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spirit weed seed grand exchange

265 spirit weed seeds in 75 kills is too many?

My opinion is yes – bottleneck on supplies isnt the volume of seeds but the number of people farming. Farming yields need to be adressed to make supplies cheaper.

Lmao they slowbuy now for around 1k ea in ge they give way to many

yea im buying as well haha, they will be s ocheap if they dont nerf drop rate.

Spirit weed herb runs are barely profitable now. I just did my daily herb run and sold them for 900k, usually I can sell for 1.7m…

Spirit weed seeds are (were) fairly rare-ish but the issue is they take a long time to farm and the yield you get isn't great, so. not sure having tons of seeds is going to help much.

They will end up being junk seeds like the ones on Raksha's drop table.. and nex. and rax. and well every boss that drops seeds really.

Spirit weed seed grand exchange

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