fem seeds of Ayahuasca Purple, so far, none of them have germinated.

Question 2 is – WTF am I doing wrong with the germination process? Here is what I am doing –

  1. Put seed in solo cup with a little water and let is soak until it drops
  2. Put seed in paper towel until it sprouts – So, what I have been doing is taking a regular small plate, putting the seed in paper towel, wetting it and then dumping out the run off so there is no standing water. Put another plate over the top and then I put it on a seedling warmer. Here is part of the issue, if I dont get up in the middle of the night, (which is usually not a problem) the paper towel will dry out. I have tried using the zip lock baggies, that was a complete failure, lost all 8 seeds. Just started up another 7 seeds on Sunday and only 1 actually sprouted a long enough tail to plant. The others seemed to be waking up, but then poof, just stopped.

Once they actually germinate and get a 1/4 inch tail, I have had no issues getting them to grow.

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This germination process so far in all my grows is the most stressful part of the damn process.