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stoopid fruits seeds

Stoopid Fruits Cannabis Seeds

Stoopid Fruits Cannabis Seeds from Humboldt Seed Company

Stoopid Fruits by Humboldt Seed Company are offered here at Seed City. The sativa-dominant hybrid was developed by Humboldt Seed Company for the American band Slightly Stoopid. Members of the folk-reggae-rock fusion band wanted a cannabis seed strain to match their calming, funk-forward vibes. So, they turned to Humboldt Seed Company, because they knew they’d deliver.

The end product of this magical collaboration is a cannabis seed strain with an uplifting and euphoric cerebral effect. Stoopid Fruits was created from a cross between Apricot Papaya and Strawberry Dream Queen. The seeds live up to the fruit-forward blend of these two strains with refreshing and tropical hints of flavor.

Humboldt Seed Company was the brand for the job with extensive experience in the world of cannabis seed genetics and high-quality collectors items. The team at Humboldt strives to provide their customers with the best options in seed genetics while maintaining affordable prices.

Stoopid Organics

We’re excited to announce Stoopid Organics, Slightly Stoopid’s curated cannabis, wellness and spirits brand. The first 2 product collaborations are now available:

Slightly Stoopid has partnered with Humboldt Seed Company to deliver 2 seed options – “Stoopid Fruits” (Sativa) and “Collie Man Kush” (Indica/OG), so you can grow your own. These Humboldt seeds are now available in select dispensaries across California.

Stoopid Organics has also launched a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil (CBD-A) in collaboration with LifePatent. A portion of all proceeds will benefit Last Prisoner Project.