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sour bobby seeds

“Sour Bobby-Diamonds & Sauce” from Nature’s Heritage ‍

These are an amazing treat. I took my last dab of them last night and was really sad about it. I’d grab these again if I could find them at the 60/ per g out the door.. or less.. (retail ticket was 85). Solid effects, very clean melt, also tasty.. reminded me of the sour Bobby live rosin I had awhile ago from NH. But the Lvrm had that same live rosin 35% off so 65 per g. Hard to justify diamonds for 60 when I get the full spec rosin for 5 more per g on sale.

Sour Bobby

Anyone tried sour Bobby from nature’s heritage? I bought a quarter of it the other day and it has by far knocked me on my ass harder than any strain I’ve had. I have a high tolerance and really one or two hits is all I can handle.

I can’t find much information online about it, so I was curious about others experiences? Or if anyone has info on the genetics?

My sister loves it, i’ve had a lot of great stuff from NH but haven’t tried this one yet myself. As for the genetics, found the seeds from Top Dawg on a website, it says “Chem3/Tres Dawg X Sour Diesel/Tres Dawg” for the lineage