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sour lemonade seeds

Sour Lemonaid

Sour Lemonaid from the US seed bank Dank Genetics is a feminized cannabis variety, and an indica/sativa hybrid, blending a powerful lemon flavour with OG Kush and a relaxing but mentally active effect of great potency and long duration.

The growth of Sour Lemonaid is vigorous from the beginning, displaying good lateral branching when pruned or topped. This ease of branching makes it a good choice for SCROG crops. It can also be cultivated using the SOG technique without many complications.

Its flowering period is 9 weeks after which we can harvest large and compact buds, highly resinous with a great terpene profile, making it ideal for quality resin extraction.

It is a highly productive plant, offering harvests of 500-600g per m2 when grown indoors. Outdoors it can produce more than 600g per plant, depending on growing conditions, and will be ready for harvest between the start and the middle of October.

Its intense flavour and aroma provide scents of lemon accompanied by floral and earthy notes with a sweet background that makes it a good choice for fans of OG Kush variants with lemony touches.

The effect of Sour Lemonaid is powerful and relaxing while providing a touch of euphoria which makes it very compatible to hanging out with friends, relax on the couch or to enjoy in good company.

Sour Lemonaid Feminised Seeds – 7

Sour Lemonaid is an indica/sativa hybrid strain bred from a Lemonaid OG mother fertilised with pollen from Sour Dubble. This is a very easy-to-grow plant and is a great novice choice to get started with in terms of difficulty.

It can be grown successfully indoors and outdoors; its big advantage indoors is that it undergoes very limited stretch and so is easy to fit in where bigger plants may cause some space issues.

Yields are medium to high with flowering taking 9 – 10 weeks. A very nice, flavoursome strain.